Friday, July 23, 2010

JournoList: Liberal Violence & Projection, With A Taste Of Pornography

Let's give the last word on JournoList to Jennifer Rubin, who can slice and dice like few others (save Camile Paglia, perhaps):

The pose of the left punditocracy is that those on the right are angry, unreasoned, thuggish, and motivated by less than high-minded ideals. They’ve written column after column to that effect. In short, it’s not merely the intellectual corruption, indeed fraud, that [Tucker] Carlson has revealed; it is the worst sort of hypocrisy — verging on projection. The angry white men and the hate-filled political marionettes aren’t on talk radio. They’re on Journolist.

And the last video goes to this one - I am a Liberal - I Hate Violence - But Sometimes...(The JournoList Saga?)....

Via Just One Minute (who also asks the question that's on everyone's mind - does [NPR's]Sarah Spitz, or does Sarah Swallows?):

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