Friday, July 02, 2010

How out of touch is Barack Obama?

...I might as well ask how far Earth is from the innermost rings of Saturn.

What was Obama's latest teleprompter reading about? Oh yeah, immigration, and the need to ignore Arizona's laws, and the importance of demonizing the Republican party. If I understood it correctly.

How high up on the list of American's concerns is immigration right now? Via a FOX/Opinion Dynamics poll:

Four percent of registered voters describe “immigration” as “the most important for the president to be working on right now.” The economy was at 32 percent, 14 percent the oil spill, 12 percent the deficit, 6 percent health care, 6 percent Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, immigration reform might actually be the easiest item to deal with on that little list, especially with a majority Congress which stands willing to grant citizenship to 11 million potential Democratic voters. So naturally that's what Obama wants to work on next. Leaves him more time to get rid of that slicing problem he's been dealing with on the back nine...

Delegating is easy for this president. Actually rolling up his sleeves, getting his hands dirty, and putting himself on the line? Above his pay grade, I fear....

But remember - this isn't about what we want our chief executive to do - it's about what he feels like us, not for us...

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