Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Who's House? Thomas Friedman's House! "

(..sung to the beat of Run-DMC's "Run's House")

Thomas Freidman writes about why we don't pay enough for energy:

Just as A.I.G. sold insurance derivatives at prices that did not reflect the real costs and the real risks of massive defaults (for which we the taxpayers ended up paying the difference), oil companies, coal companies and electric utilities today are selling energy products at prices that do not reflect the real costs to the environment and real risks of disruptive climate change (so future taxpayers will end up paying the difference).

...And this is also why we need a tax on carbon....

Thomas Friedman on who's gonna pay:

...we need a climate bailout along with our economic bailout.

“Finally,” said Harvey, “we need a price on carbon.” Polluting the atmosphere can’t be free.

These are the pillars of a climate bailout. Yes, some have upfront costs.

When in doubt, follow those in economic bankruptcy:

California’s energy-efficient building and appliance codes now save Californians $6 billion per year...

And on a somewhat related note, here's a photo of Thomas Freidman's "house":

Nice. Funny, I don't see any hybrids parked out front. Nice swimming pool, though. Huge. Must use a ton of electricity to keep that thing heated. After all, I'm not seeing any solar panels anywhere, unless you got a windmall in the woods or something. And hey - are those cabanas next to your pool? Guess this way nobody has to walk to your house to use one of your 19 bathrooms...

One question though, Mr. Friedman...if saving the enviornment is really that important, why don't you, you know...downsize a bit? I understand the maids and servants need quarters, but unless you have a dozen kids and three wives, did you really need to clear out so much forest to build yourself an energy-sucking palatial estate?

Unless, of are expecting me to pay for it - me, who can barely afford my ever-increasing property taxes - and me to do penance for your guilt?

Hey, I got an idea! Let me spend some time over at your place, thinking it over...

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