Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack Obama and Jon Corzine: Ill-Fated Lovers?

Just how far is Barack Obama willing to go in support of New Jersey governor "Crooked Jon" Corzine?

Well, he's willing to lie unashamedly. The contents of this letter from Obama to Corzine supporters contains more than
a few howlers:

The people of New Jersey know the cost of this economic crisis...But in Jon, you have a governor who has built consensus to help families get through it, while putting the state on a path to long-term prosperity.

How is kicking billions of dollars in debt down the road to the next budget " a path to long-term prosperity"? I guess coming from the president who invented the $3 trillion dollar deficit, $20 billion here and there is just chump change...

Jon is a fighter for the middle class. He created a strong economic recovery plan designed to retain and attract business, instituted major reforms to ease unfair property tax burdens across the state, and made critical investments in schools and transportation infrastructure that will leave New Jersey stronger and more competitive in the years to come.

Where the hell do you begin with this crap?
-New Jersey is ranked 50th among the 50 states in "business-friendly enviornment"
-property taxes has increased, not decreased, across his term in office. Even rebates have been suspended.
-yeah, he's invested money in schools - primarily in poorer neighborhoods - only to see it all wasted via theft and inefficiency, while the potential of the children of the middle class goes to waste.

-and what the hell has Corzine done for the middle calss, anyway?
-and how does all this make New Jersey stronger? Again, remember, this comes from the president who claims taxing energy through the roof, and raiding the pockets of the rich, will make America into a stronger and more competitive nation...

Look how closely (:28 second mark) this (insanely weak) video ties Obama and Corzine together:

As Obama's negatives rise and his approval ratings sink, this may become a doomed partnership of a failed model of governing - be it a state or a nation. These guys do belong together, but not for the reason they think. Obama wants America to look like New Jersey...and just look at New Jersey: high taxes, outflows of money and talent, inflow of criminals and corrupt politicians, and illegal immigrants sopping up billions in taxpayer dollars. Who was the biggest architect of the current state of the state? None other than Obama's partner, Jon Corzine.

Listen to Jon Corzine
declare his love for the man who would be king - until it was discovered, less than six months into his realm, that the emperor had no clothes. Corzine may live to regret his passion for Baracky, but at least he will have plenty of time on his hands to do so, once he and his disasterous liberal policies are removed from public service - forever:

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Miranda said...

This just turns my stomach. I don't know how else to say it.