Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracy: Well, Of Course The Alarm Was Deactivated!

...I mean, really - how the hell are you going to pull off a stealth bombing of an oil rig, designed to cause a spill and ignite the crisis necessary to destroy the offshore drilling industry, pass cap and trade legislation, decimate the economy of several Red states, and force energy distribution into a scarcity/rationing model, a model that assumes government control of who gets to keep their lights on - unless you first deactivate the alarm system?

Of course
the rig's alarm was turned off - all Rahm Emanuel had to do was put in one freakin' call:

An alarm system was partially shut down the day the ill-fated oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and setting off the massive spill, an electronics technician who was aboard told an investigative panel on Friday.

Technician Mike Williams told the investigative panel that the alarm system was turned on to monitor for fire, explosive gas and toxic gas but that its sound and light alarms had been disabled.

Williams said that if the system had been fully active, an alarm likely would have sounded before the explosion, which happened on the night of April 20.

How easy would it for Rahm to call up his pals at BP, and tell them he needed silence on the Gulf on April 20th, no questions asked. Just enough silence to create the crisis he deemed necessary to get the cap and trade legislation passed, legislation desperately needed to fund Obama's health care reform and other social welfare programs, which any soul with a elementary school diploma knows can only bankrupt the nation, in short order...

So Rahm shuts the alarm and blasts the rig, Obama refuses crucial foreign aid and blocks the skimmers, and despite poisoning the Gulf for a decade, these assclowns still can't get their precious carbon tax passed.

These incompetent two-bit bunglers out to be mocked for evermore for their clueless attempt at treachery. After they are sentenced to long, hard prison terms, of course...

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