Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christie Crushing Corzine, Minorites Backing Republican?

So how's the policy of riding Barack Obama's coat-tails working out for you, Governor Corzine?

....not so good, you say? Gee, so sorry to hear it:

Public Policy Polling’s monthly look at the race for Governor of New Jersey finds Republican Chris Christie leading incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine 50-36. That 14 point lead is up from 10 at the end of June.

Christie has a 54-26 lead among independents, and holds Corzine to just 64% of the Democratic vote, while receiving 86% from within his own party.

Now this is interesting:

One area where Corzine particularly has some work to do is among minority groups that are usually supportive of Democratic candidates. Even though 92% of blacks in the state approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, only 64% of them are currently saying they’ll vote for Corzine. And while 67% of Hispanics approve of Obama, they’re currently going for Christie by a margin of 50-33.

Lots of interesting stuff within the results here ; note this poll was skewed 56%-44% female, who tend to lean more Democratic as a gender. Things could be worse then they seem, Jonny Boy...

Later today we'll see Obama's numbers in the Garden State. We'll also see how smart is was for Corzine to tie himself to Obama's fate. New Jersey is socialism writ small, Barack Obama is Socialism, with a capital "S".

And if it turns out that folks don't want to be socialists? Well, then Corzine tied his carriage to a sinking ship rather than what he thought was a rising star.

Wouldn't be his first misjudgement.

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