Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Obama Effect" - A net negative on all he touches!

Well, the polls are in on Obama's ability to help Jon Corzine win another four-year term, and keep the hope of socialism alive. Interesting numbers, although why Public Policy Polling chose to throw a Christie/Palin question in there is beyond me - she's not president, just an exiled governor, and there's a world of difference between the two.


...The numbers on an Obama visit aren’t much better- 32% said that his coming to the state earlier this month made them less likely to vote for Corzine while only 18% said it made them more inclined to support him.

So The Obama Effect is a net poll loss of 14%? Curious to see how Obama would help/hurt in other, similar races - Virginia governor, for one. Still, based on these numbers, I would love to see Baracky make multiple visits to New Jersey! Maybe he could explain why he wants to take the system that destroyed the state of New Jersey (and California) nationwide...

Looks like other Garden State Democrats are suffering as well:

New Jersey’s Senate delegation continues to get pretty low marks from voters in the state. Frank Lautenberg has a 40% approval rating, with 41% disapproving. For Bob Menendez (D -La Raza) it’s only 29% approving with 40% disapproving.

For Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants), who's built his whole career on his Hispanic surname and racial politics, the breakdown of his approval/disapproval is quite interesting:

Menendez Approval
Overall Hispanic White Black Other
Approve 29%
30% 26% 46% 22%
Disapprove 40% 35% 45% 15% 38%
Not Sure 31% 35% 29% 38% 41%

Like Corzine, Menendez (D-Cubans) has decent support among blacks, but is losing whites badly and is now in negative territory with the Hispanic population he panders to so relentlessly. Maybe they see themselves as more American than Hispanic via their surnames? Oh my, what's a racialist to do?

Best line of the day:

How desperate and embarrassing are those Obama-Corzine lawn signs? If I was Obama, I would tell Corzine to take my name off the next batch of signs.

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wildman said...

Corzine has taken the red pill and stepped into an alternate reality. Today he blamed the corruption on not having enough consolidation of the towns. If consolidation is the answer, why is the state government in such lousy shape? The primary reason we have this scenario is that there are too many rulles and regulations to comply with to get anything done. whats even more galling is the same guys who took the money are the same one who write the regulations. makes me sick that we keep voting in the same jerks in year after year. We need to purge the voter registrations of illegals and the dead to make sure these folks dont get re-elected. we are going to see vote fraud on a massive scale in november.