Friday, July 31, 2009

Politico: Americans Too F**king Stupid To Understand The Benefits of ObamaCare

Hey - I didn't say it, they did: the health care battle enters a critical phase — with lawmakers about to greet constituents during summer recess — the reality is that the outcome will probably be shaped less by the intelligence of advocates on any side than by the ignorance of most Americans.

It may go too far to say that Americans are too dumb to understand concepts like “bending the cost curve.” Or too preoccupied by “America’s Got Talent” to decide whether “evidence-based medicine” is a euphemism for rationing.

But all sides of the debate are facing the same essential challenge: How to boil down arguments that flummox even veteran legislators into simple appeals that will engage an easily distracted, easily flustered electorate.

Feeling a bit elite today? " It may go too far" to say Americans are too dumb to understand? Which means that it may not go too far to make the same accusation. Or maybe we're not dumb, we're just an immature people, who need "simple appeals" that will sink into our television-watching, channel-flippin, "easily flustered", gun-toting, bible-clutching mush-brains.

But Politico has a strategy to get through to us subhuman megaloids, also known as "American citizens" - Don't ask us to think, it's too much work:

One key: appealing to personal experience rather than intellect, a lesson Democrats learned from the last major health care push in 1993-94 and from the 2004 presidential campaign, when the Democratic candidates failed to break through with a message about the uninsured.
“You don’t want to get into the weeds, because you’ll lose people,” says Jacki Schechner, communications director for Health Care for America Now

Or maybe you'll lose them because they can see the poison ivy in the weeds, where you only see wonkish perfection. Anyway, that's Politco's recommended strategy: Go Orwellian on the masses!

Another problematic term is “universal coverage.” The scope sounds too big and vague for voters to grasp, says Schechner, so a better term is “heath insurance for all.”

Yeah, that's it. Keep it simple to that the rubes can understand it, even if "simple" means "false".

This isn't about fixing the health care system, or closing a gap in the budget - this is about the intellectual elitists jamming a program down our throats that will make them feel much better about themselves, even if we wind up losing our lives for it.

And guess what? We get it, and we oppose it. And that's why the "Mensa Junta" is getting enraged with us, and feels free to call us ignorant, dumb, and simple. It's the rage of children who see they aren't about to get their way.

And like good parents, the American people should not give in to them, but stay stern and strong, so that these little boys and girls hopefully learn a lesson about themselves...


Publius said...

Well? Maybe they are right? But then again they try to have it both ways.

From my point of view, America was stupid enough to elect the current president, so where do you go from there? Maybe that swing vote from middle America is waking up with the 3 trillion dollar hangover, and doing the 'walk of shame' to get back home as soon as possible. Maybe putting on the 'hate Bush' goggles wasn't such a good idea.

Politico think completely different. How could America be smart enough to elect the Mesiah, and then abandon him? Where is their blind faith? Forgive them Obama, they know not what they do.

The JerseyNut said...

It's amazing how quickly the Left turns to angry rhetoric and invective when they can't get their way. Instead of trying to explain health care more thoroughly, they have decided that we aren't convinced because we are too stupid to understand, so it must be dished out to us more simply.

And between themeselves - well, their writers and their readers - they chortle, insult our intelligence, and call us names.

And they wonder why their power is always short-lived.