Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jersey Corruption Figure Found Dead: Murder or Suicide?


Jack Shaw, a Jersey City political consultant who was among 44 people charged in a federal corruption probe, has died.

Two officials with knowledge of the investigation said Shaw was found at home with several bottles of pills nearby. One of the officials said Shaw, 61, had an unspecified medical condition, and authorities are not jumping to conclusions about the cause of his death.

Shaw was charged with taking $10,000 from Solomon Dwek, an FBI informant posing as a real estate developer, and proposing Dwek make another $10,000 payment to a Jersey City official.
Shaw was a longtime political lieutenant for former Governor Jim Florio, joining his camp while Florio was still in Congress, before becoming an operative for the Hudson County Democrats around 1991.

Remember, this is the Soprano state. Did Shaw actually swallow those pills, or where they, ahem, found lodged in this throat?

Or did Shaw simply realize that if he sung for the Feds he'd get whacked for sure, and if he didn't he'd wind up facing hard time? Did Shaw then decide his best move was just to get out now, before things got even worse?

As the People's State of New Jersey disintergrates, the diehard believers are falling on their swords - or being bisected by them...

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