Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Prime-Time "Press Conference" For The Vain One!

Obama knows what the American people need. They need him, and his soaring rhetoric, as fuel for their obese bodies and lazy minds. Too intellectually lacking to understands the wonderful depth and beauty of nationalized medicince, The One will once again grace television screens in prime time to help us see the light:

Perhaps anticipating growing resistance, the president also scheduled a prime-time news conference for Wednesday night.

"Growing resistance"? That's puting it nicely:

Just 35% of U.S. voters now support the creation of a government health insurance company to compete with private health insurers.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 50% of voters oppose setting up a government health insurance company as President Obama and congressional Democrats are now proposing in their health care reform plan. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

Maybe because even the media has recognized that Obama is now making promises that are impossible to keep:

Obama also repeated his pledge that his plan would not add to the federal deficit or deny patients' choices.

"Under our proposals, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story," he said.

That's a pledge, however, beyond Obama's control. His plan leaves companies free to change their health plans in ways that workers may not like or to drop insurance altogether.

Worried that your company might find it cheaper to pay the "penalty tax" than to pay for health insurance, thus forcing you into a public plan managed by Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel?

Don't worry, Obama will clear that silly misconception right out of you head when he takes to the airwaves Wednesday to offer "soothing, calming, introsepctive, intellegent" words that will surely convince you of the rightousness of the man and his cause!

No doubt Obama believes that another night on TV, answering preselected questions from preselected "journalists", will straighten out this silly notion of the American people that they should have control of their family's health care. Of course, his belief in his own greatness is as rooted in reality as his claim that nationalized medicine will somehow save money.

Seems like Obama is succumbing to a disease afflicting all high-profile Democrats: The desire to believe what the mainstream media writes about them. Standing in front of The Wicked Queen's mirror, and asking who is the fairest of them all, is hardly a clear barometer of the beauty of the realm. Reading the newspapers and watching MSNBC is hardly a clear reflection of public opinion either, yet it appears that is where Obama is taking his cues from. Another televised press conference? Sure, why not? The proletariat will eat it up!

Funny, I was always told that this Obama fellow was so much smarter than that...

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