Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Show of Strength at the U.N.!

Barack Obama has, as promised, outsourced most of America's security concerns to the United Nations. So let's take quick look at how this august body is handling the rouge nation-state of North Korea, whose saber-rattling gets louder by the day, as they construct warhead-capable missles with a range that takes them closer and closer to Hawaii...
So - shortly after the American ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said that the Security Council was working on a resolution “with teeth that will bite in North Korea,” the Kim regime shot off a bunch of new and exciting missles.

Did the UN bare their newfound teeth?

Well...they “condemned” the launch.

Not quite sure if that's gonna leave a tooth mark, though.

But apparently the UN is less concerned about missile launches and more concerned that some unilateral "cowboy" nation might decide to finally take matters into their own hands:

The council appealed to all countries in the region to refrain from “any action” that could escalate tensions...

Yes, because after all, their repeated condemnations are working! Maybe! Just ask the Japanese ambassador to the UN:

“I think the DPRK is getting the message,” said Japan’s ambassador, Yukio Takasu, referring to North Korea’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. “We hope they will stop launching missiles eventually.”

The UN "thinks"and "hopes" that "eventually" the Norks (sorry, we refuse to kowtow to Kim Jong Il and use their handpicked name for their slave state) will stop firing rockets towards the US and Japan.

And who knows, Mr. Takasu may be eventually proven right. The Norks may stop launching missiles, but not because of a sharply-worded letter written by a committee of appeasers.

No, the last missile to be fired will likely be one that lands in Hawaii, or somewhere in Southern California....

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