Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oh, Sarah....

So Sarah Palin has declared, "We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction'", to quote General O.P. Smith, commander of the First Marine Division, in the Korean War.

There is no shame in retreat, Sarah, especially when the troops are bruised and bloodied, with nary a reinforcement in sight...

What has been done to Sarah Palin is revolting, inexcusable, and horrific. One of the last "regular people" left in politics, she was asked to help on the national stage, and was crucified for it.

After a speech that left the nation swooning and spellbound, the Left and the media knew she had to be stopped, lest the nation take her common-sense populism to heart. So they attacked her with venom and hatred, mocking her accent, her family, her hometown, and her family, displaying their ugly hypocricy by throwing all of their sacred PC rules into the gutter in order to destroy a young woman who they percieved to be a threat. Teenage children became the subject of scorn, disabled babies showered with hatred, and a proud woman was dehuminized on a daily basis.

It was a rape, plain and simple, with the media and the Democrats taking turns on top, while Dave Letterman narrated the action for laughs.

From an earlier post:

For some reason, when liberals see a Sarah Palin or a Carrie Prejean, the impulse immediately is for the lowest road possible: not to engage them, but to defile them. Not to prove them wrong, but to humiliate them in the vilest way possible. The immediate, insatiable urge of the Left is to wreck a female adversary so completely that no one can look at them the same way; so that anyone who sees their victim will see the marks on them and turn away in disgust or openly mock with rightous venom, and to hopefully so emotionally destroy their female "enemies" that their self-esteem is ravaged, and they slink away from public life, alone and ashamed.

There's a word for this type of assault. Rape.

Yes, the assault isn't physical, but the thought process behind the rapes of Palin and Prejean are identical to that of the common street rapist: To defile, degrade, humiliate, embarrass, and make themselves feel better in the process. A broken victim is what each hopes to obtain, and neither stops the assault until the surrender is complete.

Well, I guess the rapists are spent down, and perhaps Sarah will get a respite....

Sorry we let you down, Sarah Palin. And let's hope you meant to channel General Douglass MacArthur, and that you will return...

Update: The media smears continue:

In Alaska, she saw her popularity wane this year after returning from the presidential campaign. She's become a polarizing figure, and multiple ethics complaints have been filed against her with the state personnel board.

She has higher approval ratings than Obama, *ssholes. And who made her "polarizing", anyway? And about those "ethics" complaints - all politically motivated. Where's the criticism?

The media as a pathetic rapist, defending their actions...

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n said...

congrats, you're the least-informed person on the internet... :) if this post was a joke, i'd applaud you, but uh.. yeah. it's not.