Monday, October 31, 2011

A Terrifying Halloween Horror Story: "The Tale of the 2012 Election"

Let us move one year ahead in time, when the very future itself will be in the balance:

It was a dark and stormy November night. An icy wind whistled through leafless moonlit trees....

Horror films, like the 2012 Presidential race, are a chilling reminder that we are vulnerable in our own homes, that trusting strangers can be very dangerous, even those strangers who appear to be the perfect father or husband-to-be...or harmonizing president.

In the end, the 2012 election looks like a nail biter. The incumbent, despite being one of the most unpopular politicians in decades, stays ever-so-close by dint of a huge ill-gotten war chest and a compliant media that not only refuses to shine light on his misdeeds, but prints negative, entirely false stories on his opponent and his or her political party.

So, like any good film, the 2012 election develops a plot twist.

The fiscally conservative, law and order candidate who was supposed to save the nation from economic ruin and charge forcefully to victory is recast as the menacing villain. Is it because he is black? Or maybe a woman? Perhaps he/she speaks with a Texas twang? A Southern drawl? Or perhaps they just belongs to a different religion, one which is now besmirched with accusations of sexual misconduct and racial hatred, all in the name of protecting the evil sitting in a White House on Pennsylvania avenue...

But our brave candidate trudges on, gallop turned to a jog, jog to a walk, walk to a limp. And as he drags himself towards the finish line, over what many believed to be his opponent's political grave, a hand reaches up through the dirt, and grabs his ankle. The hand of Barack Obama? His brownshirts, also going by the tagline #OWS? Or the last ditch effort of the mainstream media? We never find out...

But, at the end of the movie, a bruised but still breathing Barack Obama walks the White House halls for four more years, and the electorate wakes up the next morning with a sick, sinking feeling in their stomach, unable to believe this is really happening, unable to comprehend that the monster will walk freely at home and abroad in our name for another four years, disposing of our money, our jobs, and our lives as he sees fit...all while they realize that it is we who set this monster lose to feast upon us, and the world...

Inspired by a piece written by  - of all people - Carla Kartz, former union head and ex-lover of  former New Jersey governor and now soon-to-be on-the-run  Jon Corzine.  Written about his last election, where it was Chris Christie trying to make it to November in one piece.

That story wound up with a happy ending, as the Mad Jon Corzine took his reign of terror across the river.  Let us hope that "The Tale of the 2012 Election" ends equally well....

Corzine Implodes, New Jersey Narrowly Averts Disaster...

Hey, we in Jersey saw Jon Corzine was a crook, a thief and a liar (on his best days - on his worst, he was trading sexual favors with union leadership in exchange for fat, taxpayer-raping contracts), and turned his sorry ass out.  But there's a sucker  born every minute, and just as many are whelped on Wall Street as on Main Street.  MF Global gave Dirty Jon the reigns, and promised their investors extra payoffs should their exalted CEO leave to attain his true calling, that of Treasury Secretary of the United States.

Well, the investors will get the extra payoffs, because it looks like Corzine is leaving.  But they'll just as likely get paid in chickens, because Jon's leftist economics left the cupboard bare:

Besieged broker MF Global is expected to file for bankruptcy today after a frantic effort over the weekend by CEO John Corzine to strike an out-of-bankruptcy appeared to come up came up short, The Post has learned.

It is expected that MF Global’s holding company will file for bankruptcy while other units, including one that clears fixed-income trades, will open its doors for business this morning, sources added. Early this morning, MF shares were halted in trading, with news pending.

The bankruptcy and planned sale to a rival would end one of the most harrowing weekends on Wall Street since Lehman Brothers on Sept. 15, 2008 imploded on worries that it was choking on toxic mortgage debt.

Corzine is not expected to stay on at MF Global — an embarrassing outcome for a Wall Street titan who led Goldman Sachs before being ousted in 1999.

The whole Corzine/MF deal was odd from the start, and I have very little sympathy for any investors that came in on his name recognition.  Remember how, in Atlas Shrugged, Sebastian D'Anconia mocked those who invested in his copper properties strictly based on the value of his name only?  Well, I mock the" MF'ers", for falling into the same trap...

What does this say about Obama judgement?  Nothing you didn't already know, I suppose.  The fact that the man who almost destroyed New Jersey was first in line for a Treasury position is bad enough, but add to the mix  that Obama made this guy his "man on Wall Street" - his #1 bundler and fundraising rep - and you have a case of the blind leading the naked.  Or maybe, after all, it was just Chicago politics - raise enough cash for me, I'll get you back on the government payroll will a nice title and a permanent taxpayer-financed pension.  But apparently, Corzine was so without influence - and Obama so hated - that he couldn't even scratch up the required duckets for Obama to pull his sorry ass out of the fire.

Hey - make fun of us New Jerseyans all you like.  But we know a carnival barker when we see one - shit, even Snooki is a Republican.  When is the rest of "Blue America" going to catch up with her?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Japanese Do The "First Pitch" Right....

So I'm irked that YouTube snatched back this video (note: link restored? If so, it's a quick must-see), an interesting example of the Japanese take on the tradition of baseball's "ceremonial first pitch" - in this case, a female gymnast in a baseball uniform performing an odd but intriguing bit of contortion as part of her unique windup.

So we'll go with this one instead, and ask ourselves, why don't girls like these throw our first pitches here in America?

It's odd that this little video can send me into a rant, come all we ever freakin' get is fat anti-Semites like Roseanne Barr, grabbing their crotches and spitting like pigs, when the Japanese get to see bikini models?

Oh, man, if Bill Veeck was still alive, he'd run with this....and Hoshino Aki (as he would, no doubt, be fully versed in the intricacies of RS McCain's... Rule 5):

Occupy Wall Street: Follow The Money To The Anti-Semitism

It's easy, fun, and disgusting! The Alliance for Global Justice lists "Occupy Wall Street" as a "fiscally sponsored project". According to the New York Post, by lending its tax-exempt status -- for a 7 percent cut! -- the global-justice group allows donors to deduct their contributions from federal taxes and gives its own board control over the money.

Interesting. So which other groups are fiscally sponsored by "the Alliance"? Surprise, surprise:

Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) - that's the wall that prevents Jews from being slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists. Of course the Alliance wants it torn down!

Civil Peace Service Gaza & One Democratic State Group - both pro-Hamas, pro-Gaza organizations. You can only imagine what The Alliance wants that "One State" to look like - it certainly won't be democratic, and it certainly will be Judenrein...

End US Wars - an anti-American, hard left group which focuses on 9/11 "truth" - because if Osama didn't launch those attacks, well, you can imagine who did...

As per the Post once more:  ...the group suggests it has a relationship with Iran, supported the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and expresses solidarity with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez against the United States

For the 7 percent fee, it offers its tax-exempt status to “grassroots nonprofits” and provides payroll services, liability insurance and prepares federal tax forms. It also offers “activist training”...
And what do they train them in? Or better, what did Occupy Wall Street buy with its tax exempt statues?

Antisemitism. And for the Left, I suppose, that's just added value:

And maybe it's just me..but these bright "leader hashtags", strategically located where an armband would be, reminds me of a different organization's logo:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

..Can You Take Just A Little More Baseball?

A rather interesting ceremonial "first pitch"...kinda sexy too, in a strange way.

Only in the Japanese leagues, of course, do they bring it like this:

Yeah, that's something all right....

Yeah, Because Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party Are Exactly Alike...

I direct you to this handy little chart:

Another way they're not equal:  The Tea Party follows the rules and gets punished for it, while the "Occupiers" flaunt the law and get rewarded:

In April, the Richmond Tea Party held a Tax Day rally in Richmond’s Kanawha Plaza. Along with two more of their rallies, the group was charged about $10,000, and had to comply with a list of rules and regulations. Now they want their money back, saying that Occupy Wall Street protesters have been camping out and using the plaza for free since October 15. Colleen Owens, a Tea Party spokesperson, says that her group had to go through a litany of procedures — getting permits, paying for police, paying for port-o-potties, and paying for emergency personnel, among other things — while the Occupiers are getting use of the Plaza without incurring any expenses.

“The City of Richmond’s picking and choosing whose First Amendment rights trump someone else’s First Amendment rights and we thought–well that’s fine–then they can refund our money,”
At least one local politician glumly concedes the point:

“I guess we’ll be writing a check to the tea party people,” Councilman Bruce W. Tyler told Wesley P. Hester of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “You can’t treat one group different from the other. It’s unfair. We’ve now hit the slippery slope that we never should have found ourselves on.”

 Yeah, it does kinda suck when folks get wise to the fact that those who follow the rules get punished. Like the way mortgage defaulters get sweeter deals than those who scrimp and save to pay on time. Or the way those who don't work have been given a moral claim on the funds of the people who do. Or the way people who protest legitimately have to pay a huge fee now to do so, but if you "Occupy", you get a free ride.

Unfortunately for those currently in power, when folks get wise to the scam, they usually take it out on the people who perpetuate them. Note the "2010 Democratic Massacre".  And note Obama's poll numbers.

The people get it, yet to the end, it doesn't seem as if the liberals running these rackets really think we'll ever catch on to them -  all the while wondering where that pitchfork-carrying, torch-wielding mob came from...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jon Corzine: As Destructive In the Private Sector As He Was In New Jersey

After leaving the state broke and bankrupt with his leftist economic illiteracy, he is now doing the same to investors (aka "suckers") at MF Global Holdings:

Shares of MF Global Holdings, the outfit Jon Corzine took over last year, dropped 40 percent yesterday after its biggest-ever quarterly loss as a public company. Corzine has tried to transform the broker into a global investment bank that manages money for customers and provides capital services for companies. In the past 12 quarters, the company has turned a profit three times, and shares are down 70 percent this year.

And investors are fleeing Corzine the way citizens fled New Jersey:

Some customers are moving money away from struggling futures brokerage MF Global Holdings Ltd, according to hedge funds, rivals, and analysts, though the extent of the outflows is unclear.

Any substantial departures will likely put further pressure on MF Global Chief Executive Jon Corzine, a former New Jersey governor and former head of Goldman Sachs, to sell all or part of the company.

MF Global, whose shares slumped 15.9 percent on Thursday and have lost more than 60 percent of their value this week, had been trying to transform from a brokerage that mainly places customers' trades on exchanges into an investment bank that bet with its own capital.

But its bets on bonds from euro zone countries have gone bad, prompting regulators to press it to boost capital and one rating agency to cut the company's debt rating to junk status.

Three brokers at rival firms said they were signing up customers who were formerly at MF Global, and Patrick O'Shaughnessy, an analyst at Raymond James in Chicago, said his conversations with customers indicate there have been "significant departures."

There are rumors, too, that Corzine might get the boot sooner rather than later.  A one-termer, so to speak, just like this loser was in New Jersey.

But maybe MF Global was never on the up and up to begin with.  As I reported in August, there were some strange doings afoot with MF & Crooked Jon.

The New York Times:

MF Global is planning to sell five-year notes on Tuesday with an unusual twist: the notes will pay an extra 1 percent in the interest rate “upon the departure of Mr. Corzine as our full time chief executive officer due to his appointment to a federal position by the President of the United States and confirmation of that appointment by the United States Senate prior to July 1, 2013,” according to the offering. The higher possible rate reflects how important investors consider Mr. Corzine to be to MF’s prospects and pays them taking the risk that he might leave.

My question was:

Is Corzine really on the short list, as this disclaimer seems to imply, or is this just flypaper for suckers, luring them to think IMF Global must be all that as their CEO could likely be the nation's next Treasury Secretary?

Well, to be fair, there were plenty of rumors of a possible quid pro quo agreement between Barack Obama and Jon Corzine.  Crooked Jon was appointed as one of Obama's top Wall Street money "bundlers", and supposedly would be first in line for the coveted treasury spot, should Obama get re-elected, or need to fill the position even sooner.

But apparently, Corzine couldn't even convince his fellow crooks to pony up for man on top of the Syndicate, as Obama's Wall Street donations have dropped dramatically.  Of course, the "Occupy" movement - endorsed by the president - is having a dampening effect as well.

So to sum up - who has Jon Corzine screwed over in the last 18 months?

-The entire sate of New Jersey, which he left a fiscal shambles

-Investors in the MF  Group, thinking the CEO would eventually become the Treasury Secretary, and thus give their portfolio "most favored nation" status,

-The President of the United States, who trusted him to be a to fundraiser in what looks to be a challenging re-election campaign (and that's me being polite)

I don't think Crooked Jon has got a lot of friends left anymore, and has made some powerful enemies to boot..  Who's left for him to rob, besides innocent children and drunken call girls?

And I would put neither class past him...

The "Slippery Slope" of Gay Marriage Reaches Its Logical Conclusion: Legalized Incest

I wrote this back in 2006, somewhat sarcastically (or so I thought), as I postulated on where legalizing same-sex marriage would take us:

But we haven't gotten to the bottom of the slippery slope yet; that dark place where we are simply sloshing around in the mud, wallowing in our own decadence - but we are on the way there. May I now make the case for polygamy?

The pro-gay marriage crowd will say, "If two people love each other, regardles of their sex, shouldn't they be allowed to be married? If two men or two women wish to marry, isn't denying them that right based on the sexual gender of the two partners discrimination?"

OK, fine then. The sex of the partners is now ruled as irrelevant - only love between two consenting adults matters.

Now, if the gender of the couple is irrelevant, why shouldn't other factors of the marriage compact be irrelevant as well? Why does it have to be "TWO consenting adults"? If a man and two women are in love, why should they be denied the opportunity to marry as a threesome? If the sex of the partners is now irrelevant, cannot one make the case that the number of people involved in the marriage compact are irrelevant as well?

Well, I was right about one thing - we hadn't reach the bottom of the slippery slope yet, and we were on the way to a societal decadence not seen since the Roman Empire, just before the fall.

Welcome to America, 2011 - just before the fall.  And as for polygamy - well, I suppose even my mind wasn't dark enough to fathom where the slippery slope would bottom out.  While this New Hampshire bill, on it's surface, is set to redefine marriage as between strictly a man and a women, where it takes the concept of "civil unions" is even more disturbing:

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee voted 11-6 along party lines today to send a bill restoring the definition of “marriage” as the union of one man and one woman to the full House after Christmas.

The bill — HB 437, sponsored by Rep. David Bates — would also expand the state’s civil-union law to any two unmarried adults, even if they’re related.

Expanding civil unions to more of a reciprocal beneficiaries contract instead of eliminating them drew ire from opponents to HB 437, but Bates said it only makes sense.

“If we’re going to create a legal status for individuals with rights and responsibilities for the special relationship they have, there’s no good reason to make that exclusive to homosexuals,”
Bates countered. “We’ve heard for years how it’s none of the state’s business what people do in their own homes and how we have to get the government out of people’s bedrooms. That’s exactly what this legislation does. We created a civil- union status where there does not need to be any expectation of a sexual relationship. It’s more similar to a limited-liability corporation, where people enter into partnerships for a variety of relationships all the time. This bill doesn’t encourage incest any more than an LLC law.”

I love the fact that proponents of gay marriage are opposed to expanded civil unions - is it because, as Bates suggests, they want a right strictly limited to homosexuals?  Or are they enraged because Bates' bill blows the cover off the gay marriage scam - that is simply codifying behavior that is unnatural, more of a benign sexual perversion between consenting adults than a legitimate "alternative lifestyle"?

But the fact is that the prior legalization of gay marriage in New Hampshire have brought us to this point - were we must basically legalize incest in order to fend off the desecration of a holy sacrament.

Which, ultimately, has always been the goal of liberalism.  Destroy the gods and the higher values, and replace them with leftist mores and fealty to a bureaucratic government.

And they might, in fact, be succeeding.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama Polls Underwater in New Jersey, For Second Month Running...

Once is an outlier, twice is a trend...

President Barack Obama has a net negative approval rating (44%-47%) for two straight months, the first time in his presidency, according to this morning's Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind™ poll.

Men disapprove of the President 51% to 41% and women disapprove 48% to 42%.

Wow. Even the chicks ain't buying the hopey-changy-feely government money for your diapers routine anymore. I suppose that's because while men like Obama think they've got game, it's women who know the score....

And this data, from the same poll, should send chills down a Democrat's rubbery spine:

Twenty-two percent say the country is headed in the right direction, while two-thirds (67%) say the country is “on the wrong track.” This is a stark contrast to voters’ views of the direction of the state expressed in the same survey: 46% saying the state is headed in the right direction and 43% saying the state is on the wrong track.

Nearly 9 of 10 New Jersey Republicans (88%) say the country is headed in the wrong direction, but independents agree (78%-16%) and so do Democrats (49%-36%). “When New Jersey voters’ see the direction of their state as better than the direction of the country, it’s a sure sign something is deeply wrong,” said Peter Woolley, a political scientist and director of the poll.

Could it be that even a New Jersey Democrat can see the damage done by the liberal agenda? And Sweet Zombie Jesus! - look at those independents, tracking with Republicans by almost a 90% margin. Speaking of needing government-funded diapers, somebody ought to get a box to the president - stat...

Of course, the most obvious thing that jumps out - besides Obama running upside-down in a state thought to be true-blue - is that New Jersey residents prefer the stewardship of Chris Christie to Barack Obama. What will happen if the eventual Republican nominee can convince Americans that he is, if not the Fat Man himself, at least Christie-esque in policy?

I'll tell you. We'll have to redefine the word "landslide"...

Zuccotti Park: The Entire History of Socialism, Squished in 3300 Square Feet

Like a movie on fast-forward, the ending - the only part we really want to see - is almost here.  Both for Occupy Wall Street, and the ethos of Socialism:

The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.

For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.

To show they mean business, the kitchen staff refused to serve any food for two hours yesterday in order to meet with organizers to air their grievances, sources said.

As the kitchen workers met with the “General Assembly’’ last night, about 300 demonstrators stormed from the park to Reade Street and Broadway, where they violently clashed with cops.

Socialism always promises five-star food, but delivers mere sustenance gruel. The workers - those with "ability", as Marx would say - rebel against those with the most "need", usually the folks who refuse to do any work at all. Strikes ensue, followed by the pro-forma "airing of grievances" before a powerless, kangaroo-style, quasi-government entity ("General Assembly" - please), leading to rioting, clashes with authority, and eventually imprisonment.

This is Zuccatti Park. This is Occupy Wall Street. This is socialism in action.

Any questions?

What? Bread and water?  But...I'm part of the 99%!  Cook! Cook! Where's my hasenpfeffer?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama Threatens Liberals With...More Freedom?

Ironically, this might actually be an applause line, if the president had delivered it before an independent/conservative  audience.   But as it was delivered at a fundraiser for his re-election campaign, what some would offer as a promise Obama delivered as a threat:

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own,’” Obama told a crowd of 200 donors over lunch at the W Hotel.

Vote for me and become further enslaved to the bureaucratic monolith.  Vote for them and risk the perils of freedom.

Gee, which message do you think resonates better with the American people?

How out of touch is Barack Obama with the founding principles of his country, that he would make such a statement?  Assuming, of course, he is even an American at all (hat tip: Rick Perry!).

And how debased are the liberal partisans in this country that they would not only vote for, but proffer up their money to, a man who promises to en-serf them all?

I just hope Obama slips and uses this line in the general election.  Watch the confusion, and onset of churlish rage, when he realizes that  - like with "Win The Future" and "We can't wait (until you are out of office)", his slogans are being chanted not in homage, but with derision...

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Her Anti-Semitic Bona Fides...

I like Elizabeth Warren, in a certain way.  She's not some mealy-mouthed Marxist, making sweet noises to the center-right of this nation while blowing a socialist dog whistle loud and clear for the Left (See Obama, Barack). She's honest about her desire to remake America in the image of a Soviet state - centrally controlled, with harsh re-distributive taxes upon non-government connected producers, led by liberal technocrats out of Ivy League schools who - by dint of their education, not any life experience - know what's best for all of us.

She laid down her markers early with her sneering "Good for you!" speech, where she declared the wealthy owed her more than we owed them.  And now she's laid claim to the "Occupy" protests, declaring they are an outgrowth of her thought.  Via the Beast:

Elizabeth Warren is running for office in the most high-profile race in the country not involving Barack Obama. It’s a position that calls for some tact. So what does she think about the Occupy Wall Street protests that are roiling the country?

I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she says. “I support what they do.

Warren’s boast isn’t bluster...

No, it's not. I take her 100% at her word. So as she declares unapologetic ownership fo the "Occupy" movement, she also takes ownership of the vile, anti-semetic hatred that is part and parcel of its members (and founders).  Live, from Zuccotti Park:

“Israel is white Europe — eastern Europeans — who has [sic] usurped and occupied Arab land, and they have displaced the indigenous Arab Palestinian people at gunpoint. When Israel was founded in 1948 … in 1949, Israel secretly began working on a nuclear … atomic nuclear program to wipe out her neighbors. So the hatred of the Arabs for Israel is understandable. … And I’ll say that the Jews control Wall Street. Google ‘Jewish billionaires.’ Google ‘Jews and the Federal Reserve bank.’ Google ‘Jews and Wall Street.’ America’s finances is [sic] controlled by the Jews. Wall Street, the media, the legal profession — Jewish money is the engine in politics. … The Jews commit more white-collar crime than any other ethnic group on the earth and they go unprosecuted because they can buy their way out of it.”

Trust me:  To Elizabeth Warren, the incessant Jew-bashing at the Occupy gatherings is a feature, not a bug.  The hard Left is avowedly anti-Semitic, and she needs them in her bid for national office, which to her is a stepping stone to the presidency, her ultimate goal.  She believes Barack Obama has failed not by failing to reach the great American middle, but but reaching out to them too much.  So she endorses the mob, and lays claim to them, to both gain their support and to use their muscle to achieve victory.  Her endorsement of "Occupy Wall Street", without recriminations for their vicious rhetoric, is not a dog whistle but an announcement:  Hating on the Jews is A-OK with me!

She's a student of history, or so she claims.  When has a revolution succeeded without brownshirts?  She's seen the Obama fail, and she's going to play the game differently.  No hope and change, just smash and grab, with the "Occupy" crew as her own drum-playing SS.

But Elizabeth, as I said at the open, is refreshing in this way.  No hiding her goals, juts laying it out there, complete with appeals for mob rule, punitive taxation, and classic medieval scapegoating of the Jews.

Let's she how she does.  We know who she is.  But what are we?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Herman Cain's "Smoking Man": Here Come The Conspiracies!

It's half a minute of politcal blather by a craggy white man - "My guy is the best, he'll get us going again, blah blah blah..."

And then...he states at you, and takes a drag on a cigarette, carelessly releasing the inhaled smoke into the breeze.

And thus - all hell breaks loose:

The video is brilliant in that it’s tricked a whole lot of people to sit through 40 seconds of happy platitudes about Herman Cain before getting to the scandalous part. Meanwhile, the media is reading all sorts of underlying meanings into the video. “When he headed the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s, Cain lobbied against smoking bans in restaurants,” writes the Hotline in its post on the video. “A web ad from the Tea Party favorite’s team serves as a reminder that Cain used to lead a lobbying group that fought tobacco rules,” reports The Atlantic...

Whereas candidate Obama was sneaking cigarettes in the dead of night in 2008, Herman Cain is pushing his smoking chief of staff out in front of a video camera in 2011. You can’t get more un-Washington-like than that.

Although the guy in the ad does remind me of this fellow from The X-Files:

Smoking involved in the Syndicate, a shadow organization which includes members of the United States government that exists to hide from the public the fact that aliens are planning to colonize Earth. Smoking Man often ruthlessly protects the secrets of the conspiracy, and serves as the main antagonist to Mulder, who has an equally consuming devotion to reveal the truth in the first seven seasons.  Although his actions can be described as monstrous for the most part, his stated justification is a desire to prevent the alien colonization for as long as possible, and he is at times shown working towards that goal, particularly in connection with developing a vaccine to protect people from the "black oil", a parasitic agent which the alien Colonists use to propagate themselves.... 

The "Occupy" Crowd Is - Slowly - Starting To Get It....

...and are learning more about the nature of reality while on the street than they ever did in their overpriced universities.

Classroom #1: "Occupy Boston":

Here’s one from a 36-year-old protester describing the “homeless” who are trying to protect their turf on the Greenway.

“It’s turning into us against them. They come in here and they’re looking at it as a way of getting a free meal and a place to crash, which is totally fine, but they don’t bring anything to the table at all."

Classroom #2:  "Occupy Wall Street":

...many new arrivals do not pull their weight.

"We have compassion toward everyone. However, we have certain rules and guidelines," said Lauren Digioia, 26, a member of the sanitation committee.

"If you're going to come here and get our food, bedding and clothing, have books and medical supplies for no charge, they need to give back," Digioia said. "There's a lot of takers here and they feel entitled."

Our friends in Boston and New York are sooooo close...!

Just one small step to realizing that they are percieved as one and the same as the homeless, entitled, "takers" whom they decry, save for the ownership of a worthless piece of paper that they mortgaged their future for.  And from there, one small step to realizing that it is in fact ability that determines a person's value to society, not their need - or their usless credentials.  And with that dawning, true change can come.

But why do I feel that before the light breaks, there will be a mad rush to put it out? Led by, of course, the liberal elite, the Democratic party, Barack Obama, and the union thugs, who will mainline them with progressive poison, in order to artificially inflate the "occupiers" sense of purpose and self-worth, so that they will continue to slog on, while the aforementioned piggyback upon their movement in order to achieve their own worthless ends.

The Democrats will call this "compassion".

An enlightened "occupier" will call them "takers".  And maybe- just maybe -  we'll see them next at a Tea Party rally...

Addendum:  "From each according to his ability" sucks, apparently:

Last night’s General Assembly meeting in Zuccotti Park was “one of most contentious ever,” in large part due to a heated debate over whether the drummers at Occupy Wall Street should be given $8,000 from the movement’s coffers to buy more drums and equipment. It seems some of the drums were stolen or vandalized, and the drummers asked the General Assembly to help them regroup. “We have worked for you! Appreciate us,”one drummer told the crowd, but the appeal was denied..

CD comments:

The general assembly has been collecting a tax on the drummers – up to 50% of their earnings according to reports...

This leftist experiment also demonstrates the problem with a highly progressive tax scheme. The most productive workforce at the park are taxed the heaviest and are slowly being put out of business. Their only choice will be to move to another park. Odd how the most productive businesses are forced to leave the home by progressive schemes.

Did I hear somebody shout, "This is what Marxism looks like...!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

New York Times Reporter Outed As "Occupy Wall Street" Strategist

About three weeks ago, intrepid New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard told us the sob story of the poor, innocent "Occupy Wall Street" marchers who were thrown into jail after mobbing the Brooklyn Bridge.  Her breathless lede:

There has been considerable speculation about how a march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday ended up flowing onto the bridge’s road and blocking two lanes of traffic — leading to the arrests of about 700 people.

As a reporter covering the march, conducted by the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I was in position to get a close view of some events on the bridge as the arrests began. But as one of those arrested, I was also well-positioned to describe what happened next, at least for a number of those detained.

After tales of wailing children, confused college students and well-meaning hippies persecuted by white-shirted meanies, Natasha gets to her finale:

As a freelancer, I did not have an official police press pass. I was, however, fortunate enough to be the first to be processed from my bus, with only a disorderly conduct violation summons, in no small measure because of my editors’ contacting Police Headquarters to ensure my swift release.

There was much Sturm und Drang amongst the media elite that on of their own could get arrested "covering" a protest rally. But it seems as if Natasha was more than just an outsider looking in - she was an insider within the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, apparently using the Times as a propaganda outlet.

Big Government has the story, and the video clip:

A newly-discovered video–filmed by Occupy Wall Street supporters themselves–reveals that New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard is not merely covering the protests, but is also apparently taking part in planning and executing them.
In the video, Lennard is seen participating as a featured speaker in a discussion among anarchists, communists, and other radicals as they examine the theory, strategy and tactics of the Occupy protest

When Lennard reported on her arrest at the time, she appears to have concealed her own apparent role in the Occupy protests, implying that her arrest was an abuse of press freedom. She used her affiliation with the Times to win her early release.

In the video of the panel discussion, Lennard reveals herself to be a passionate Occupy supporter, and appears to have personal knowledge of its planned future activities, including illegal occupations of banks in New York City.

Does the Times know she is an "Occupier", and willingly given her space to engage in propaganda? Or were our liberal betters duped once more?

Click the link to see the video - love the part when she refers to her fellow "Occupiers" as 'comrade". But what else would you expect from a chick named Natasha? Here's an excerpt from our Times reporter, in which she confess that she identifies with the anarchist faction holed up at Zuccotti Park–and that she identifies with efforts by Occupy activists to conceal their true beliefs and goals:

Well, that’s what I don’t know. Let’s experiment. But I do think there are a few conditions that disallow for that that are at play now. So if we can address those, maybe it can be a more open possibility. The state of the square now…[people] would not speak at the park. Because being an outright anti-authoritarian or an anarchist is not really something that people like to be live streamed around the world with a fucking police pen around you. So there is a silencing that’s sort of gone on without much addressing, because to address it would be to out oneself. So if you’re talking–and this also addresses the question of escalation; it’s like–yes, there are a lot of people talking about many different ideas. Do they all want all of those ideas live streamed to the entire world on the assumption that everything is permitted and legal, when it quite clearly isn’t? So there is already a tendency in the park that means backing away from anti-authoritarian tendencies that don’t fall into pre-existing permitted institutional structures, or that can’t be coded by them. So I think there’s a problem with the way the park operates now that doesn’t allow for this kind of coming together.

Natasha Lennard, seen here with the New York Times editorial staff...

Remember who is writing for The Times these days, before you ever quote them as an authority - on anything...

Eric Holder Takes A Break From Various Cover-ups To Dictate NYC Cab Design

Investigate Fast & Furious?  Delve deeper into the details of the ill-fated Solyndra deal?  Come up with coherent policy regarding terrorist interrogation and trials?

Our Justice Department cares not for these things. It's chock full of liberals, a breed who we know talks as if they have answers to all the world's problems in the palm of their hand, but when it comes down to it, can't seem to be bothered with the work involved. Like Barack Obama. Or, should they see their preferred prescriptive fail, rather than use their advanced cranial capacity to work their way around the problem, they'll sit in a corner and pout.  Like Barack Obama.  Or they'll blame everyone around them for their woes.  Lie Barack Obama.  Ansd sometimes they'll just find something easy to do, something that is comically destructive but allows them to preen a bit before others and feel better about themselves.  Like Barack Obama.

And Eric Holder.

While he turns a blind eye to the heinous misdeeds of the most radically politicized Justice Department in American history, he casts an evil one towards....the yellow taxicabs of New York City, and forces a typically insane liberal mandate down their throats:

The US attorney’s office in Manhattan just filed a 23-page court brief insisting that (get this!) all new taxis be built to accommodate wheelchairs.
It claimed the city just doesn’t have enough such cabs right now, in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Justice’s ridiculously naive position on cabs itself shows how inappropriate it is for federal outsiders to butt in to city business.
Take its chief gripe: insufficient service for the disabled. Fact is, there are just 6,000 people or so with non-folding wheelchairs in the entire city, mayoral aides estimate.
A city, that is, of more than 8 million.

No wonder there’s barely any demand for wheelchair-ready cabs: When City Hall ran a two-year test not long ago, allowing riders to phone for them, hardly any did. (The record for a day: a whopping 15 calls.)
Anyway, as Mayor Bloomberg notes, dispatching such cabs makes far more sense than flooding streets with them -- not that Justice’s legal eagles would understand.

“You know, the Justice Department, I don’t think, has ever been to New York,” Bloomberg joked. “You go out in the streets -- you just cannot take, generally, a wheelchair out into the street and try to hail a cab. It’s dangerous.”
No kidding. Which is why the city plans to roll out a new dispatch system for wheelchair cabs in just a few months.
Meanwhile, some 230 cabs, meant exclusively for wheelchairs, already hunt the streets in desperate search of those elusive 6,000 theoretical fares.

How much more will the average New Yorker have to pay in cab fares now in order to pay for a redesign to service customers who have other means of hailing a taxi? How many potential customers will turn to subways or "gypsy cabs" instead, making poorer the immigrant class who tends to drive yellow cabs - the class the Democrats so piously claim to represent?

Bloomberg makes a key point within his nervous laughter. Local policy cannot be micro-managed and designed from Washington; it must be handled by local officials who mold it to fit their population's needs. If your city had 100,000 needy riders, this policy would make sense. With 6,000 - who can call a customized cab by phone - this policy is madness.

Yet, does anyone doubt that, despite his sheer ignorance of the facts, Eric Holder is quite proud of his work here?  Like Barack Obama, smiling serene over the wreckage of America, swearing he wouldn't change a thing...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bill Clinton Shoots Off His (Mouth); Makes A Big Mess...

Jim Goad does a hysterical take-down of Bill Clinton's four hour festival of auto-erotica, aka: "A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation”. God bless that man -Goad, I mean - for siting thru four hours of that crap in order to report it to us...

Goad has some astute observations, which I'll excerpt later, but there is one line that Wet Willie uttered that, unfortunately, must be given greater scrutiny:

Nobody ever climbs any ladder alone.

Ah...actually, climbing a ladder anyway but alone is perilous and dumb, in a Three Stooges-type of way. Imagine climbing a tall ladder, then adding a safety inspector, a health care advisor, a few bureaucrats, and a "rung tax collector" from the IRS. You'd crash to the ground in a bloody heap before you made it halfway up. At which point Bill Clinton would tell you the problem is that you needed more help on that ladder. "It takes a Village", his wife would intone from the sideline, as Bill nods sagely....

One of the great truisms of The Foutainhead (a Rand classic that is getting overshadowed by Atlas Shrugged but is equally applicable in our day and age) is that people work better alone than they do in in groups. The novel's protagonist, Howard Roark, steadfastly refused to join any "design committee", and when examining the work of group-think, collaborative, projects, noted that all them men had done better work alone than they had been able to produce as a "team".

Which could be why our economy, and our American ideal, is struggling. To many carpetbaggers trying to get a piece of what they cannot produce, even if it is just some ancillary credit, or a undeserved rake off.

Maybe - in honor of Bill Clinton's wisdom - the Tea Party mantra should be "Get off my ladder"...

Addendum:  More commentary from Goad on the self-indulgent tripe at the Concert for Clinton's Ego. Personally, I recommend you read it all...

The $1,000-a-seat concert was a star-spackled event. The cool night air sparkled with human beings being humanitarian, gathering together to celebrate the founding of Clinton’s foundation, or to put it more succinctly, Clinton’s foundation’s founding. Ashton Kutcher was there, as inarticulate as ever. Professional full-time lesbian Ellen DeGeneres mumbled something about how Bill and Hillary have made the world a better place....Lady Gaga and her dozens of gay dancers sang that song about how she was born that way, when she plainly wasn’t born that way and is obviously lying. Righteous Irish rodent Bono from U2 and his guitarist The Edge inflicted an unforgivably pious acoustic set upon the world...

Gaga and Wet Willie: Peas in a pod...

 But that doesn’t outweigh the fact that he’s [Clinton] one of the biggest socket wrenches in the globalists’ toolbox. He utters the word “global” as much as Eazy-E used to say “nigga.” Saturday night’s concert was littered with jargon about how “we’re all citizens of this world” and we need to “put a human face on the global economy” and how we need “peace without borders” and how globalism is coming whether we like it or not, so we better bend over and get used to it. Beneath all the gloss about humanism and empowerment and uplift and economic equality was a rigid subtext about us all being together and living together and sharing together and macro-managed together and squashed into a situation where we can never not be together ever again. First it’s our “common identity,” then it’s our common ID cards.

How does the average American benefit from his excessive bursts of philanthropy? During the other night’s concert, I don’t remember anyone making a peep about the average American, nor so much as acknowledging that such a species exists.

For the 2007 tax year, the William J. Clinton Foundation took in around $130 million, over a third of which came from government grants. So not only does the average non-cosmopolitan American taxpayer likely not benefit from his organization, they’re actually being forced to pay part of the bill for him to indulge his narcissistic messiah fantasies on his dusky, exotic, starving AIDS pets halfway around the globe.

Bubba, I realize you insist on stroking yourself, but I’m going to have to demand you do it on your own dime.

This one stands on its own...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

British Now Looking To "Redistribute" Grandma's House

No need to speculate on what the end result of Barack Obama's - and the Democrats - polices would be, all you need to do is to look askance to merry old England, where the Left is now looking to redistribute housing.  Including the one you may live in:

Older people should be taxed out of their family homes to free up space for younger generations, says a report backed by Labour.

It argues that 'empty nesters' in their 60s are taking up too much room and should be 'encouraged' by a new 'land tax' to downsize to smaller homes.

The call comes from the Intergenerational Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank that aims to 'promote fairness between generations'.

The language used below should sound familiar to anyone who's listened to a word out of Obama's mouth:

The Intergenerational Foundation says there are 25 million unused bedrooms in the country and eight million ‘under-occupied’ homes.

More than half of people aged over 65 live in homes with two or more spare bedrooms that could be used by young families, it adds.

The report, Hoarding of Housing, says: ‘While younger families are increasingly being squeezed into small flats and under-sized houses, older people are often rattling around in big houses with many bedrooms standing empty, often for years.’

Report co-author Matthew Griffiths said: ‘It is perfectly understandable that retired people cling to their home long after it has outlived its usefulness as a place to bring a family up in.

‘But there are profound social consequences of their actions which are now causing real problems in a country where new house building is almost non-existent.’

"Cling", "social consequences", "promoting fairness"...see where it all leads? To a government official inspecting your house, and deciding whether you have too much spare footage. Footage that another family - likely a supporter of the party in power - could use, but may not be able to afford. Unless the same government that forces you into the street at gunpoint loans them the money at a massively reduced rate. Money which you have provided to them yourself, ironically, with your tax dollars.

Careful, little girl...Didn't anyone tell you they took that house away from Grandma?  There's a drum circle in there now...

The Left sees this as fairness. If you believe it's true, well...then get your ass down to Zuccotti park. Of course, if you are a bitter clinger who wished to "occupy" the home you may have built, or paid for over thirty years, you'd better think twice about who you are supporting at the voting booth. Because once the current "rich" are milked dry, you might find yourself at the top of the (reduced) heap, and see your wealth and property targeted for redistribution.

The power to redistribute wealth in general — on the basis of “fairness” — has been advanced as necessary to fix the current economic crisis. But it is ultimately sterile and self referential.... As Mark Steyn put it, “a society can live on the accumulated capital of a glorious inheritance only for so long.” On the day the credit card maxes out, then the welfare state’s grandchildren eventually come after their grandparent’s house. That was all in the arithmetic, present from the very start.

The endgame approaches in once-Great Britain. Can we learn from it before putting the same exact wheels in motion here?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Penn Jillette Understands Compassion Better Than The Truest Blue Liberal

Roll it, Penn:

It’s amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness.

People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered, and if we’re compassionate we’ll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint.

Protein Wisdom provides some:

It’s not the giving that’s important: it’s the appearance that you really really really want to, if just somebody will use the power of government to force your hand.

Or maybe - does a liberal show their superior morality by forcing me to fork over my money at gunpoint - a gun, ironically, which I am forced to pay for as well - so that they may feel better about themselves?

And you wonder why the Left usually resorts to screaming as opposed to arguing....

Obama begs for applause from a "subdued crowd"...

President Pathetic...from the LA Times, no less:

Obama ends bus tour with pitch to subdued crowd

Closing out his bus tour on a low-key note, President Obama made a pitch for his jobs package at a firehouse, where a subdued crowd needed a bit of prompting to applaud his proposal to boost the economy.

The president got a polite reception from the 100 or so people crowded into the station garage. Early in his speech he mentioned his American Jobs Act.

One or two people clapped.

"You can go ahead and clap," the president said. "Go ahead, nothing wrong with it."

100 people turn out to see the President of the United States. He touts his plan that he claims is the linchpin for saving America, and get zero response. Desperately, be begs - begs - for support.

The LA Times does not mention whether he was successful in cajoling any additional support from the "crowd" - a term that should be used lightly, as that is a pretty thin turnout for a PTA meeting, no less with a man who fancies himself the leader of the free world.

Seems unlikely.  Actually, looks like Barack Obama has just about as much support for his "American Jobs Act" as fans did for Spinal Tap's "new direction"...

The Kid Who Killed Khadafy

(...or is it Gaddifi...?)

Meet Mohamed El Bibi, all of 20 years old, who is being credited as firing the shot that wound up killing Libya's despotic Moammar Khadafy:

Evil dictator Colonel Gaddafi was captured cowering in a drainage pipe by a 20-year-old rebel fighter wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, it was claimed tonight.

Mohammed El Bibi was hoisted onto the shoulders of his fellow NTC comrades and waved Gaddafi's slimline gold 9mm Browning Hi-Power gun in the air in triumph.

He told the BBC that he was the one who had captured the tyrant and that he had snatched his prized gun from as he lay dying in the dirt.

Appropriately ironic, that a terror-supporting Arab leader would be killed by a kid with the "NY" logo emblazoned on his head.  Gives me some faith that while we may not always see instant justice - or instant karma - on this world, the universe delivers kismet in its own way, in its own time...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Occupy Baltimore" Attempts To Silence Rape Victims

What? Misogynistic liberals? No way!

Efforts by the Occupy Baltimore protest group to evolve into a self-contained, self-governing community have erupted into controversy with the distribution of a pamphlet that victim advocates and health workers fear discourages victims of sexual assaults from contacting police.

The pamphlet says that members of the protest group who believe they are victims or who suspect sexual abuse "are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee," which will investigate and "supply the abuser with counseling resources."

Uh-huh? Like what? Taking turns on her?

Of all the "useful idiots" we are seeing crawling out of the woodwork, none distresses me more than the women I see supporting the "Occupy" movements and the liberal agenda in general. Liberals have convinced women that by protecting their right to an abortion, they are protecting their freedom, while all they are actually doing is making them more pliable f*ck-toys for the boys whom masquerade as men.

Don't believe me? See what happens when you actually attempt to stand astride them in the corridors of power.  And while they might enjoy you for a night in a sleeping bag, they will not for a moment put your health and safety over fulfilling their own desires, even if said desire is merely to scream about Nazi bankers before a TV camera...

Sorry, sweets...he doesn't love you for your mind....

Muammar Gaddafi Dies, Brutally and Bloodied - Just As He Lived....

Bloody video here:

It never seems to end well for these guys:

Give Karl Marx Credit For Getting One Thing Right...

The actual verbiage used by El Beardo:

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”
~Karl Marx

A better political analyst than some today. Charles Gasparino, in today's New York Post, notes the phenomenon but misdiagnoses it as Stockholm Syndrome:

Immelt says the protesters who are camping out at Zuccotti Park, making life miserable for New Yorkers, make good points that we all need to consider, and “we have to be empathetic and understand that people are not feeling great.”

That echoes similar nonsense recently spewed by Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, Larry Fink of Blackrock and a few other banking honchos.

they have no problem using the protests as a way to divert public attention from the real scandal of the economy -- and why it isn’t producing enough jobs.
While President Obama promises crippling taxes and regulations on small businesses, large banks and corporations like GE are cashing in on crony capitalism.

Pandit? He offered to meet with the protesters and called their concerns “completely understandable” -- just as Citigroup announced solid-third quarter profits.
Maybe the outreach is meant to divert the public attention away from the fact that Citigroup wouldn’t exist without the hundreds of billions in taxpayer guarantees and money it got during the financial crisis,

Then there’s Fink, the famously astute Blackrock CEO, who said in a recent speech, “We should not turn our backs on these protests” because they provide “some balance.”

It’s bizarre, watching supposed free-market capitalists defend a movement that is now going beyond banker-bashing and vowing to destroy capitalism itself.

Or maybe they're working on another Marxist theorem:

“Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.”

And speaking of Marxists, and ropes:

Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data.

Obama has brought in more money from employees of banks, hedge funds and other financial service companies than all of the GOP candidates combined...

One more time:

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”
~ Karl Marx

No, I'm not becoming a Marxist. Or a Leninist. Or a Che Guevara with a mere five-day growth. I'm just thinking that maybe our current business and political class - primarily leftists, and capitalists so steeped in liberalism that they can't see they are essentially earning money by selling off their own body parts - are acolytes of this twisted ideology, and feel they are putting their wealth and power to some type of higher purpose by applying the Marxist maxims.  And since it is helping them squire more of both....well, in their eyes, it appears to working, right?

Of course, every other country that has applied this philosophy has fallen into ruin. Just like America currently  is. And as far as our political class/oppressing class goes, well, in most nations they are eventually chased out by bayonet. Which is a heartwarming thought. And someone ought to tell our crony capitalists that whores look great when they're 20, but are washed up and suicidal by 30. If they live that long...