Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor Nomination: Going South?

Looks like Americans may not want to have this "wise Latina woman" on the Supreme Court, despite her assertions that her race makes her more able a judge than a white man.

The polls have done a virtual flip-flop since her weak decision in the "Ricci" case was overruled almost unaminously by the current Court:

Rasmussen’s June 29–30 survey found that support for her confirmation has fallen 8 points, to 37%, while opposition has risen 10 points to 39%.

Women: In the May poll women supported Sotomayor’s confirmation 45% to 24%. Now they oppose it 31% for to 40% against. Feminists take note. That’s a dramatic, and unexpected, 30-point turnaround.

Age 30-39: In May this age group supported her confirmation by a two to one margin (49% to 24%). Now these 30-somethings oppose her promotion to the High Court – only 29% support her now while 47% oppose her – a decisive 43-point negative shift.

Independents: In May, Independents gave Sotomayor about the same level of support as the country as a whole (41% to 29%); now they oppose her by more than a two-to-one margin, 23% to 49%, a 38-point turnaround for the worse.

By race: ... the racial group Rasmussen calls “other” (which presumably includes Hispanics and Asians) supported her 48% to 25% in May but now opposes her confirmation 32% to 43%, a negative swing of 34 points.

Ah, those pesky "voters" - the scourge of liberal domination! No wonder every time Congress convenes, we lose more and more of our rights and freedoms - we are a threat to their power and to their desires, and must be controlled...

Anyway, I digress. Let's give Jennifer Rubin the last scathing word on Sotomayor's failings as a judge, and as a potential Justice:

One is left to conclude that Sotomayor is devoted to certain ideological outcomes, not to the neutral application of law. When helpful to her cause, she goes rooting around for facts, disregarding the applicable standard of review and imposing her own assessment of the evidence, which should properly be left for others to determine. In other instances, when the facts are not helpful, she ignores them. This is activism of the worst kind — unprincipled and unbound to precedent...

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