Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama to New York Cops: Drop Dead

New York City. The capital of the world, the capital of capitalism, the target of multiple terrorist attacks and twisted plots, with over 3,000 victims of said plots in the last decade alone.

Eight million residents, probabaly more, consisting of every race, creed, and class represented on the planet. And one police force to serve and protect them all. A police force that has turned a third-world city into the class act of the civilized world, despite a barrage of insults from liberal and race-baiting lawmakers who consider arresting folks for commiting crimes to be "tyranny".

Over the last 16 years (post-Dinkins), our Republican mayors have done all they could to keep the force intact, while at the same time not destroying the city's budget. And now, when Wall Street revenues are falling - along with tax reciepts across the board - and the city reaches out to Washington for a helping hand to keep its world-class force intact, what happens?

Barack Obama and the Democrats spit in it:

New York has been squeezed out of any of the $1 billion economic-stimulus money to help cities avoid laying off cops.
The reason?
We are not worthy, the Justice Department declared.

The department figures the most deserving cities are facing serious budgetary problems and fighting high crime rates.
New York has a low crime rate, big police force and stable budget, the feds reasoned.

All due to hard work and conservative fiscal policies. Wonder what corrupt cities on the verge of fiscal disaster - Detroit, Newark, Chicago - are getting for their underworked and overpaid police forces?

Hey, you guys voted for this. Remember, socialism always punishes success and rewards unproductivity:

"To punish our Police Department because they have driven down crime with fewer resources shows the backwards incentive system that is sometimes at work in Washington," Mayor Bloomberg said.
"Denying that funding because New Yorkers have already dug into their pockets to maintain our city's sound fiscal stewardship and pay for our exceptional policing doesn't make sense."

Some of New York's Finest are understandably irked:

In precincts around the city, cops were fuming.

"If New York City is not getting any, there's something wrong with how they're divvying up the stimulus package -- absolutely," said one detective.

"He's not George Bush," the detective said of President Obama.

"But he apparently doesn't think much of New York City."

Doesn't seem like Barack Obama like police officers very much at all. First the blasting of Officer Crowley of Caimbridge for simply doing his job, now the screwing of NYC cops for doing their job - too well.

But maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps if you're a minority cop in a city that's falling to pieces and beset with crime and fiscal ineptitude, Obama may lend you a helping hand. But only until you start to succeed and act responsibly - then you're back on Obama's, and the Democrats, sh*t list...


Miranda said...

I'm surprised at this. Since NYC is such a left-leaning city, and BHO will be dependent upon its support in the next election, I would think his administration would have given them plenty of stimulus. On the other hand, my small conservative town got $600,000 for a roundabout on an unpopulated country road. I assumed that's because it's in an Obamacrat's district, but you'd think NYC would qualify, too.

The JerseyNut said...

I guess Barack figures he's got NYC locked up regardless of what he does.

Maybe...but we have had sixteen years of Republican mayors and conservative policies since our own "hope & changer", David Dinkens, almost destroyed the city.

So who knows?