Thursday, July 30, 2009

If ObamaCare works as well as "Cash For Clunkers"...

...then I'm gonna quite my job and go to mortuary school, because the corpses will pile up like cordwood.

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You think the government can run health care? They can't even figure out the used car business:

....dealers reported problems with the government's online system to get the transactions approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is running the program.

Scott Lambert, vice president of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association, said he was "astounded" to learn at a meeting Tuesday representing about 150 Minnesota dealers that not one has had a deal approved.

"We had dealers representing 1,500 to 2,000 transactions," he said. "We asked how many had a deal approved yet, and not one hand went up."

Lambert said the government has created a program that's "so big and cumbersome that it can't find a way to accept anything. We're sending in good, reliable deals."

It's nerve-racking for the dealers, he said, because they have given the customer $4,500 and now the dealers need to be reimbursed.

So what happens when doctors aren't getting reimbursed, and decide to take cash-only? Or when you need emergency surgery, but are told it will take 4-6 weeks to get government approval?

But don't worry. I am sure the
trillion-dollar health care industry, once managed by Barack Obama and pals, will be nowhere near as "big and cumbersome" as the one needed to run a mere $1 billion dollar used-car company....

Update: Well, gee, that was fast - a mere 12 hours later, and this finely-honed government-managed program
has gone to sh*t:

The government plans to suspend its popular "cash for clunkers" program amid concerns it could quickly use up the $1 billion in rebates for new car purchases, congressional officials said Thursday.

A White House official said later that officials were assessing the situation facing the popular program but auto dealers and consumers should have confidence that transactions under the program that already have taken place would be honored

I feel safer already....

And talk about mismanagement:

A survey of 2,000 dealers by the National Automobile Dealers Association found about 25,000 deals had not yet been approved by NHTSA, or nearly 13 trades per store. It raised concerns that with about 23,000 dealers taking part in the program, auto dealers may already have surpassed the 250,000 vehicle sales funded by the $1 billion program.

"There's a significant backlog of 'cash for clunkers' deals that make us question how much funding is still available in the program," said Bailey Wood, a spokesman for the dealers association.

"Backlogs", and "questions of funding", huh? Bet we'll never hear those words applies to government-run heath care...right?

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