Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Jersey Democrats Prepared To Resort To Violence...

...when folks disagree with them. But remember, folks, they're the party of the people, the working man. Just like communism was.

Now, the below story is a New Jersey story, which means take it for what it's worth, but I still believe the sentiment here is not restricted to our local Democrats - via

...things in the NJ State Senate got as testy as the Taiwanese parliament or as testy and stupid as an episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’ Democrat Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-Union). Republican Sen. Michael Doherty took to the Senate floor to slam the democrats school funding plan, accusing that the proposal favored urban areas over rural and suburban ones. Lesniak loudly opposed the accusation. Thus Doherty confronted Lesniak and things started to get heated.

Democrat hack, State Senator Dick Codey, stood between the two men to let them cool off. Codey likened himself to the Dalai Lama of the left, Jimmy Carter. Yes, that same peaceful, loser president that brought us Islamic terrorism and economic turmoil.

At that point, Codey rose from his desk next to Lesniak’s to cool Doherty down.

“It was a spirited debate, and it was starting to escalate, so it was time for me to jump up and play Jimmy Carter,” said Codey

At which point, Lesniak admitted openly that he would have:

“Punched (Doherty’s) nose down his throat…As somebody who grew up in Elizabeth port section, you never know.”

Gee, where did Lesniak get the idea it was OK to "get in the faces" of the opposition? What makes him think that an acceptable answer to substantive disagreement over funding is to break his opponent's nose?

Same reason, I suppose, that the aforementioned communists never "won" any free and open elections, they simply killed their opponents and terrorized the rest into submission. Their arguments are unwinnable on the merits (Obama knows that), so intimidation is the fallback position. Hey, why do you think Holder's DOJ dropped the case against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia? They may need them come 2012...

Like more and more Democrats nationwide, Lesniak's thug side is coming out. It's not entirely a bad thing, though. He has revealed himself, and if the folks in Union keep re-electing this sh*tbag, they will deserve the poor representation, the misappropriation of funds, and the economic stagnancy common to all subjects of a petty tyrant. The scales may have fallen, but only the free can choose whether or not to see...

MoreMonomouth Musings has an interesting battle taking place between its readers and a Hamilton, NJ 8th grade teacher, who recently penned an op-ed for the Asbury Park Press claiming that Tea Partiers use of the "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden Flag is "an abuse of our very sacrosanct independence as a nation." After admitting in the comments that she used Time-Life books as her resource and that she "follow polotics (sic) well enough to know the Tea Party is a phase that will only make the Republicans lose power", our local ( and loyally Democratic) school teacher responds to logical and historical arguments as "character-bashing", then signs off with a fury.

She's a blood brother to Lesniak. Make unsupportable statements, and when asked to defend them, reply with blistering hatred. She's a sadder case than Lesniak; shoot, nobody pays much attention to him, but the aforementioned teacher has impressionable students forced to imbibe her incoherent bullsh*t on a daily basis.

Democrats, all....

(with a hat-tip to Wyblog. He's got pictures of pretty girls, too...)

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