Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama, Media Pop Smoke... order to disorient and distract the citizenry from the freefall of the economy and the transformation of our nation into a socialist/authoritarian lite state.

While unemployment keeps rising, the stock market keeps falling, and those alleged "green shoots" now turning brown and decaying as a nation turns against cap & trade and nationalized health, what does an ambitious young Marxist and his allies in the media do?

Pop smoke.

Notice, after being absent for months, George Bush, Dick Cheny, and "torture" has suddenly made a big comback on the front pages. How convenient.

Holder considering torture probe

...Attorney General Eric Holder may push forward with a criminal investigation into the Bush administration's harsh interrogation practices used on suspected terrorists.
Holder is considering whether to appoint a prosecutor and will make a final decision within the next few weeks...

Don't believe for a moment this is being done without Obama's consent. Chicago politics don't work that way. More:

Cheney told CIA not to discuss program

Former Vice President Dick Cheney directed the CIA eight years ago not to inform Congress about a nascent counterterrorism program that CIA Director Leon Panetta terminated in June, officials with direct knowledge of the matter said Saturday....

Cheney played a central role in overseeing the Bush administration's surveillance program that was the subject of an inspectors general report this past week.

So let's blow some smoke and make a big deal about whether to prosecute the past presidential adminstration, while the economy flails even further under cover, and hey - while all that smoke's still drifting and billowing, maybe we can nationalized healthcare and pass through that massive energy tax we need to pay for all of the earmarks we're funding. Can't count on a celebrity dying every day, can we?

The media obligingly plays along, instead of questioning the motivation and the timing of a political prosecution. Not an independant mind left in that profession, apparently...Obama's the piped piper of economic ruin, and the media are his children, danicing away with him, and urging us all to commit sucide together...

(Incidentally, the Obama adminstration should be aware that prosecuting a previous administration for the crime of protecting a nation under attack is quite the double-edged blade. After all, our current president has danced on the edge of the law with some frequency - think the threats made to automotive, banking, and health care officials - and one would hate to see the Republican congress/president putting Obama into the stockades in 2012 for racketeering and other violations of the RICO act...)

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