Saturday, July 10, 2010

Obama Blames Ignorant Jews For His Own Anti-Semitism

Jews have been called many things - so many things - but our brilliant President has come up with a new insult that even the most rabid Jew-hater dared not use, for fear of being laughed out of the Bund:


How else to describe his "understanding" of the Jews recent disenchantment with his presidency?

During the interview Wednesday, when confronted with the anxiety that some Israelis feel toward him, Obama said that “some of it may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein, and that creates suspicion.”

OK, that must explain it. Because it can't be his policies - because his policies are His policies, they must be by nature brilliant, and the only problem can be people's inability to comprehend his greatness. Like the opposition to health care reform.

The New York Post takes President Douchebag to task:

Of course, there might be other reasons why Israelis and their supporters view Obama with suspicion. Such as:

* His public humiliation last March of Bejamin Netanyahu at the White House, when Obama walked out of their talks to go have dinner with his family, leaving Israel's prime minister alone for over an hour, and then refused to release even a photo of their meeting.

* His disturbing comparison, during that "outreach" speech to the Arab world in Cairo, of the Palestinians' "daily humiliations" and "intolerable" situation to the Nazi Holocaust.

* His administration's public demand that Israeli leaders "demonstrate not just through words but through specific actions that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process" -- a demand Sen. Chuck Schumer labeled "terrible" and "counterproductive."

* His continued push for closer US ties with Syria -- an ally of Iran, state sponsor of terrorism and major backer of both Hamas and Hezbollah.

* His decision to join the farcical UN Human Rights Council -- which devotes most of its time to denouncing Israel.

The Post is going easy on Obama. See
here for a more compete list of offenses against Israel and the Jews, each carried out with knowing contempt. If he were a Republican, Democrats would be waling around with pictures of Barack with Hitler's brush mustache. Oh wait - they already are...

But over at Contentions, Pete Wehner smacks down Barack Hussein Obama like the common street-variety anti-Semite that he so clearly is:

These statements combine some of Obama’s worst traits: arrogance, condescension, and detachment from reality.

Obama regards himself much like a teacher who oversees a classroom of sometimes unruly, sometimes dim-witted children. His magnificence is sometimes hidden from them. And so it is left for America’s philosopher-king to explain — in simply, easy-to-understand words — why things are the way they are.

In this instance, the anxiety Israel feels toward for Obama is not rooted in his unwise policies or his disgraceful past treatment of the Israeli prime minister. No, the cause is Obama’s middle name.

In addition, Israelis are a bit too dull to see the miracles that have resulted from Barack the Great’s outreach to the “Muslim world.”

The truth is that whatever Obama’s outreach to the Muslim community is designed to do, it has — as Jen points out — been a complete failure. Israel’s wariness toward Obama is rooted in his pursuit of an agenda that is as harmful to Israel. But all of this is beyond the realm of comprehension for Obama.
For him, it all comes down to his middle name. We have rarely, if ever, seen self-delusion on a scale quite like this.

How self-delusional? Who can say? But I will say we haven't seen the worst of Barack Obama yet, and I stand by a piece of earlier analysis:

Obama's policy vis-a-vis Israel is the greatest Audacity yet. Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim/not Muslim, is hoping to succeed where mullahs, Middle East dictators, terrorist Chairman, and Kings, Princes, and madman have failed.

He believes he can bring Israel to her knees before him.

No wonder they hate you.

They should.

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