Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tea Party-ing in New Jersey!

Is New Jersey losing some of its deep-blue hue? May be, as Tea Parties broke out statewide yesterday:

Some 2,000 people gathered in Morristown to mark the nation's birth with an old-style political protest as part of nationwide anti-taxation protests fashioned on the Boston Tea Party.

Despite a hot and sunny break from weeks of rain, angry taxpayers skipped the beaches and crammed onto the Morristown Green -- a historical site of revolutionary activity during the Revolutionary War -- to express their frustration with increasing taxes and call for smaller government.

Historical sidenote on "The Green":

General George Washington was headquartered at the Green in Arnold's Tavern during his first encampment in Morristown (January - May, 1777), and was in town again during the winter of 1779-80. As a result, the Green was frequently the center for military and political activities related to the period, and was visited by many of the national military leaders.

Ah, so the blood of the founding patriots does still run in the veins of the residents of New Jersey!

And I just love this:

Rep. Chris Smith, a long-serving Republican congressman representing Central Jersey with a pro-life stance, was attacked just as viciously as Reps. Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, both D-N.J.

Smith is a traitor to conservatives nationwide, one of only eight Republicans to vote for the Democrat's deranged "cap and trade" energy taxation bill. Holt, my "representative", stands up for his heavily-taxed constituents for every new tax scheme/scam dreamed up by Democratic leadership.

And it's good to see Steve Lonegan is still out there, fighting the good fight:

In Jackson, Steve Lonegan, the ex-Bogota mayor who recently lost the GOP gubernatorial nod to former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, and Hank Butehorn, a representative from GOPUSA of NJ, spoke to a crowd estimated at more than 800 people gathered in John F. Johnson Memorial Park.

More protests:

In Middletown, Assemblyman Sam Thompson and Holmdel Committeeman Alan Bateman, who was defeated by Rep. Rush Holt at the polls, spoke outside One Arin Park in Middletown...

Is "revolutionary" fever in the air in New Jersey? Can't say yet, but there are plenty of reasons to believe "Crooked Jon" Corzine is soiling his panties right around now...

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Miranda said...

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing this! We had a really great turnout in Charlotte, too!