Monday, July 06, 2009

Obama to Offer Unilateral Surrender in Russia?

Interesting that finally, some of Obama's work at Columbia has been unearthed, just as he's touching down in the former Soviet Union. Even more interesting is the content of this piece, written by Young Barack, on the "arms race" of the 1980's:

Generally, the narrow focus of the [Nuclear] Freeze movement as well as academic discussions of first versus second strike capabilities, suit the military-industrial interests, as they continue adding to their billion dollar erector sets. When Peter Tosh sings that "everybody's asking for peace, but nobody's asking for justice," one is forced to wonder whether disarmament or arms control issues, severed from economic and political issues, might be another instance of focusing on the symptoms of a problem instead of the disease itself....

Yeah, OK, Peter Tosh is a deeper thinker than Ronald Regan. Right. Just what you would expect from an apparently insecure college boy who strives to be percieved as an intellectual...


Mr. Obama’s journalistic voice was edgy with disdain for what he called “the relentless, often silent spread of militarism in the country” amid “the growing threat of war.” The two groups, he wrote, “visualizing the possibilities of destruction and grasping the tendencies of distorted national priorities, are throwing their weight into shifting America off the dead-end track.”

Immature thinking can be excused in a college student. But there is no indication that any of his worldviews have changed one iota, from his "spread the wealth" snark to his obliviousness on how the economy works to his disasterous Russian "reset" button.

More immaturity: If The One walks off a cliff, others will follow:

“It’s na├»ve for us to think,” he said, “that we can grow our nuclear stockpiles, the Russians continue to grow their nuclear stockpiles, and our allies grow their nuclear stockpiles, and that in that environment we’re going to be able to pressure countries like Iran and North Korea not to pursue nuclear weapons themselves.”

Just like the way the world will tax themselves to death over climate change after they see us wither and die...

Some, ah, "feedback" from various sources:

“This is dangerous, wishful thinking,” Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona...

President Obama, like college student Obama, still fails to grasp the moral and political dimensions of the struggle we are involved in, still lacks any appreciation for the nature of totalitarian despots and of the motives compelling them to seek nuclear weapons. He is still fixated on the notion that weakness can resolve international threats. Unfortunately, the consequences for student Obama were not potentially fatal to his country. The reality is different today.

If the implications were not so serious, the discrepancy between Mr. Obama’s plans and real-world conditions would be hilarious,” said Frank J. Gaffney Jr., a Reagan-era Pentagon official who directs the Center for Security Policy, a private group in Washington. “There is only one country on earth that Team Obama can absolutely, positively denuclearize: Ours.”

And he's about to. Prepare to commit suicide for Obama's twisted worldview. We are the ones Obama has been waiting for - to die for his beliefs, so that he may live and have legitimacy.

Seems like we are about to get a 21st century Judas kiss....

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