Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make Money Betting Against Barack Obama !

Yeah, I should charge for this, but in the spirit of hope and change, I'll give it away for free...

Confused by the gyrations of the stock market? Never know when to place your investment dollars down? Can't make sense of an see-saw economy?

I'll make it all simple for you. Take a look at this chart (you may need to click the link to see the whole thing - sorry!); the black line on top denotes Obama's approval ratings, while the red line indicates his disapproval status:

Now take a look at this chart - the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the last six months:

Yup - as Obama's approval rating has been dropping, the DOW has been rising! How ironic - the diminishing of a president who holds that socialism is the cure to capitalism's ills actually stimulates the economy better than any spending package ever could!

Imagine how the economy will improve once we get the Demcorats out of power in 2010, and send Obama back to the South Side in 2012. In the meantime, invest and keep your eyes on the polls! Watch your savings grow as Obama and the Demcorats shrink; and should you see a surge in their popularity (and hence their power), pull those dollars out fast and place them in a safe haven until the tide turns again.

It requires some attention, but up until now, it's been foolproof. So go for it.

And thanks, Baracky! You've finally useful in helping the middle class make some money...

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