Friday, July 31, 2009

Here's To You, Mary Robinson....

....Obama loves you more than you could know... wo-wo-wo....

Barack Obama is awarding Mary Robinson, U.N. Commissioner and former president of Ireland with a Presidential Medal of Freedom - it is....

...the highest civilian award in the United States. It is designed to recognize individuals who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

And what has Mary done in the cause of world peace? Why, she did her best to destroy Israel and legitimize the slaughter of innocent Jewish women and children, that's what!

During the last four years of Robinson’s tenure, the European Union donated large sums of money to the Palestinian Authority... During this time, Arafat siphoned large amounts of European aid money away to pay for terror. Robinson can plead ignorance, but documents seized during the recent Israeli incursion into the West Bank revealed that the Palestinian Authority spent approximately $9 million of European Union aid money each month on the salaries of those organizing terror attacks against civilians.

What a blow for freedom! Well, the freedom of the Palestinians, perhaps, if you feel that Jew-killing is the way to get there. Apparently, Barack Obama has no problem with this, either.

Mrs. Robinson also presided over the now-notorious Durban conference, which became the most virulently anti-semetic pep rally ("Much of the hatred took place in a six-day NGO Forum in a large cricket stadium attended by six thousand representatives of close to two thousand NGOs. It was anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli from start to finish") seen since the dark days of the Nazi regime. Obama thinks that's cool, as well.

And it didn't stop at Durban, oh lord no!

Robinson’s commission voted on a decision that condoned suicide bombings as a legitimate means to establish Palestinian statehood . The vote came after Robinson initiated a drive to become a fact finder to investigate the now-famous massacre in Jenin (also known as “the massacre that never happened”).

So let's chart the accomplishments of Mary Robinson:

-funding the PLO's terror attacks against Jews worldwide
-presiding officer of the Durban Conference, which morphed into an unadulterated anti-Semetic hatefest under her watchful eye
-gave international sanction to killing civilian Jews as a means of Palestinian "resistance"
-gave creedence and cover to the blood libel known as "Massacre at Jenin", an alleged slaughter by Israeli soldiers that never happened.

And for all this, our president, Barack Hussein Obama, is awarding her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award this nation can offer.

She should be in the docket, facing trial as a war criminal.

And in a related story:

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Obama administration has failed to select a new State Department Envoy for Combating and Monitoring Anti-Semitism...The Obama administration's sluggishness on this issue is sending a terrible signal that it does not take the problem of global anti-Semitism seriously.

Suprised? I'll bet Mary, Queen of Durban, is not...

Politico: Americans Too F**king Stupid To Understand The Benefits of ObamaCare

Hey - I didn't say it, they did: the health care battle enters a critical phase — with lawmakers about to greet constituents during summer recess — the reality is that the outcome will probably be shaped less by the intelligence of advocates on any side than by the ignorance of most Americans.

It may go too far to say that Americans are too dumb to understand concepts like “bending the cost curve.” Or too preoccupied by “America’s Got Talent” to decide whether “evidence-based medicine” is a euphemism for rationing.

But all sides of the debate are facing the same essential challenge: How to boil down arguments that flummox even veteran legislators into simple appeals that will engage an easily distracted, easily flustered electorate.

Feeling a bit elite today? " It may go too far" to say Americans are too dumb to understand? Which means that it may not go too far to make the same accusation. Or maybe we're not dumb, we're just an immature people, who need "simple appeals" that will sink into our television-watching, channel-flippin, "easily flustered", gun-toting, bible-clutching mush-brains.

But Politico has a strategy to get through to us subhuman megaloids, also known as "American citizens" - Don't ask us to think, it's too much work:

One key: appealing to personal experience rather than intellect, a lesson Democrats learned from the last major health care push in 1993-94 and from the 2004 presidential campaign, when the Democratic candidates failed to break through with a message about the uninsured.
“You don’t want to get into the weeds, because you’ll lose people,” says Jacki Schechner, communications director for Health Care for America Now

Or maybe you'll lose them because they can see the poison ivy in the weeds, where you only see wonkish perfection. Anyway, that's Politco's recommended strategy: Go Orwellian on the masses!

Another problematic term is “universal coverage.” The scope sounds too big and vague for voters to grasp, says Schechner, so a better term is “heath insurance for all.”

Yeah, that's it. Keep it simple to that the rubes can understand it, even if "simple" means "false".

This isn't about fixing the health care system, or closing a gap in the budget - this is about the intellectual elitists jamming a program down our throats that will make them feel much better about themselves, even if we wind up losing our lives for it.

And guess what? We get it, and we oppose it. And that's why the "Mensa Junta" is getting enraged with us, and feels free to call us ignorant, dumb, and simple. It's the rage of children who see they aren't about to get their way.

And like good parents, the American people should not give in to them, but stay stern and strong, so that these little boys and girls hopefully learn a lesson about themselves...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

If ObamaCare works as well as "Cash For Clunkers"...

...then I'm gonna quite my job and go to mortuary school, because the corpses will pile up like cordwood.

[Note: Post updated at bottom and bumped @10:20 PM -edit.]

You think the government can run health care? They can't even figure out the used car business:

....dealers reported problems with the government's online system to get the transactions approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is running the program.

Scott Lambert, vice president of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association, said he was "astounded" to learn at a meeting Tuesday representing about 150 Minnesota dealers that not one has had a deal approved.

"We had dealers representing 1,500 to 2,000 transactions," he said. "We asked how many had a deal approved yet, and not one hand went up."

Lambert said the government has created a program that's "so big and cumbersome that it can't find a way to accept anything. We're sending in good, reliable deals."

It's nerve-racking for the dealers, he said, because they have given the customer $4,500 and now the dealers need to be reimbursed.

So what happens when doctors aren't getting reimbursed, and decide to take cash-only? Or when you need emergency surgery, but are told it will take 4-6 weeks to get government approval?

But don't worry. I am sure the
trillion-dollar health care industry, once managed by Barack Obama and pals, will be nowhere near as "big and cumbersome" as the one needed to run a mere $1 billion dollar used-car company....

Update: Well, gee, that was fast - a mere 12 hours later, and this finely-honed government-managed program
has gone to sh*t:

The government plans to suspend its popular "cash for clunkers" program amid concerns it could quickly use up the $1 billion in rebates for new car purchases, congressional officials said Thursday.

A White House official said later that officials were assessing the situation facing the popular program but auto dealers and consumers should have confidence that transactions under the program that already have taken place would be honored

I feel safer already....

And talk about mismanagement:

A survey of 2,000 dealers by the National Automobile Dealers Association found about 25,000 deals had not yet been approved by NHTSA, or nearly 13 trades per store. It raised concerns that with about 23,000 dealers taking part in the program, auto dealers may already have surpassed the 250,000 vehicle sales funded by the $1 billion program.

"There's a significant backlog of 'cash for clunkers' deals that make us question how much funding is still available in the program," said Bailey Wood, a spokesman for the dealers association.

"Backlogs", and "questions of funding", huh? Bet we'll never hear those words applies to government-run heath care...right?

If insurance is so bad, why does it feel so good?

Lefties Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin are shocked, shocked, that not all Americans are willing to hand over their health care to government bureucrats. It can't be that the whole idea of nationalized healthcare is wrong, oh heavens no - every academic and editorial writer agrees that the free market system has to go!

So who's to blame? Why, the free market system, and those who (gasp! ) profit within it while providing desperately needed services. Listen to "Dick" Durbin (D-Ill):

"There are people out there with a lot of money at stake in this debate,” Durbin said. “The health insurance companies are some of the most profitable businesses in America. By fighting change they're protecting their bottom line.”

Actually, it seems as if most of the TV time has been taken up by Obama and the liberal talking heads, explaining to us why it is so important that they commandeer 17% of the economy. Is that because it will be profitable for them, instead?

From the mouth of Nutjob Nancy Pelosi:

"It's almost immoral what they are doing," Pelosi said to reporters, referring to insurance companies. "Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening."

Sorry, guys. I pay for my health insurance, it's not great but it is pretty darn good, and frankly I don't give a damn if someone is making money off of it, as long as my needs are being met. I don't see how someone is a villain for making a profit while providing an important service...

Interesting choice of words, though. Insurance providers are now "immoral villians". Maybe it explains why, despite Obama's ever-more irritable protestations, that I feel we all will lose more options under government-run health care than we will gain.

After all, if capitalists are villians, they must be eliminated, no? And if Obama/Pelosi/Durbin Reid are willing to undertake the destruction of the private insurance sector in order to be the last men standing, much choice will I have left in my heath care once the smoke clears? Certainly, if you can eliminate our options via legislation and inflammatory rhetoric, why - we'll have to turn to the Democrats for heath care!

Let's see how far this assault on capitalism, and heath insurance, takes the Demcorats, especially among capitalists and those who are already insured...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Obama Effect" - A net negative on all he touches!

Well, the polls are in on Obama's ability to help Jon Corzine win another four-year term, and keep the hope of socialism alive. Interesting numbers, although why Public Policy Polling chose to throw a Christie/Palin question in there is beyond me - she's not president, just an exiled governor, and there's a world of difference between the two.


...The numbers on an Obama visit aren’t much better- 32% said that his coming to the state earlier this month made them less likely to vote for Corzine while only 18% said it made them more inclined to support him.

So The Obama Effect is a net poll loss of 14%? Curious to see how Obama would help/hurt in other, similar races - Virginia governor, for one. Still, based on these numbers, I would love to see Baracky make multiple visits to New Jersey! Maybe he could explain why he wants to take the system that destroyed the state of New Jersey (and California) nationwide...

Looks like other Garden State Democrats are suffering as well:

New Jersey’s Senate delegation continues to get pretty low marks from voters in the state. Frank Lautenberg has a 40% approval rating, with 41% disapproving. For Bob Menendez (D -La Raza) it’s only 29% approving with 40% disapproving.

For Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants), who's built his whole career on his Hispanic surname and racial politics, the breakdown of his approval/disapproval is quite interesting:

Menendez Approval
Overall Hispanic White Black Other
Approve 29%
30% 26% 46% 22%
Disapprove 40% 35% 45% 15% 38%
Not Sure 31% 35% 29% 38% 41%

Like Corzine, Menendez (D-Cubans) has decent support among blacks, but is losing whites badly and is now in negative territory with the Hispanic population he panders to so relentlessly. Maybe they see themselves as more American than Hispanic via their surnames? Oh my, what's a racialist to do?

Best line of the day:

How desperate and embarrassing are those Obama-Corzine lawn signs? If I was Obama, I would tell Corzine to take my name off the next batch of signs.

Christie Crushing Corzine, Minorites Backing Republican?

So how's the policy of riding Barack Obama's coat-tails working out for you, Governor Corzine?

....not so good, you say? Gee, so sorry to hear it:

Public Policy Polling’s monthly look at the race for Governor of New Jersey finds Republican Chris Christie leading incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine 50-36. That 14 point lead is up from 10 at the end of June.

Christie has a 54-26 lead among independents, and holds Corzine to just 64% of the Democratic vote, while receiving 86% from within his own party.

Now this is interesting:

One area where Corzine particularly has some work to do is among minority groups that are usually supportive of Democratic candidates. Even though 92% of blacks in the state approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, only 64% of them are currently saying they’ll vote for Corzine. And while 67% of Hispanics approve of Obama, they’re currently going for Christie by a margin of 50-33.

Lots of interesting stuff within the results here ; note this poll was skewed 56%-44% female, who tend to lean more Democratic as a gender. Things could be worse then they seem, Jonny Boy...

Later today we'll see Obama's numbers in the Garden State. We'll also see how smart is was for Corzine to tie himself to Obama's fate. New Jersey is socialism writ small, Barack Obama is Socialism, with a capital "S".

And if it turns out that folks don't want to be socialists? Well, then Corzine tied his carriage to a sinking ship rather than what he thought was a rising star.

Wouldn't be his first misjudgement.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jersey Corruption Figure Found Dead: Murder or Suicide?


Jack Shaw, a Jersey City political consultant who was among 44 people charged in a federal corruption probe, has died.

Two officials with knowledge of the investigation said Shaw was found at home with several bottles of pills nearby. One of the officials said Shaw, 61, had an unspecified medical condition, and authorities are not jumping to conclusions about the cause of his death.

Shaw was charged with taking $10,000 from Solomon Dwek, an FBI informant posing as a real estate developer, and proposing Dwek make another $10,000 payment to a Jersey City official.
Shaw was a longtime political lieutenant for former Governor Jim Florio, joining his camp while Florio was still in Congress, before becoming an operative for the Hudson County Democrats around 1991.

Remember, this is the Soprano state. Did Shaw actually swallow those pills, or where they, ahem, found lodged in this throat?

Or did Shaw simply realize that if he sung for the Feds he'd get whacked for sure, and if he didn't he'd wind up facing hard time? Did Shaw then decide his best move was just to get out now, before things got even worse?

As the People's State of New Jersey disintergrates, the diehard believers are falling on their swords - or being bisected by them...

Did The Jews Kill Michael Jackson?

Sound like a crazy question? Maybe, but since I know that Louis Farrakhan is held in some esteem by peoples in power, I thought his words might merit attention:

Addressing 2,000 followers at Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam headquarters on the South Side, Farrakhan described Jackson as a "messianic voice" and an "archangel of sound, song and dance," as he called Jackson a victim of "Zionist leaders," the U.S. government and the media.

....Citing it as part of a conspiracy to undermine Jackson, Farrakhan said the lawyer told him Jackson had agreed to do 10 concerts but had been booked for 50, and there was concern Jackson would get sued if he couldn't uphold the agreement.

Ah, those wacky Jews. How do they find the time to oppress Palestinians, control the media, run the banks, oversee the arms-shipping trade, and still find time to snuff out Michael Jackson? What a resourceful people!

But Michael Jackson, well, he wouldn't think it all too crazy:

Referring to Jews, Jackson is heard saying that "they're like leeches…I'm so tired of it…They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up penniless. It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

Shoot, Jackson even sang about it:

“Jew me, sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, kike me
Don’t you black or white me”

There's no proof - only unmitigated hatred - but when has that ever stopped a good conspiracy theory?

Just ask Rosie O'Donnell and the 9/11 Truthers....

Video of Jackson espousing anti-semtism. Songwriter: Louis Farrakhan. Around the 1:00 mark...

Obama to New York Cops: Drop Dead

New York City. The capital of the world, the capital of capitalism, the target of multiple terrorist attacks and twisted plots, with over 3,000 victims of said plots in the last decade alone.

Eight million residents, probabaly more, consisting of every race, creed, and class represented on the planet. And one police force to serve and protect them all. A police force that has turned a third-world city into the class act of the civilized world, despite a barrage of insults from liberal and race-baiting lawmakers who consider arresting folks for commiting crimes to be "tyranny".

Over the last 16 years (post-Dinkins), our Republican mayors have done all they could to keep the force intact, while at the same time not destroying the city's budget. And now, when Wall Street revenues are falling - along with tax reciepts across the board - and the city reaches out to Washington for a helping hand to keep its world-class force intact, what happens?

Barack Obama and the Democrats spit in it:

New York has been squeezed out of any of the $1 billion economic-stimulus money to help cities avoid laying off cops.
The reason?
We are not worthy, the Justice Department declared.

The department figures the most deserving cities are facing serious budgetary problems and fighting high crime rates.
New York has a low crime rate, big police force and stable budget, the feds reasoned.

All due to hard work and conservative fiscal policies. Wonder what corrupt cities on the verge of fiscal disaster - Detroit, Newark, Chicago - are getting for their underworked and overpaid police forces?

Hey, you guys voted for this. Remember, socialism always punishes success and rewards unproductivity:

"To punish our Police Department because they have driven down crime with fewer resources shows the backwards incentive system that is sometimes at work in Washington," Mayor Bloomberg said.
"Denying that funding because New Yorkers have already dug into their pockets to maintain our city's sound fiscal stewardship and pay for our exceptional policing doesn't make sense."

Some of New York's Finest are understandably irked:

In precincts around the city, cops were fuming.

"If New York City is not getting any, there's something wrong with how they're divvying up the stimulus package -- absolutely," said one detective.

"He's not George Bush," the detective said of President Obama.

"But he apparently doesn't think much of New York City."

Doesn't seem like Barack Obama like police officers very much at all. First the blasting of Officer Crowley of Caimbridge for simply doing his job, now the screwing of NYC cops for doing their job - too well.

But maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps if you're a minority cop in a city that's falling to pieces and beset with crime and fiscal ineptitude, Obama may lend you a helping hand. But only until you start to succeed and act responsibly - then you're back on Obama's, and the Democrats, sh*t list...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack Obama and Jon Corzine: Ill-Fated Lovers?

Just how far is Barack Obama willing to go in support of New Jersey governor "Crooked Jon" Corzine?

Well, he's willing to lie unashamedly. The contents of this letter from Obama to Corzine supporters contains more than
a few howlers:

The people of New Jersey know the cost of this economic crisis...But in Jon, you have a governor who has built consensus to help families get through it, while putting the state on a path to long-term prosperity.

How is kicking billions of dollars in debt down the road to the next budget " a path to long-term prosperity"? I guess coming from the president who invented the $3 trillion dollar deficit, $20 billion here and there is just chump change...

Jon is a fighter for the middle class. He created a strong economic recovery plan designed to retain and attract business, instituted major reforms to ease unfair property tax burdens across the state, and made critical investments in schools and transportation infrastructure that will leave New Jersey stronger and more competitive in the years to come.

Where the hell do you begin with this crap?
-New Jersey is ranked 50th among the 50 states in "business-friendly enviornment"
-property taxes has increased, not decreased, across his term in office. Even rebates have been suspended.
-yeah, he's invested money in schools - primarily in poorer neighborhoods - only to see it all wasted via theft and inefficiency, while the potential of the children of the middle class goes to waste.

-and what the hell has Corzine done for the middle calss, anyway?
-and how does all this make New Jersey stronger? Again, remember, this comes from the president who claims taxing energy through the roof, and raiding the pockets of the rich, will make America into a stronger and more competitive nation...

Look how closely (:28 second mark) this (insanely weak) video ties Obama and Corzine together:

As Obama's negatives rise and his approval ratings sink, this may become a doomed partnership of a failed model of governing - be it a state or a nation. These guys do belong together, but not for the reason they think. Obama wants America to look like New Jersey...and just look at New Jersey: high taxes, outflows of money and talent, inflow of criminals and corrupt politicians, and illegal immigrants sopping up billions in taxpayer dollars. Who was the biggest architect of the current state of the state? None other than Obama's partner, Jon Corzine.

Listen to Jon Corzine
declare his love for the man who would be king - until it was discovered, less than six months into his realm, that the emperor had no clothes. Corzine may live to regret his passion for Baracky, but at least he will have plenty of time on his hands to do so, once he and his disasterous liberal policies are removed from public service - forever:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Who's House? Thomas Friedman's House! "

(..sung to the beat of Run-DMC's "Run's House")

Thomas Freidman writes about why we don't pay enough for energy:

Just as A.I.G. sold insurance derivatives at prices that did not reflect the real costs and the real risks of massive defaults (for which we the taxpayers ended up paying the difference), oil companies, coal companies and electric utilities today are selling energy products at prices that do not reflect the real costs to the environment and real risks of disruptive climate change (so future taxpayers will end up paying the difference).

...And this is also why we need a tax on carbon....

Thomas Friedman on who's gonna pay:

...we need a climate bailout along with our economic bailout.

“Finally,” said Harvey, “we need a price on carbon.” Polluting the atmosphere can’t be free.

These are the pillars of a climate bailout. Yes, some have upfront costs.

When in doubt, follow those in economic bankruptcy:

California’s energy-efficient building and appliance codes now save Californians $6 billion per year...

And on a somewhat related note, here's a photo of Thomas Freidman's "house":

Nice. Funny, I don't see any hybrids parked out front. Nice swimming pool, though. Huge. Must use a ton of electricity to keep that thing heated. After all, I'm not seeing any solar panels anywhere, unless you got a windmall in the woods or something. And hey - are those cabanas next to your pool? Guess this way nobody has to walk to your house to use one of your 19 bathrooms...

One question though, Mr. Friedman...if saving the enviornment is really that important, why don't you, you know...downsize a bit? I understand the maids and servants need quarters, but unless you have a dozen kids and three wives, did you really need to clear out so much forest to build yourself an energy-sucking palatial estate?

Unless, of are expecting me to pay for it - me, who can barely afford my ever-increasing property taxes - and me to do penance for your guilt?

Hey, I got an idea! Let me spend some time over at your place, thinking it over...

Why Do Democrats Loathe "Special Needs" Children?

Sarah Palin's nomination unveiled the internal ugliness that liberals feel towards women who dared to step off the left-wing plantation and have the affrontery to hold conservative viewpoints.

It also proved to be a interesting display of their hatred towards special needs children, as Palin was incessently mocked for having the nerve to give brith to a Down's Syndrome baby, as opposed to doing the right thing and aborting it ASAP. While some unnamed bloggers tried to make a name for themselves by concocting conspiracy theories about the "true mother" of poor Trig Palin, others just couldn't stop with "retarded" humor, referring to Trig, Sarah, Republicans in general, and so on. (and it goes on and on, incidentally).

Apparently, it seems like the Democrats in Congress feel no differently about special needs/developmentally disabled children than their most rapid partisan supporters. Although there are a number of campaigns out there to limit or stop the use of "The R Word" - especially as its use has increased to describe any type of stupid behavior - the Democrats must have had Sarah Palin on the brain when they wrote this passage into the pending National Health Care Bill:

The proposed health-insurance bill from the House of Representatives refers to mentally disabled people as "retarded" -- a term advocates, relatives and physicians find outdated and offensive.

The bill refers to: "A hospital or a nursing facility or intermediate-care facility for the mentally retarded . . ."

The phrase could cause more problems with groups for the developmentally disabled, who were angered when President Obama referred to his poor bowling skills on "The Tonight Show" as "like the Special Olympics."

Are these the type of people you want managing you and your family's health care? People who use the word "retarded" with a smirk and a sneer? Perhaps, since they are using offensive phrases to catagorize human beings with pre-existing medical conditions, will will also see references to "cripples", "feebs" and "lunatics" in the bill as well?

Of course not. it is only the developmentally disabled - and their parents - who recieve such legislative scorn from the Democrats on Capitol Hill...

That Crashing Sound? Obama's Poll Numbers...

How many Democrats are going to follow this sinking ship into the abyss? From the Rasmussen Twitter feed:

...following press conference. Strong approval of Obama unchanged... strong disapproval up from 35% to 40%...

Obama: Strongly Approve 29% Strongly Disapprove 40%... Approval Index at new low... -11 ...
26% give President good/excellent marks for his response on Cambridge cop incident... 46% say poor...

And how's this good work by our great post-racist...oops, I mean post-racial - president:

71% of African-Americans rate president's response good or excellent... just 22% of white voters agree...

Nice way to divide instead of unite...but I guess nobody else had a dad who told them (in reference to beloved big-leaguers leaving the home team via free agency), "When they say it's not about the money, you'd better believe it's only about the money".

When Obama says it's not about him, and it's not about'd better believe it's all about him, and all about his race. What else did he ever have to run on? Ideas?


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barack Obama: Racist !

Well, of course white cops pick on black folks, even the ones like Officer Crowley, who just happens to be a department diversity specialist. Everyone knows that. Barack Obama know that too, and their are no extenuating circumstances that will permit him to admit otherwise.

He's quite secure in calling the Cambridge police officers who arrested psycho professor Gates "stupid". But it's not about them, or professor Gates - it's about Barack Obama, and Barack Obama finds himself in a heap of hot water. How to fix without compromising his racist principles? Bring in the media! In this case,
Politico,who starts out gently chastising Obama for letting his cards show:

...for a politician who has benefited from his critics' ineptitude with racial language – such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's description of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a "Latina woman racist" – Obama's comments struck an uncharacteristically polarizing note.

Hmm...isn't Judge Sotomayor's description of white men as "less just" then a "wise Latina women" a bit of ineptitude with racial language as well? Well, I'll just point out that she and Obama are on the exact same ideological wavelength, and move on:

Republican pollster Whit Ayres said Obama played his cards Friday right by reaching out to Crowley and responding to a spiraling dispute that was "not consistent with the image of a post-racial America and a post-racial president." ...

The president, however, did not disavow the entirety of his comments on Gates's arrest. Though he massaged some of his specific word choices, Obama stuck by the core of his reaction to the incident in Cambridge, saying he still believes "that there was an overreaction in pulling Professor Gates out of his home, to the station."

And neither Obama nor his press secretary went so far as to issue a direct and literal apology.

Barack Obama will not apologize; he will not admit he was wrong - in fact, he feels quite strongly that his racist knee-jerk reaction was the correct one. He just wants this all to go away, and what better way than to "reach out" to the man he viciously stereotyped in front of 24 million people?

Politico applauds this action as evidence of "post-racial" healing. It is anything but. An apology from the president and an admission that blacks too can be guilty of stereotyping would bring about some healing, but that would require an admission of fallibility from The One, and that's not gonna happen.

Instead we get a smear of feel-goody in an attempt to cover a racial firestorm fanned by a racist president, who is still blindy labeled as a "healer" by his supplicants in the media.

Look familiar? Only if you've lived through the "racial healing" of the Mayorship of one David Dinkins of New York City...

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lover's Quarrel ?

It seems as if no matter which way Barack Obama turns his head, all is falling apart around him. His approval ratings have fallen below 50% for the first time, the public has rejected outright his plans for nationalized health care and energy rationing, and it appears as if no one believes anything that comes out of his mouth anymore.

And who's fault is this? Perhaps a certain over-reaching liberal with delusions of granduer and no real clue about how the real world actually works?

Of course not. The One is Infallible.

So believe it or not, Barack Obama is blaming his ills on...the media:

Standing without a teleprompter in the living room of his campaign's former national finance chair, Obama complained to 110-130 high-end donors about "The scare tactics and the special interest and the lobbyists, and, I'll be honest with you, the incapacity for a sustained focus on the part of the media on the facts and the arguments."

The media. The very same left-wing lapdogs that created his mythology, refused to delve into his sordid associations, called out his critics as racist, and mocked his opponents as ignorant (or, in the case of Sarah Palin, "ignorant sluts"). The same media which to this day carries water for him by distorting his popularity, propping up his unpopular initiatives with sheer propoganda, and smearing his enemies.

The question is: will the media now turn on Obama, having seen themselves scorned by their unrequited lover?

If so, it will be a very long 3 1/2 years for our ambitious young socialist...

UPDATE: This has to be read to be believed:

Gibbs: Media 'obsessions' prolonging Gates story

The White House says the media's "obsessions" are keeping alive President Barack Obama's comments about the arrest of a Harvard scholar seen trying to get into his own house.

Asked whether Obama regretted commenting on the matter, spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters that the president probably would regret distracting the media with "obsessions."

The president wades into a local law-enforcement issue, mkes a controversial remark, invokes racism and the "stupidity" of (white) police officers, and then blames the media for writing about it? And assuredly, blames the public for talking about it, as opposed to waxing poetic over the money Barack is going to save them on health care?

You know, he could have said something like this:

"I am a friend of Gates, and therefore I'm inclined to believe his story. But since there's no way I can know what actually happened, I'll decline a comment."

But then, it's so much easier to lash out at everyone around you - including those who adore you - as opposed to actually confronting your own shortcomings...

UPDATE II: The New York Times gets into the act, with some gentle mocking of the Whiner-in-Chief. And so it begins...

Dirty Jersey: Will Corzine Pay The Price?

The arrest yesterday of 44 people - the majority of them Democratic lawmakers - may very well be the big torpedo that will sink the re-election hopes of incumbent Jon Corzine (D) in New Jersey. The governor responded with fire and fury after the arrests of his henchment yesterday:

"The scale of corruption we're seeing as this unfolds is simply outrageous and cannot be tolerated."

And...that was it. Oh, and he asked for - and recieved - the resignation of New Jersey Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph Doria, who is under investigation but was not charged. Well, there's always a soldier willing to fall on his sword for his disgraced furher, but this sacrifice will likely be meaningless.

Corzine is already 10 points behind Republican opponent - and former AG - Chris Christie, who made his name and fame by prosecuting corruption in New Jersey. While Corzine's ads flail away at Christie's ethics, the fact remains it is Christie that launched the probe that took down some of the nation's most corrupt officials, and it is Corzine who has sat back and done nothing as his cronies turned crooks have looted the state and abused the public trust.

To say the party is a bit demoralized today is putting it lightly:

Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who has worked with New Jersey politicians, said dryly, "It's not the best day Jon Corzine ever had."

Politcal analyst Bob Ingle hints at dissension within the party ranks:

No sooner had the photos appeared of the lines of handcuffed people being paraded into the Newark courthouse did rumors spread that some in the Democratic Party apparatus think Corzine should throw in the towel for the sake of the party...

...For those in the party who didn’t like him in the first place, the sweep is an excuse to call for him to move on. For Corzine, the only good news is it is a long time to November.

Is this in fact the end of Corzine's ruinous run as governor of New Jersey? One can only pray that the state's hardcore Democrats can put common sense above ideology...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Jersey Does Corruption Right!

Or perhaps I should say "Left", based on the party affiliations of the New Jersey officials arrested in a corruption and money-laundering scam that has netted at least 44 people (as of now):

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano - Democrat
State Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith - Democrat

State Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt - Republican
Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell - Democrat
Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini - Democrat
Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega - Democrat

Jersey City Council candidate La Vern Webb-Washington - Ran as Independent
Former Assemblyman Louis Manzo - Democrat
Jersey City fire arson investigator Robert Manzo -NA
Jersey City Health Officer Joseph Castagna -NA
Guy Catrillo - Democrat
Lori Serrano - ran on a Democratic mayor's slate last election
Hudson County Official Jimmy King - ran on a Democratic mayor's slate last election

Chairman of Jersey City 9/11 Committee John Guarini - Republican
Jersey City Housing Commissioner Edward Cheatem - No party identification given but donated to $600 to Barack Obama last cycle (assume Democrat)
Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez - Democrat
Strategist Joe Cardwell - Democrat
Political Consultant Jack Shaw - Democrat
Richard Greene - aide to Democrat L. Harvey Smith

Former State Senate Candidate Dennis Jaslo - Independent
Lakewood Housing Inspector Jeffrey Williamson - Democrat
Former Councilman Vincent Tabbachino - Democrat


16 Democrats, 2 Republicans, 2 Independants, and a few n/a's (probably Democrats, in this blue state). Typical.

Feel a bit confused? Maybe because you read
this story, which only identifies the party affiliation of Mr. Van Pelt (R! R!), and helpfully omits the affiliation of all 17 Democrats.

The release from the Attorney General office is
here. Was the brokering of human organs involved? Seems so, based on the charges. No wonder the government wants to get its hands on health care - lots of organs can be harvested from folks denied medical care!

But all kidding aside, the indictments at the link are horrific. Read it all....

And if you're wanting a schadenfreude moment, let's watch the frog-march!

Did Obama "Act Stupidly"?

The president who was supposed to be able to transcend race seems to be unable to transcend race. He spoke out on the brief detention of (black!) Havard professor Henery Louis Gates at his news conference last night:

Though some facts of the case are still in dispute, Obama showed little doubt about who had been wronged.

"I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts – what role race played in that, but I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home," Obama said in response to a question from the Chicago Sun-Times's Lynn Sweet.

Has a president ever before injected himself into a local controversy like this before? Should the president be assuming guilt and the stupidity of others without knowing any of the facts? Is it wise for the president to inflame this situation by injecting race and racism even further into this controversy, instead of trying to defuse it?

And finally, has Obama's stupidity forced the arresting officer into a situation where he can not recieve justice or a fair trial, should he need one? Officer Crowley may very likely be disciplined internally, pursued by politically-minded DA's (remember the Duke Rape Hoax?), or sued by Professor Gates; how will he get a fair hearing or trial in his dark-blue state when their beloved president has already pronounced him "stupid", and essentially a racist?

But justice for people of pallor is not part of Obama's deal. It's about forcing the white/middle class to face justice for all of their preceived racial/economic sins. And the president of the United States has already passed judgement upon you.

Welcome to the land of hope and change.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barack Obama: Fact Check!

Overall, the AP does a decent job of fact-checking the president's health-care hooey, but their curt response on this particular Obama whopper is a classic:

OBAMA: "You haven't seen me out there blaming the Republicans."

THE FACTS: Obama did so in his opening statement, saying, "I've heard that one Republican strategist told his party that even though they may want to compromise, it's better politics to 'go for the kill.' Another Republican senator said that defeating health reform is about 'breaking' me."

Seems like their are some lies that even the MSM can't condone. Hope for us all...

Best Reason to Kill ObamaCare... given by John Stossel in a piece entitled Arrogance:

It's crazy for a group of mere mortals to try to design 15 percent of the U.S. economy. It's even crazier to do it by August.
Yet that is what some members of Congress presume to do. They intend, as the New York Times
puts it, "to reinvent the nation's health care system".

Let that sink in. A handful of people who probably never even ran a small business actually think they can reinvent the health care system.

Politicians and bureaucrats clearly have no idea how complicated markets are. Every day people make countless tradeoffs, in all areas of life, based on subjective value judgments and personal information as they delicately balance their interests, needs and wants. Who is in a better position than they to tailor those choices to best serve their purposes? Yet the politicians believe they can plan the medical market the way you plan a birthday party.

Leave aside how much power the state would have to exercise over us to run the medical system. Suffice it say that if government attempts to control our total medical spending, sooner or later, it will have to control us.

The ObamaCare bill is a beast that should never have been born, and now walks the earth with the power to destroy all that is good and fair in this great nation.

It must be discredited, defeated, and destroyed. Burned to ashes, sprinkled with holy water, then buried in a deep, dark place where its remains can never see the light of day.

Only then will I feel safe.

Make Money Betting Against Barack Obama !

Yeah, I should charge for this, but in the spirit of hope and change, I'll give it away for free...

Confused by the gyrations of the stock market? Never know when to place your investment dollars down? Can't make sense of an see-saw economy?

I'll make it all simple for you. Take a look at this chart (you may need to click the link to see the whole thing - sorry!); the black line on top denotes Obama's approval ratings, while the red line indicates his disapproval status:

Now take a look at this chart - the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the last six months:

Yup - as Obama's approval rating has been dropping, the DOW has been rising! How ironic - the diminishing of a president who holds that socialism is the cure to capitalism's ills actually stimulates the economy better than any spending package ever could!

Imagine how the economy will improve once we get the Demcorats out of power in 2010, and send Obama back to the South Side in 2012. In the meantime, invest and keep your eyes on the polls! Watch your savings grow as Obama and the Demcorats shrink; and should you see a surge in their popularity (and hence their power), pull those dollars out fast and place them in a safe haven until the tide turns again.

It requires some attention, but up until now, it's been foolproof. So go for it.

And thanks, Baracky! You've finally useful in helping the middle class make some money...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Democrats: A Punchline for the Public !

Jeez, it ain't easy being a Democrat these days, trying to defend the indefensible. But they try, and despite the unonditional support of the media, these poor bastards are getting their heads handed to them by a disbelieving public.

Things are especially tough in Missouri, where the residents of the "Show Me" state don't like what they are seeing. Senator Claire McCaskill had her office
call the police on anti-ObamaCare protestors, then was forced to offer an apology afterwards to angry constituents (although it came across as quite half-hearted).

Faring even worse was Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan of Missouri (the Carnahans, since the untimely death of Senator Mel, have become the self-styled Kennedys of the Midwest), who held a forum in St. Louis to explain ObamaCare:

As Carnahan speaks, he is repeatedly laughed at and jeered by the crowd as he says the ObamaCare Plan will actually help reduce health care spending, and that one-half the cost can be paid for by savings the plan will produce. At the end, one member of the audience shouts out to Carnahan, "if it's so good, why doesn't Congress have to be on it!"

Ouch. More here.

And it ain't just Missouri. Let's go to Maryland, where Senator Cardin held a town hall and got kicked in the teeth by an attendee:

Senator Cardin, I want to know are you going to tell me an individual...that I have to buy health care or else you're going to fine me $2,500 every year I don't get it? Our founding fathers assured us we have a Bill of Rights and I want to see you uphold that," Broadus said in an increasingly emotional voice and to scattered applause.

Cardin's response: What's the Bill of Rights?

"I just think the overriding public interest is to require you and everyone in this country to have health insurance," Cardin said.

Let's see how that answer - insurance by threat of jail time - appeals to the American people.

Folks, it's one thing when policies are debated by groups holding different ideals and ideologies. It's another thing when members of the ruling party are mocked as liars and petty tyrants every time they show their face in public. It hasn't happened in this country, not in my memory.

And it's a good thing - especially as the media refuses to play its role in safeguarding the public from flim-flammers posing as actors for the public welfare. Mockery and derision is appropo here, and well deserved.

How will Obama and the Democrats respond? By reacting to the public's concern, or by ramming their policies down our throats? The course they choose will say much about their attitude towards democracy, and the people they govern.

Obama as the new FDR? Oh, you betcha...

Well, yeah, he's going to turn a recession into a decade-long malease, just like 'ol FDR did, via faux populism and class welfare. But we knew that.

Anyway - I've been reading Anthony Beevor's The Fall of Berlin 1945, and I came across this passage on FDR's dealings with the ruthless Josef Stalin, and am finding it to sound...rather familiar:

[General] Eisenhower's political advisor, Robert Murphy, had been told by Roosevelt that "the most important thing was to persuade Russia to trust us". This could not have suited Stalin better...

Roosevelt's claim, "I can handle Stalin", was part of what Murphy acknowledged to be "the all-too-prevelent American theory" that individual friendships can determine national policy...

And we see how that worked out. A bit poorly for us, but even worse for those who spent a half-century under brutal occupation and repression.

Will Obama emulate FDR's Folley? Oh, you better believe it, and like last time, we won't be the only ones who pay...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Romney Defeats Obama !

Well, I guess that'll be the headline on the first Wednesday of November, 2012. At least, if Rasmussen and Drudge are to be believed:

RASMUSSEN 2012 poll (to be) released at 10:30AM ET

Obama 45% Romney 45%

Obama 48% Palin 42%

If Palin, the media's favorite whipping girl, is looking at 42%, things are worse for the Democrats than we are currently being told. Wait until those new budget numbers are eventually released by a quivering White House:

The administration's annual midsummer budget update is sure to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in President Barack Obama's budget in February and update in May, and that could complicate his efforts to get his signature health care and global-warming proposals through Congress.

I am sure the American people will be impressed by the president's attempt at fraudulent accounting, and thus push his poll numbers well out of Sarah Palin's reach....

UPDATE: Rasmussen link is live; plus this little tidbit for "3rd party Sarah" fans:

If Romney secured the GOP nomination and Palin chose to run as an independent candidate, Obama would win the resulting three-way race with 44% of the vote. Romney is the choice of 33% of the voters under that scenario, with Palin a distant third with 16% support. Three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

While I love the idea of an outsider shaking up the system - Lord knows it needs it - I hate the idea of four more years of Barack Obama even more...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

See, this is why I'll never buy a GM vehicle...

It used to be that it was strictly Communist nations who had repeated instances of high-causalty accidents involving public transportation. Seems like this nation has joined those ranks as well. Yesterday's accident on San Francisco's "Muni" (that city's light rail system) is only the most recent:

The crash happened at around 3 p.m. Dozens of passengers were triaged nearby in the southwest part of the city. At least 47 people were taken to three different area hospitals, three in serious condition

Officials say a westbound L-train crashed into a K train that was standing still at the platform. The front of the L train is crushed. Passengers in both trains were hurt.

Let's go back to late June, and the fatal "Metro" crash in Washington DC. Apparently, they still haven't even fixed the problem that caused the "accident" in the first place;

Federal investigators say the signaling system for Metro transit trains continues to fail periodically in the area of Washington, D.C., where a deadly train crash occurred.

But the system had been failing intermittently in the days before and after the June 22 crash, which killed nine people...

(See link below for what may have caused - and is still causing - these fatal signal issues. Hint: Stupidity only the government is capable of)

Don't forget about Los Angeles, September of 2008:

The 2008 Chatsworth train collision occurred at 4:22 on Friday September 12, 2008, when a Union Pacific freight train and a Metrolink commuter train collided head-on in the Chatsworth district of Los Angeles...

Before the collision, the Metrolink train may have run through a red signal before entering a section of single track where the opposing freight train had been given the right of way by the train dispatcher.

This mass casualty event brought a massive emergency response by both the city and county of Los Angeles, but the nature and extent of physical trauma taxed the available resources. With 25 deaths, this became the deadliest accident in Metrolink's history.

There's more of these out there, many just involving one or two fatalities, or perhaps just the operator. Then of course, there's this horror, if commuter ferries are your transport of choice...

What's similar about all of these fatal accidents?

-these transportation systems are at least partially (if not totally) funded by the federal government
-they are controlled by local/state government (if not both)
-they are operated by unionized employees

Remember, this is the model going forward for Obama's America. Control and purse strings held by the government, operation handled by unionized workers, all paid for by taxes and fees from the private sector, who will be unable to hold the former two responsible for any future casualties like the ones listed above.

Any how safe and secure to you think the new vehicles coming off the unionized assembly lines at Government Motors will be, anyway? And how likely do you think it is that design and engineering faults will be covered up rather than exposed and recalled as they are in private sector companies? (see here - was the Metro DC rail crash caused by bogus enviornmentalism?) After all, no one shirks blame better than politicians and union bosses...

Me? I'm leaning towards doing a lot more walking...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Prime-Time "Press Conference" For The Vain One!

Obama knows what the American people need. They need him, and his soaring rhetoric, as fuel for their obese bodies and lazy minds. Too intellectually lacking to understands the wonderful depth and beauty of nationalized medicince, The One will once again grace television screens in prime time to help us see the light:

Perhaps anticipating growing resistance, the president also scheduled a prime-time news conference for Wednesday night.

"Growing resistance"? That's puting it nicely:

Just 35% of U.S. voters now support the creation of a government health insurance company to compete with private health insurers.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 50% of voters oppose setting up a government health insurance company as President Obama and congressional Democrats are now proposing in their health care reform plan. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

Maybe because even the media has recognized that Obama is now making promises that are impossible to keep:

Obama also repeated his pledge that his plan would not add to the federal deficit or deny patients' choices.

"Under our proposals, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story," he said.

That's a pledge, however, beyond Obama's control. His plan leaves companies free to change their health plans in ways that workers may not like or to drop insurance altogether.

Worried that your company might find it cheaper to pay the "penalty tax" than to pay for health insurance, thus forcing you into a public plan managed by Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel?

Don't worry, Obama will clear that silly misconception right out of you head when he takes to the airwaves Wednesday to offer "soothing, calming, introsepctive, intellegent" words that will surely convince you of the rightousness of the man and his cause!

No doubt Obama believes that another night on TV, answering preselected questions from preselected "journalists", will straighten out this silly notion of the American people that they should have control of their family's health care. Of course, his belief in his own greatness is as rooted in reality as his claim that nationalized medicine will somehow save money.

Seems like Obama is succumbing to a disease afflicting all high-profile Democrats: The desire to believe what the mainstream media writes about them. Standing in front of The Wicked Queen's mirror, and asking who is the fairest of them all, is hardly a clear barometer of the beauty of the realm. Reading the newspapers and watching MSNBC is hardly a clear reflection of public opinion either, yet it appears that is where Obama is taking his cues from. Another televised press conference? Sure, why not? The proletariat will eat it up!

Funny, I was always told that this Obama fellow was so much smarter than that...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama's Rouge Gallery

Another day, another hearty handshake for a totalitarian despot. Today's lucky winner is Libya's Mad Muammar Qaddafi:

Funny how comfortable, and enthusiastic, Barack Obama is when embracing some fo the world's most authoritarian rulers. Is he jealous, I wonder? Let's take a look at Obama's rouge's gallary of heary handshakes:

Here with Hugo Chavez - they look so happy together! No wonder Obama is supporting Chavez's puppet president in Houndoras...

And here's our president with Daniel Ortega! A handshake with bonus shoulder clasp! Was this before or after Ortega spent an hour blaming the United States for all the world's ills? Ah, to Obama, it doesn't matter - they're brothers in spirit, don't you know...

And although Revernd Wright only leads a congregation, his anti-Semetic, anti-white, anti-American hyperbole puts him in the same league as the aforementioned dictators. He's Obama's spiritual mentor - need I say more?

What's really interesting is the body language that Obama displays when he's meeting with America's erstwhile allies. Check here for the contrast.

Cold shoulder? More than that...almost a look of hatred in his eyes. Stupid people, believing in democracy and all that crap...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Middle Class in America: "Vanishing"

" That's the problem with being middle-class. Anybody who really cares will abandon you for those who need it more..."

-Mr. Bergstrom's parting remarks, ``Lisa's Substitute''

Well, the poor need looking after - that's the highest form of virtue these days, right? - and the rich have got plenty of money and tax dodges, and so are able to fend for themselves just fine.

And the middle? Well, I don't know if there is anyone who really cares about the middle calss at all these days:

As a result of a sizeable drop in home values, along with over-extended credit and rising unemployment, as many as one in four of the 31 million middle class families are in danger of dropping a rung on the economic ladder...

Families who were frantically patching together a middle class life with both mom and dad in the workforce, using credit cards to cover unexpected bills, home equity as an ATM and a prayer, have run out of buffers against financial calamity.

Economists are sounding alarms because a healthy middle class is crucial for a healthy economy. Middle-class workers - especially the small business owners who serve as the economy's backbone and pay taxes as individuals - contribute billions to federal and state coffers.

"Without a strong middle class, the dream of a sustained economic recovery will turn out to be just that, a dream," said Christian Weller, a senior economist at the Center for American Progress.

Show me a nation without a thriving middle class, and I'll show you a nation that is lawless, corrupt, and mired in poverty.

Not like us under the Obama administration, right?

It's OK. Once cap-and-trade arrives to send energy costs "skyrocketing", and nationalized health insurance raises taxes and limits treatments to save money, and Sonia Sotomayor is in place to make sure that firefighters get denied promotion based on the color of their skin, I am sure that the middle class will recover, and thrive....

If only we keep hoping hard enough.