Monday, July 26, 2010

Newark's Cory Booker Sings The Blues...

Mayor Cory Booker, is, as far as Democrats go, a smart and realistic guy who has worked hard to help the city of Newark recover from decades of Democratic decadence. Seems like he knows which way the wind is blowing before it knocks him over; he rejected an offer from Barack Obama to head some bullsh*t "urban policy" department, and has marched, in his own words, in "lockstep" with Governor Chris Christie in the battle against New Jersey's onerous teacher's unions.

So it is with no glee that I post this video of an obviously frustrated Mayor Booker discussing the ramifications of the municipal council rejecting his budget (with layoffs, service cuts, and -sigh - the inevitable tax hikes, mandatory to keep his membership in the Democratic Party). He points out, to his credit, that if the council thinks it can use tax hikes to close a $70 million dollar budget gap, they would instead wreak havoc on the city's economy, with what the mayor calls "massive foreclosure rates" as a result.

"Every single contract that does not go to the core functioning of our city...will now be cut....programs that are precious to our families and our children will now be gasoline will be provided to any city vehicle not providing for the city's safety and welfare...."

Why do I think Mayor Booker is not the last public official that we will see speaking these words?

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