Friday, April 01, 2005

The Rotteweiler is barking

...about the conviction of a US Army captain of shooting dead a wounded Iraqi (one of al-Sadr's thugs; wait! I mean a "Freedom Fighter").

Point here is that this decorated captain put an enemy combatant out of his misery, instead of allowing him to die a certain agonizing death. I guess a battlefield soldier can go to jail for making this decision (with a medic by his side), but Michael Schiavo can be made into a hero. Bottom line, says the Rott, is this type of life and death decisions is best left up to an unelected judge and CANNOT be trusted to the common folk.
Or maybe if the good Captain had only had the good sense to starve him to death...

UPDATE: No jail time, just a dismissal from the armed services...typical imflammatory Reuters headline, though

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