Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barack Obama: Racist !

Well, of course white cops pick on black folks, even the ones like Officer Crowley, who just happens to be a department diversity specialist. Everyone knows that. Barack Obama know that too, and their are no extenuating circumstances that will permit him to admit otherwise.

He's quite secure in calling the Cambridge police officers who arrested psycho professor Gates "stupid". But it's not about them, or professor Gates - it's about Barack Obama, and Barack Obama finds himself in a heap of hot water. How to fix without compromising his racist principles? Bring in the media! In this case,
Politico,who starts out gently chastising Obama for letting his cards show:

...for a politician who has benefited from his critics' ineptitude with racial language – such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's description of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a "Latina woman racist" – Obama's comments struck an uncharacteristically polarizing note.

Hmm...isn't Judge Sotomayor's description of white men as "less just" then a "wise Latina women" a bit of ineptitude with racial language as well? Well, I'll just point out that she and Obama are on the exact same ideological wavelength, and move on:

Republican pollster Whit Ayres said Obama played his cards Friday right by reaching out to Crowley and responding to a spiraling dispute that was "not consistent with the image of a post-racial America and a post-racial president." ...

The president, however, did not disavow the entirety of his comments on Gates's arrest. Though he massaged some of his specific word choices, Obama stuck by the core of his reaction to the incident in Cambridge, saying he still believes "that there was an overreaction in pulling Professor Gates out of his home, to the station."

And neither Obama nor his press secretary went so far as to issue a direct and literal apology.

Barack Obama will not apologize; he will not admit he was wrong - in fact, he feels quite strongly that his racist knee-jerk reaction was the correct one. He just wants this all to go away, and what better way than to "reach out" to the man he viciously stereotyped in front of 24 million people?

Politico applauds this action as evidence of "post-racial" healing. It is anything but. An apology from the president and an admission that blacks too can be guilty of stereotyping would bring about some healing, but that would require an admission of fallibility from The One, and that's not gonna happen.

Instead we get a smear of feel-goody in an attempt to cover a racial firestorm fanned by a racist president, who is still blindy labeled as a "healer" by his supplicants in the media.

Look familiar? Only if you've lived through the "racial healing" of the Mayorship of one David Dinkins of New York City...


drew458 said...

What, you're expecting a black man to apologize? Come on. And this one? He's never wrong, no matter what.

"I'm sorry" is how to spot the white people. We apologize for everything. Pretty sure there was even a SNL skit based on exactly that.

PC is for white folks. Only.

Post-racial? Not by a long shot. Remember, it's only racism if a white person does it. Otherwise it's a natural reaction based on long experience.

And you ain't seen nothin yet.

Jack Costaine said...

This case is quite simple. Mr. Gates was spotted breaking into a house. A motorist spotted an apparent burglary in progress. Officer Crowley and a black officer were dispatched. Crowley ordered Gates to identify himself which he initially refused to do. Gates became arrogant and made racist comments. The white and the black officers arrested Gates for disorderly conduct.

Gates made predictable accusations that the arrest was racist. Gates, who claims to have a "king" in his lineage said how important and well-known he was and insisted the police should have known he was an important, famous person.

President Obama indicated the arrest was "stupid" although he admitted he knew nothing about it except that the man arrested was black and a friend of his.

The media tried, unsuccessfully, to portray the officer as a racist. However, the events were too obvious to convince the public that the President's views were valid.

This comes on the heels of President Obama nominating Sonia Sotomayer to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ms. Sotomayer is an active member of La Raza. La Raza is Spanish for "The Race."

White Americans, including many Democrat supporters of the President, are deeply concerned about the emerging pattern of racism in this administration.

Jack Costaine

Publius said...

Even though I disagree with his ideaology, I thought the silver lining of this administration was achieving a new level in race relations, in understanding, and in coming together.

Well, so much for that. The President comes out and basically says "We all know what happens when white boys with badges approach non-whites"

Quite possibly the President has proven that racial harmony can never be achieved? It breaks my heart.

UncleTom said...

Mr. Gates needs to get off his high horse and apologize to Mr. Crowley. Crowley was doing his job. To protect and serve. If that "idiot" Gates had only shown his ID, none of this would have happened. At the very least, if he would have shut is mouth, none of this would have happened.

Mr. Obama too needs to get off his high horse and toss out an apology as well. How the hell can you get up and say that you do not have all the facts of the incident at hand, but then go on to make statements such that comes accross as the truth and will reach some 25M people?

If there is any "racism" in this case, it's that Obama and Gates are being racist towards Crowley.

Lisa Hogan said...

Would someone please tell me who the minority is now. If I look at all the blacks, and mixed race blacks that claim black as their heritage just to jump on the "minority" band wagaon(Obama is a very prime example of thissince he's half white), then I fear that the blacks might find that the white people are indeed the minority now and should hold that almighty TRUMP card that they are so unwilling to let go of. Another good point to this argument is-- if the whites are all still racist then apparently Obama got elected strictly by black votes, so there again who's the minority. I do not feel that I am a racist but when I keep getting slapped in the face with it, it does tend to aggrevate and agitate me quite a bit. I am of the opinion that if eveyone would just let sleeping dogs lie then things might tend to get better. However I do not see this happening without some type of government intervention to make the blacks shut up and stand up on their own two feet without a crutch. I also wonder how many times there was reverse discrimination that was just swept under the rug simply because it was to hard to fight.

Lisa Hogan said...

Another thought just occurred to me. Why has no one gotten the black officer's take on the arrest of black Gates by white Crowley. Probably because it puts him betweeen a rock and a hard place; stay true to his heritage and betray his collegues or stay true to his collegues and betray his black heritage. Tough choice huh, unless truth is you driving force.

The JerseyNut said...

Jules Crittendend:

if you are a white male of a certain age in America, you may well have felt the sting of racial or gender discrimination. I don’t mean the belittling stereotypes, the presumption of inherited racism, the insistence that you maintain a deferential attitude, or even little things like men who refuse to look at you or mutually make way as you politely step aside on a narrow sidewalk, as any gentleman would. Those are just irritations. I mean when calling about a job, you’re asked questions like, “Are you black?” and when you have to admit that no, you aren’t, it becomes clear they have nothing for you. Or when you’re told that you’ve been bypassed for promotion by someone junior in experience, your supervisor explains, ”We needed a woman.” How humiliating for all parties involved. Managers usually are smart enough to not say those things, though those are actual utterances. And when you’re on the receiving end, you take it like a man. You keep plugging away, because you have your pride. You aren’t interested in making a federal case out of it, and you know that historically, it’s your time. You have other people’s sins to pay for. Anyway, you don’t want what happens to people who speak up to happen to you. Being accused of being a racist isn’t quite as bad as being accused of being a child molester, but it runs a close second. It is a charge that sticks to you and is almost impossible to defend against.

Full post here:

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