Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The look of disappointment on this dude's face...

...is worth 10,00 words of blogging.

Trying to bait the charming and beautiful African reporter into saying that the greeting Barack Obama recieved on his recent visit Ghana was simply "unprecedented", he is corrected by our Ghanese correspondent, who reminds him that Bush did it better:

Geez, Don - why the dumbfounded look? Shocked that a reporter won't play the "all hail King Obama" game, or suprised that Obama's popularity might actually be less than W.'s?

Better get used to it, Donny....

Via The Virginian.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. so sad when the usual reporter "O bummer bat" summarizes his opinion and frames it to be answered and appear in complete agreement with his setup.

Then Thwap! He gets an entirely different and opposing reply.. the unexpected mugshot is priceless

His attempt to save it was so Africans great everyone the same ...

Yes hard to believe that president Bush is regarded for doing so much from Africa and at the least that is heartening to hear him spoken of and thanked for that effort..
Must really be a thorn in the lib libido.