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Obama killed Osama: Strategy Fail

From an unscientific internet poll on the left-leaning

And coming up next at the #Fail network: "Forward"!

....I knew that sounded awfully familiar. From Wikipedia: 

 Vorwärts (“Forward”) was the central organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany published daily in Berlin from 1891 to 1933 by decision of the party’s Halle Congress, as the successor of Berliner Volksblatt, founded in 1884. 

 Friedrich Engels and Kurt Tucholsky both wrote for Vorwärts. It backed the Russian Marxist economists and then, after the split in the Party, the Mensheviks. It published articles by Leon Trotsky, but would not publish any by Vladimir Lenin. . . 

 Vorwaerts lives on today as the house organ of Germany’s leftist SPD; you can read all about its illustrious history here (in German). And if you don’t think David Axelrod doesn’t know this, you really ought to think again.

A variation on Mao's "Great Leap Forward", perhaps?

All #Fail, all the time...!

George Takei Is An Idiot

Yeah, I know, how can I be so mean?  Mr. Sulu is funny, witty, a pop-culture internet sensation, and oh-so-delightfully gay!

But like most liberals, he has anger issues, and he displaces most of them upon American conservatives, who have little if nothing to do with him and his myriad of issues.

Takei writes what would be a moving piece about his - and his family's -  imprisonment in Japanese internment camps in Arkansas and California shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Takei goes on to describe the horrific conditions and the cruel injustice of the camps, and how they tore apart families and communities.

Fine and good.  Takei speaks of the 70th anniversary of those dark days, and he is a good spokesman for the cause.  But what struck me is that within the entire piece, he does not once mention the name of the man who ordered Japanese-Americans to be marched from their homes and into squalid camps: FDR.

He does mention the name of one politician, though:

President Ronald Reagan only reluctantly signed the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. It expressed regret for the injustice and paid a token redress of $20,000 to those survivors still alive. My father had already passed away in 1979, never to know of the apology or receive the redress money.

"Reluctantly"?  There is no record of Reagan being reluctant to sign this bill.  Takei can only imagine Reagan as most liberals of the time saw him - as a simpleton, a warmonger, and a rabid conservative - and so makes an assumption about his mindset that has no factual or historical basis.

Kyle Smith goes further:

So Reagan’s alleged state of mind is more worthy of note than the name of the man who put Takei and his family in prison. The one political figure Takei singles out for his wrath, the man we should despise for all this is the one president who apologized and made partial amends for the outrage.

Can I make an assumption about Takei's mindset?  He cannot criticize FDR, the lion of the Left whose name is still spoken with reverence, regardless of the hate crimes he committed against Takei and his family.  Frustrated, he lashes out at the one man who said, "I'm sorry", unloading his repressed rage and hostility upon an acceptable (by the Left), if entirely innocent, target.

I'm sorry about what happened to you and your family, George.  I'm sorry your hero treated you so shabbily.  And I understand you must harbor feelings of rage and resentment that I cannot hope to understand.

But when you attack with vengeance the one man who offered you his hand, sympathy dips a bit, I'm sorry to say.  And while I can fairly say that you and your family were mistreated by FDR and his government, I can also say this:

For a grown man, you're a puerile little bitch.  And an idiot to boot...

Yahoo! Tells Us: In 2012, Cool Über Alles!

Forget about soaring gas prices, creeping inflation, real unemployment of close to 15%, a national debt reaching unimaginable numbers, a social safety net in danger of shredding under it underfunded burden, and a world sinking into chaos.

According to Yahoo!, none of this matters. The 2012 election will be decided based upon whose party has the coolest candidate. And you know who that is...


VP contenders help Romney fill cool gap

The reflected glow of Republican stars means buzz for Romney during a lull in the campaign action. The famously square presumptive GOP nominee may just find the right campaign formula in the process...

The veepstakes action comes as something remarkable is happening in the campaign: The Romney campaign appears ready to cede the likability argument to President Obama.

Strange too, how Yahoo! leaves out a key word in a key part of their article.  Screenshot, in case they eventually edit (click to enlarge):

Just can't get that phrase - "don't vote for him" (as in Obama)  - out of your proverbial mouths, can you, Yahoo?

Somewhere, Freud nods his head sagely.  And hear in America, the foundations of the Republic crumble, while its would-be guardians argue over who's "cooler"...

(more of my beefs with Yahoo's slanted news service here here,  here and here...)

In Which I Forgot What A Douche Jimmy Fallon Is...

You know, it's not just the fact he lent Barack Obama a campaign appearance on his late night show - one that may, in fact, be in violation of federal election law. Or that his "slow jam" with Obama may be the most undignified moment ever for a sitting American president (at least George H. Bush vomited on the Japanese Emperor or whomever by accident; the Fallon debacle is the equivalent of Obama forcing his finger down his throat).

No, it's not because Fallon made me cringe as he fawned over the president like a star-struck schoolboy, ready to shine his shoes with a toothbrush - lodged between his teeth  - should Obama have asked (is that type of obvious subservience really the new "cool"?)

It was when I was reminded of how Fallon treated a different politician, that I achieved enlightenment, and realized: Holy shit, this Fallon guy is a real Grade A douchebag:

Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," issued an apology Tuesday night to Republican Presidential contender Michele Bachmann after a snippet of a controversial song was performed by the show's band as she took the stage.

As Bachmann strode on to the NBC stage for Fallon's late-night show, the program's band, led by Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called "Lyin' Ass Bitch."

How big of a prick is Fallon? Bad enough he behaves childishly and boorishly, and mean-spirit, towards a well-intentioned female guest (what? A Democrat mistreating a woman? No!), but what happens when a real "lyin-ass bitch" comes onto his show?

Why, he drops to his knees and sucks him off. Without even really understanding why he's doing it. Who thinks he's rebel-cool, even when on all fours before the wing-tips of power.

What a douche. What a typical Hollywood liberal douche.

Karma, Jimmy, karma.  Mistreating women and licking the balls of the president will get you far among the liberal elite, but not among the population at large, who will effectively determine your career trajectory.

And for some, the embrace of The One has not been a Midas touch, but more of the Kiss of Death.

Just ask Oprah Winfrey.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The White House Correspondents Dinner: Talk About Whores...

What a distasteful event.  We already know the media has betrayed the Founder's dream of an independent press that would hold the powerful to account, do they really need an annual party celebrating their disloyalty to the American people?

Ilana Mercer:

During the sickening specter, some of the most pretentious, worthless people in the country—in politics, journalism and entertainment—get together to revel in their ability to petition and curry favor with one another, usually to the detriment of the rest of us. The annual pimping of the office is nothing new.

Like nothing else, the annual White House correspondents’ dinner is a mark of corrupt politics. The un-watchful dogs of the media have no business frolicking with the president and his minions. This is co-optation. 


....the most powerful elements of our nation's DC press corps are all "on the same team" as the people they cover (politicians) and the people they idolize (celebrities). This is called the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, and it is the single most revolting annual gathering of pseudojournalistic cocksuckery in all the land.

This is not just any segment of the working press, enjoying a night out. This is the DC press corps, which has arguably the most important job in American journalism: informing the public about the activities of its government, and serving as a strong and omnipresent check on the government's power. Great to know that our fearless watchdogs are busy swilling wine with the people they are supposed to be covering and introducing them to their wives and posing for pictures with Mila Kunis.

And the hosts never fail to deliver the mean-spirited sense of humor that liberals are famous for.  2009 had Wanda Sykes praying for Rush Limbaugh's death; Jimmy Kimmel picked up the theme last night:

Kimmel defended fellow comedian Bill Maher in a bit about Rush Limbaugh.

"Just to clear things this up for the extreme right wingers, here's the difference between Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh," Kimmel explained. "The people who watch Bill Maher know he's an ---hole."

And just to clear things up for the extreme left wingers at last night's "Dinner": You guys are whores, selling your soul to suck political/celebrity dick.  And your johns know it.  Remember what Obama said to you at the same event, again back in 2009?

Most of you covered me. All of you voted for me.

Yeah, it's funny 'cause it's true...

Umpire Jeff Kellogg Now MLB's Leading Tackler... he brought down this unruly fan with a from-behind NFL-style tackle:

Short clip:

One has to figure that Kellogg is a conservative - refusing to stand around waiting for someone else to help, disgusted at watching a lawbreaker sully the field without sanction, he took matters into his own hands, literally.

It's what conservatives do, I suppose.  And what to liberals do?  They write snarky, cheap-shot opinions from the bench, then scurry away.  Lke Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen, slipping this bit of catcalling into a decision:

...Truth be told, the answer to the general question “What does ‘not an’ mean?” is “It depends”: The meaning of the phrase turns on its context...Not an” sometimes means “not any,” in the way Novo claims. If your spouse tells you he is late because he “did not take a cab,” you will infer that he took no cab at all (but took the bus instead). And if a sports-fan friend bemoans that “the New York Mets do not have a chance of winning the World Series,” you will gather that the team has no chance whatsoever (because they have no hitting).

Cheap shot, your honor.  Next time, take off your robe, head to Citi Field, and boo out loud.  I hear there are still plenty of seats available...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Bin Laden Raid: Obama Once Again Taking Credit For Someone Else's Work?

When it goes right, all credit and praise be upon He, Barack Hussein Obama, the one who has brought us out of the darkness and into the light.

When it goes wrong, it is everyone else's fault...but usually George W. Bush, the Republican Party, or Big Oil is usually to blame.

But so hungry for is The One to develop a Midas-touch mythology, that he's developed a nasty habit of taking credit for successes that don't have the remotely anything to do with him. You'd almost think he invented shale drilling, or passed this 25 year old government program, or is in favor of building pipelines, if you listen to Obama pat himself on the back for these "success stories".

But he may have gone a bit too far with his recent campaign ads congratulating himself for killing Osama Bin Laden, while claiming Mitt Romney would have been too much of a pussy to do the same thing.  For the more information that comes out about the day Bin Laden died, the more it seems that Obama, as with everything else in the presidency, was only peripherally involved, at best.

As reported by Big Peace, Time magazine has obtained a memo written by Leon Panetta, then-director of the Central Intelligence Agency and now-Secretary of Defense, that says "operational decision-making and control" was really in the hands of William McRaven, a three-star admiral and former Navy SEAL.

"The timing, operational decision-making and control are in Adm. McRaven's hands," the memo says. "The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the president. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the president for his consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and, if he is not there, to get out."

In other words, it was McRaven's call to pull the trigger or not on the raid.

Obama watching the raid from a position best described as "on the outside"...

Our brave president had already built in a "blame factor" if the raid went askew:

The Panetta memo, rather than presenting a profile in courage, says "approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the president." This left enough wiggle room to blame the operation planners and controllers if the raid had gone as wrong as President Jimmy Carter's famous failure to rescue American hostages held by Iran. This memo left room for the blame for another "Blackhawk Down" snafu to be blamed on anyone and everyone but President Obama.

Luckily, operational control was in McRaven's hands, and the planning, execution and decision-making were virtually flawless...

...and not in Obama's hands, where he would still be in the process of picking a blue-ribbon committee to weigh the options available.

Surprised Time would even run this story, as the MSMS's default position in news reporting is not primarily the need to inform the public, but first and foremost how any one piece of information may affect the re-election fortunes of Barack Obama. But this story is bigger than one man - yes, even you, Mr. President - and the truth will come out sooner rather than later this time.

Might turn out that the Osama raid may just be one more thing Obama will not be able to run on this fall...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Did Elizabeth Warren Exploit Native Americans For Her Own Gain?

Hey - they couldn't have built those teepees without her help!  Well, wait a second...

This story has so many ironies, I don't even know where to begin:

Elizabeth Warren’s avowed Native American heritage — which the candidate rarely if ever discusses on the campaign trail — was once touted by embattled Harvard Law School officials who cited her claim as proof of their faculty’s diversity.

Warren’s claim, which surfaced yesterday after a Herald inquiry, put the candidate in an awkward position as campaign aides last night scrambled but failed to produce documents proving her family lineage. Aides said the tales of Warren’s Cherokee and Delaware tribe ancestors have been passed down through family lore.

Like most Americans, Elizabeth learned of her heritage through conversations with her grandparents, her parents, and her aunts and uncles,” said Warren’s strategist Kyle Sullivan.

Grew up tracking buffalo through the Plains, made her millions in Reservation casinos?

The Ivy League law school prominently touted Warren’s Native American background, however, in an effort to bolster their diversity hiring record in the ’90s as the school came under heavy fire for a faculty that was then predominantly white and male.

Christopher Child, a genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society, traced back Warren’s family to her great-grandfather on her mother’s side and couldn’t find any proof of Native American heritage....

 Chris, don't waste your time. So desperate was Warren to deny her whiteness and be a minority, any kind of minority, that she stole herself some native American heritage and claimed it as her own. One doubts she would even have the gratitude to often the poor bastards some colored glass beads and (disease-free) blankets...

Was this a way for our precious little 1%-er to quicken her movement up the faculty ladder at a grateful university, who could claim her as Indian AND female, and thus kill two politically correct birds with one sacred stone?

Or was she so dying to be one of the oppressed - so that she could "legitimately" claim oppression, and claim to speak on behalf of those "oppressed" - that she created a new identity for herself?

Was it a way, perhaps, to secure that sweet interest -free loan that Harvard gave her?

Or did she really just want to be cool?

Somehow, I don't believe that even the people of Taxachusetts are going to fall for this old Indian woman.   I think by speaking with forked tongue, Elizabeth Warren is in heap of big trouble...

Democratic War On Women Continues Unabated

Via Instapundit 

Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate calls the mother of his child a “crazy slut.”

Yeah, respect for moms, and all that...

Ann Althouse:

Meanwhile, Edwards still lives "in a sprawling house on about 100 acres with two of his children, Emma Claire, 13, and Jack, 11." Their mother is dead. Their dad faces 30 years in prison for letting friends help him hide his adulterous affair from the public.

Nobody cares.

See why liberals are so adamant that all women get free birth control?  The other option is winding up like John Edwards - being responsible for people you brought into the world.  You can accept that responsibility, but that's something only dumb Republicans do.  Smart liberals direct their women to the nearest abortion clinic, and should they decide to make another "choice" with their bodies, lash out at them with puerile rage, resentment, and undisguised hostility.

And why does "nobody care"?  Because the men in the mainstream media like to treat women, well, "liberally", so to speak.  And the women in the media, so fearful of ending up alone - like so many of their 40 -something friends on the Upper West Side -  accept this twisted value system as a way to ensure companionship (and to avoid being ostracized by the in-crowd).

And so this second-class treatment of women by the Left is imprinted into the nation's consciousness as "normal" by a media who benefits from it.  And who suffers?

Anyone ever touched, apparently, by John Edwards.  Ask Rieille.  Or ask John's children how their dad's philosophy is working out for them...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Resolved: Barack Obama Is The Coolest...

No matter what Mitt Romney does, he will never be as "cool" as Barack Hussein Obama...

...and he shouldn't even try.

Mitt's got two options: One. remember that cool doesn't carry the cache that it did when "The Fonz" was riding his motorcycle, and that equal respect is given to the capitalist egghead:


The new hot....

That's Justin Timberlake, donning a nerd ensemble, and being hotly pursued by the extremely hot Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher"...


Or, he can simply remind America what "cool" has gotten us in the last 3.5 years:

- 10k dead in Syria, how cool is that? 
– Iran about to have the makings of a nuclear weapon, how awesome is that?
– Islamists on the march throughout the Arab world, how rockin’ is that?
– Russia’s return to dictatorship, how sweet is that? 
– Al Qaeda taking over Yemen, how wicked is that?

May I recommend a campaign slogan for Mitt 2012?

Keep the cool.  We'll bring the competence...

May resonate better than a slow-jam on a low-rated, late-night talk show...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama's Influences: Krugman, Sullivan, & Stewart...

You want to know why the president has gone off the deep Left end of the cliff in his desperate attempt to get re-elected?  Look no further than what he reads, and which minds he praises.  From an interview in Rolling Stone:

Obama did offer lavish praise  for a couple liberal pundits--Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, the New York Times's Paul Krugman, and Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan. "I don't watch a lot of TV news," said Obama. "I don't watch cable at all. I like The Daily Show, so sometimes if I'm home late at night, I'll catch snippets of that. I think Jon Stewart's brilliant. It's amazing to me the degree to which he's able to cut through a bunch of the nonsense – for young people in particular, where I think he ends up having more credibility than a lot of more conventional news programs do."

The president said he reads every single New York Times columnist, and that liberal economist and columnist Paul Krugman "[is] obviously one of the smartest economic reporters out there."

Obama went on to say that he does "read some of the conservative columnists, just to get a sense of where those arguments are going," but he didn't single out any conservative commentators for praise.

He added, "There are a handful of blogs, Andrew Sullivan's on the Daily Beast being an example, that combine thoughtful analysis with a sampling of lots of essays that are out there. The New Yorker and The Atlantic still do terrific work.

Paul fucking Krugman? Really??? And Andrew Sullivan, anti-Israel to the point of virtual anti-semitism, who spent the better part of 2008-2009 with his nose up Sarah Palin's uterus? And Jon Stewart, Mr. Clown Nose himself, is...brilliant?

 If you've thought the president's campaign seemed a bit irrational, and his polices incoherent and illogical, now you know why.

 He's taking his intellectual cues from the New York Times op-ed pages and from Comedy Central.

 Not that there's a significant difference.

Krugman, Sully, and Stewie...

Did Michelle Obama Orchestrate The Attack On Ann Romney?

Well, it would certainly be within character.  Michelle has shown herself to be jealous of her position, and she sure ani't gonna be usurped by some rich white bitch.

Plus, this is being reported by the National Enquirer, which was the first and for a long time only outlet to report on the dirty deeds of Democratic superstar John Edwards.  And if you think the MSM went overboard in protecting him, how far would they go to protect their beloved Moochelle?

So -after the dust-up between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney, Michelle dutifully tapped out some Twitter support for stay at home moms, but:

...behind the scenes, her fingerprints were all over the scandal, said an inside source.

“Michelle had her claws out to get Ann, but it quickly backfired and Barack was livid when he heard she had secretly directed the attack,” said the source... “But even though Michelle was the instigator, the political grenade blew up in the president’s face.”

The White House also caught heat when it was revealed Rosen had been a guest there 35 times – three times more often than Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

 Michelle thought Rosen, an out-of-the-closet lesbian and close pal, could be their attack dog, but she miscalculated badly by going after stay-at-home moms,” said the source.

“Behind the scenes, Michelle has vented that she worked hard as a lawyer in addition to being a mom. She also made jokes about Ann Romney ‘working at leading a rich lifestyle,’...

“Michelle is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her husband in the White House. She’s learned politics is a dirty business. It’s only a matter of time before she comes up with another plan to go after Ann.”

The fact that Wonkette nervously mocks the NI story without trying to refute it makes it all the more believable to me....

So what will Michelle come up with next?  We may have to stop comparing her to Marie Antoinette....and instead, perhaps, to...Lady MacBeth?

Analysts see in the character of Lady Macbeth the conflict between femininity and masculinity, as they are impressed in cultural norms. Lady Macbeth suppresses her instincts toward compassion, motherhood, and fragility — associated with femininity — in favour of ambition, ruthlessness, and the singleminded pursuit of power...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama Plans To Halt Genocide With...A Blue-Ribbon Panel

God help us, may we never again elect a Harvard professor to the presidency again.  Syria is slaughtering its own people, the Palestinians wage ceaseless warfare against the Jews, the Middle East is being cleansed of its Christians, Africa is wracked with asymmetrical battle waged by thuggish warlords, and Barack Obama offers the world... the Atrocities Prevention Board.

No, really.  And to give it that inarguable Obama feel, it's being head up by Samantha Power, an anti-semite to the bone, who has recommended the military occupation of Israel to protect those poor, innocent Palestinians. Her goal is to “coordinate action across the entire government on stopping genocide and liaise with the NGO community.”

Yeah, NGO's. They've always loved Israel.  Why do I feel Obama's new board will be not unlike the UN's Human Rights Council, no more than a daily kangaroo court before which Israel is tried and convicted on a daily basis?  Hmmm...maybe Sam's verdicts will give Obama that flexibility he needs in order to create that, ahem, "space" between the United States and Israel?  Especially in his second term?

Here's Powers a few years back, ranting on about the Cheney/Halliburton/Israeli axis of evil:

Another longstanding foreign policy flaw is the degree to which special interests dictate the way in which the “national interest” as a whole is defined and pursued. Look at the degree to which Halliburton and several of the private security and contracting firms invested in the 2004 political campaigns and received very lucrative contracts in the aftermath of the U.S. takeover of Iraq. Also, America’s important historic relationship with Israel has often led foreign policy decision-makers to defer reflexively to Israeli security assessments, and to replicate Israeli tactics, which, as the war in Lebanon last summer demonstrated, can turn out to be counter-productive.

So how do we think this panel is going to work out?  Well, at the Holocaust Museum the other day, Eli Weisel asked some not-so-rhetorical questions:

"So in this place we may ask: Have we learned anything from it? If so, how is it that Assad is still in power? How is it that the No. 1 Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad is still a president?

Obama's spoke to this in his speech shortly following:

When Obama spoke about Syria, he said the United States would continue increasing diplomatic, political, and economic pressure on the Assad regime, but said the U.S. commitment to end atrocities "does not mean we intervene militarily every time there is an injustice in the world."

"The Syrian people have not given up, which is why we cannot give up. So with partners and allies we will keep increasing the pressure so that those who stick with Assad know that they are making a losing bet."

The Weekly Standard translates liberal-speak for us:

This comment perhaps unintentionally suggests that, if only the Syrian people would give up, then the administration would be off the hook. Certainly White House policy is in line with this interpretation...

Oh, just you wait until Samantha Power sends the NGO's into Damascus.  That'll show 'em...!

Does Twitter Want America To Fail?

Apparently.  They seemed to have suspended the account of "Americans for Limited Government" yesterday without an explanation.

Well, without an explanation to @LimitGovt or to us. But this video gone viral - which starkly presents the case for how liberal policies will unmake America - is reason enough, as far as Twitter founder (and Obama-maniac) Jack Dorsey is concerned:

I see a Twitter post about a half-hour old from @LimitGovt, but it leads to a dead link.  Not sure if they are truly back or not.

Was the account suspension done by Dorsey himself, the little lefties who operate Twitter, or even more menacingly...was it done in response to a request  from the Obama campaign, or even the White House itself?

I can't back that accusation up.  But knowing how this administration is so sensitive to criticisms - denying credentials to critical reporters, its clumsy attempts to ban FOX news, wanting to dictate coverage and spin, and possibly even forcing Ford ads off the air - is it really that unlikely that after seeing this video, and understanding the danger it represented to their governing philosophy, that Administration officials would make  the call to Twitter and demanded that @LimitGovt be "disappeared"?

Twitter likes to be known as a way for populations to organize and share information about tyrannical regimes, and to aid in their overthrow.  Everywhere except in the Untied States, apparently, where Twitter apparently will gladly help stifle voices of dissent if it can  help its own dubious allies stay in power...

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Media's Sins of Omission, And Dr. Zaius...

Two glaring examples of hwo what they do not cover is as significant as what they do cover.  Professor Jacobson on the nomination of Mia Love in Utah:

Mia B. Love won a historic nomination at the Utah Republican convention on Saturday to run for Congress in the newly-created 4th Congressional District.

Love was the first black woman elected mayor in Utah’s history, is the first black woman nominated for Congress in Utah, and if elected to Congress, would be the first black Republican congresswoman. I’m almost positive that she would be the first person of Haitian descent elected to Congress. I’m sure if I looked hard enough, I could find some other firsts.

...given the mainstream media obsession with ethnic/racial/gender firsts, I figured I’d search the leading national newspapers and wire services, which surely would be touting this black Republican conservative female first.

Here’s what I found:...Nada

Some people with dark skin are more historic than others. And besides, there's the narrative to consider - Democrats are inclusive, Republicans are racists. Now you would think around this time there would be an enterprising journalist who would bust the paradigm wide open, but there isn't. More on why later...but let's look at another omission first. Glenn Reynolds reprints a reader email on the revolting Jon Corzine:

Considering the almost total lack of interest by the media in John Corzine, I’m guessing there must have been a “Keep rockin’” memo sent out on the topic that I missed. Maybe it was circulated through the double secret son-of-Journolist.
Is there any doubt that if a Republican president had a close adviser (and bundler) that presided over the disappearance of $1.2 billion of other people’s money that there would be a media feeding frenzy? With extravagant coverage day after day. I guess the media is on a diet. And only Republicans are worthy of a feast.

This is the worse of the two evils as it has done extensive damage to the consumer's confidence in the markets:

Professional financial market activity is also way down these days. The drop in volumes is damning...the Chinese-style theft of customer account capital by John Corzine and JP Morgan is the last nail in the coffin. The economics of investing make little sense, and even if you can thread the needle of profitability, you risk having your property seized by regime buddies..."

But some regime buddies are more evil than others. Just ask Dick Cheney. But let's revisit our question above - where is our journalist looking to blow the lid off of Obama fundraising by a man who looted billions from the private sector and appears to be getting off scott-free?

He doesn't exist. He can't be allowed to. Victor Davis Hanson:

What is going on? Two things, really. One, the media believes that the noble ends justify the tawdry means. So if it is a choice between emphasizing the latest Obama embarrassment by digging into the scary Fast and Furious, the “millions of green jobs” Solyndra insider giveaways, the Secret Service decadence, the GSA buffoonery, and the work while getting food stamps con in Washington OR endangering Obamacare and by extension “the children,” or the war to eliminate autism, or the right to breath clean air–well, why would one ever wish to derail all that by weakening a landmark progressive and his enlightened agenda?

 Or for you more cynical readers, why would you wish to enervate the present comfortable culture in Washington in which the press and politics are at last one?

 If I could make one fictional character to make emblematic of the mainstream media, it would be Dr. Zaius from the Planet of the Apes fame (circa 1968, thank you). He holds two government posts, as it were - Minister of Science, in charge of advancing ape knowledge, and Chief Defender of the Faith. So what does Dr. Zaius do after he enters the cavern where he sees evidence that human beings once ruled their world – a fact that repudiated nearly every religious tenant set forth within the ape's Sacred Scrolls?

Why, he blew up the cave, of course.

ZIRA  But the proof? The doll? 
ZAIUS In a few minutes there will be no doll. There can't be. I'm sorry. 

LUCIUS  Dr. Zaius, this is inexcusable! Why must knowledge stand still? What about the future? 
ZAIUS  I may just have saved it for you.

The media? They -like Zaius - know what is best...for them: Narrative status quo.  They believe it will save the future.  So -  like Zaius - they are dynamiting the truth, making it vanish, so that their doctrine, their Faith, the Great God Liberalism, will continue to advance unhindered

Maybe The Democrats Don't Want To Dig Up The Sins Of The Great-Grandfathers After All...

You've probably seen this nasty bit of religious intolerance from Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (D, of course), as reported in the Daily Beast:

While discussing swing states, Schweitzer said Romney would have a “tall order to position Hispanics to vote for him,” and I replied that was mildly ironic since Mitt’s father was born in Mexico, giving the clan a nominal claim to being Hispanic. Schweitzer replied that it is “kinda ironic given that his family came from a polygamy commune in Mexico, but then he’d have to talk about his family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico, given the gender discrepancy.” Women, he said, are “not great fans of polygamy, 86 percent were not great fans of polygamy. I am not alleging by any stretch that Romney is a polygamist and approves of [the] polygamy lifestyle, but his father was born into [a] polygamy commune in Mexico.”

Turns out that regardless of where Mitt's dad was born, the last polygamist in Romney's lineage was one Helaman Pratt, who was marrying multiple women back in the 1870's.  Of course, president Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have too look back that far up his family tree - his own father married his mother while he was still legally married back in Kenya. Twice as nice, baby!

Kevin D. Williamson notes that assigning the sins of the grandfathers - not to mention great-grandfathers - may not be an especially judicious idea:

Does Governor Schweitzer really want to go down that road? His own ancestors are ethnic Germans from Ukraine. What were they like in the nineteenth century? Germans in Ukraine were not especially nice to Jews in those days. The governor’s father fought in World War II — but what was his great grandfather like?

Somewhere, a shaken Schweitzer is working himself up into a hypocritical stance of denial and finger-pointing (just kidding - he's actually doubled down on his stupidity!)

Democrats, having no record to run on, will campaign on fear, hate, bigotry, and distortions of the truth for as long as they can - anything to avoid taking ownership of the horrific mess they've made.  But the clock is running fast on this meme, as one Democratic distraction after another has - shall we say - gone to the dogs...?

But if the Democrats want to make an issue of what Mitt Romney great-grandfather was doing back in the 1870's, well...maybe we should make an issue out of what the Democrats were doing back around the same time:

You wanna go there, bitches?  No?  Then STFU, and fast...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gee, Yahoo! turned into a subsidiary of the Daily Kos so gradually that I almost didn't notice... what greets us today on the Yahoo! homepage?

Romney is gonna push grandma off a cliff and spent the savings on a new war, but don't worry, it doesn't matter anyway - swing-state voters are turning to Obama, who's got an insurmountable lead where it counts - in cold, hard, purely legal cash.  And that pesky Secret Service scandal? Hey - it's not like those hookers were teenage girls or what's the problem?

Yahoo! as the Daily Kos?  Yahoo! as blatant pro-administration propaganda? Or Yahoo! as opiate for the (justifiably) agitated liberal masses?

Pick your poison.  But whatever Yahoo! is, I'll tell you what it ain't:  News....

(more of my beefs with Yahoo's slanted news service here,  here and here...)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The "Living Wage" Destroys The Bronx

November, 2010:

A developer offered to build a $300 million mall at the Kingsbridge Armory, using $50million in tax subsidies, but balked at Diaz's demand that all future jobs there pay $10 an hour or more, which would have made the project uneconomical. So Diaz got council members to nix the project. And goodbye 2,200 jobs.

Bronx BP Ruben Diaz, who Gov.-elect Cuomo tapped for his transition team yesterday, was delighted that folks would go jobless, even as unemployment in The Bronx was 13.1 percent. "The notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies," he boasted.

Unemployment at that time was a devestating 13.2%. So did Diaz's plan of denying jobs to his constituents wind up helping to reduce the unemployment rate? Ask a stupid question...

The Bronx is close to achieving a record no one wants — its highest unemployment rate on record.

The latest state Labor Department statistics show that 14.1 percent of the borough’s workforce didn’t have a job in February, the highest level in 19 years and just shy of the worst showing since the stats were compiled in 1990. It was also, by far, the highest rate of any of the state’s 62 counties — even outpacing economically depressed areas of upstate New York.

And among the five boroughs, The Bronx far surpassed Brooklyn, which came in second-highest in the city at 10.8 percent.

One would think that the preponderance of evidence that the imposition of a so-called "living wage" becomes a virtual death sentence for the economy involved would make an impact on liberal descion makers, correct?

Ask a stupid question...

Alarming as the numbers were, they created barely a ripple in city government, where the City Council yesterday released a “living wage” bill that will force companies receiving $1 million or more in city subsidies to pay employees at least $11.50 an hour, or $10 with benefits.

Take a look at The Bronx. The results of a generation of Democratic representation? A physical and spiritual desert:

 Let's end with a joke:

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr....said that he’s now doing everything possible to create work for his needy constituents.

No doubt.  Just like Obama is doing everything he can to lower gas prices - by denying the drilling permits, by thwarting the Keystone Pipeline, and by letting loose the rabid dogs of the EPA...

Friday, April 20, 2012

"The Kinder, Gentler Christie Is Before You Every Day...' sayeth the man, as he laughs off (media-driven) concerns about his gruff image:

(His final "Keep quiet, Ingle!" refers to this particular member of the media.  Christie is a happy warrior, if nothing else.  And note the shout-outs to his wife, Mary Pat.  More on that later...)

Here he laughingly defends himself against a baseless accusation claiming he fell asleep at a Bruce Springsteen concert:

I previously mentioned Chris Christie's repeated references to his wife.  Note his comfort with the ladies in the video above. His policy chief, Deborah Grammicione, is brought to the stage as a "character witness", as she apparently went to the concert with Christie.  He's flanked on the left by another female member of his cabinet as well.

And his loving relationship with his mother is well known:

All I'm saying is...there's a reason that this guy out-polls the generic Republican brand among women in New Jersey (although they still call it a "gap".  Hmmm...).

And I know a certain guy who may be able to do with his help...

Will Arizona Democrats Send An Anti-Semite To Congress?

Oh, probably.  The mask slipped off the facade of the Democratic party the day they rammed through the incredibly unpopular ObamaCare bill, and with every passing day Barack seems less and less inclined to hide his socialistic, authoritarian tendencies and go all-in with hatred, fear, and division.  The anti-semtisim, well - he's been pretty open with that for a while now, but none are so blind as those who would not see.

(see here for Obama's love of Honduran anti-Semites, click here to see him honoring European anti-Semites, over here we have him trying to name Jew-haters to key administration posts, and please let's not forget his 20-year association with the Reverend of Hate, Jeremiah Wright, to whom Jew-baiting was a regular Sunday sport. Some nice photos here with a whole assemblage of Jew-haters.  And this is just a small sample, not even getting into his loathing of one Benjamin Netanyahu...)

So Kyrsten Sinema - her real name, I assume, and not her porn star nom de plume - is just the natural type of fitly weed that would rise up from the fertilizer spread by Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats. Running for The Party’s nomination for a new congressional district in Arizona,  The Washington Free Beacon has her resume of hate:

Sinema’s foray into anti-Israel activism began in the early 2000s when she organized for the Arizona Alliance for Peace and Justice (AAPJ), a group whose members have denounced Israel’s “disproportionate” use of “violence and oppression.”

 Sinema later urged supporters of the AAPJ to deluge the phone lines of a radio show hosted by “an unapologetic unconditional supporter of Israeli policy.” To this day, AAPJ continues to take a hardline stance against Israel, aligning itself with the far left Occupy AIPAC movement and sponsoring various speeches “against the Israeli occupation.”

Another of Sinema’s progeny is Local to Global Justice, a grassroots advocacy group that has positioned itself as one of Arizona’s leading critics of the Jewish state. In February 2004, the group brought the anti-Israel bus tour Wheels of Justice to Tempe—a junket that the Anti-Defamation League described as “distinctly anti-Israel.” The AAPJ cosponsored the event. Like the AAPJ, Local to Global Justice has continued to sponsor events singling out Israel for undue criticism.

Sinema’s headshot remains displayed on the group’s website.

The dance of the Jew-haters...

 The organization has advocated in favor of the Palestinian “right of return,” a policy that critics say would all but destroy Israel’s Jewish character. In addition to playing a principal role in these far left, Israel bashing outfits, Sinema formerly served as a spokesman for Women in Black, an anti-war group that was founded in part to support Palestinians during the Intifada.

It says volumes that the Democratic party would vomit up such a candidate.  It says volumes about the people who make up the party faithful that they would allow her to get that nomination.  And should she get elected - almost a certainty in this district - it will be interesting to see how she is received by her fellow Democratic congressmen, not to mention the media, who looks for extremism under the bed of every conservative but seems...less inclined, shall we say, to do the same for liberals.

The openly bisexual Sinema with ally Janet Napolitano, now head of Homeland Security.  Great place to synchronize the roundup of der Juden...

These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. … That’s bullshit. I mean, what the fuck are we really talking about here?”

Sinema is disgusting.  But then again, so is the political party she represents...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liberals Sure Do Like Their Women...Chained them, for as long as they keep their looks, anyway. Or to their desks, earning big bucks, so that leftist men can pursue more noble pursuits.  Like other women.  Or to their ideology, which permits liberal men to have all the commitment-free sex they want.  But mostly, liberal men want their women chained to birth control, so that no one is forced into adult "responsibility" that would end the bacchanalian party a moment to soon.

Newsweek - perhaps the media publication that reflects best the inner immature working of the liberal mind - lets their dirty little secret out, most likely in the belief that all right-thinking individuals think as they do.

Misogyny? Or just the liberal Democratic rape-gang on the rampage?

Ladies, make no mistake:  This is how the Left sees you.  Working to support them, and ready to be stripped, blindfolded, tied up, and fucked like an animal when you come home.

It's out there now.  Don't say they didn't warn you...

Argentina Nationalizes YPF Oil While Obama's Entourage Parties On... a different time, a South American leader would not leave a regional conference attended by the American president in order to commit an act of radical socialism next door. But Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner seems to have sized up Barack Obama pretty well.  Or set him up pretty well.  Or, judging by the picture, used her good looks to sucker a naive, immature boy pretty well:

President Kirchner revealed another reason she returned to Buenos Aires: to announce the nationalization of the Argentine oil company, YPF, whose majority stakeholder is the Spanish energy firm, Repsol.
The move has infuriated Repsol and Spanish officials, and raised concerns that this may be the first of many expropriations of privately run companies inArgentina, putting the government on the path toward a Hugo Chávez-type model of state control over key resources. 
Once you start expropriating you don’t know where it will stop,” says Boris Segura, an analyst at the New York investment bank Nomura. “Mrs. Kirchner is now running close to Mr. Chávez’s model,” Segura says....

Or maybe she juts took a look at what the American delegation in Columbia was doing and figured it would be like taking candy from a baby.

Why not?  Looking around, Christina sees the "Secretary of Partying Down":

President Sex Probe:

And his private guard, the Secret Service, getting some...secret service (updated with pictures of Dania Londono Suarez, the young lady of the evening who didn't get paid for an honest night's work. Lie in bed with Democrats, wake up...used, and broke):

(not a call girl, but a former Secret Service employee.  And the difference is...)

And once Hillary, Barack and their entourage pulled their collective tongues out of the collective asses of the local sex workers, they released a statement about the oil seizure that sounded came from people distracted by  having their tongue up a hooker's ass:

We are following developments on this issue. We are not currently aware of any WTO complaints related to this issue,” the State Department said. 

Then, leading from behind after Spain vowed a “forceful” response, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to toughen up: “Having an open market is a preferable model..."

That's a pretty low bar for checking off the box next to  "registered a protest", even for a government employee like HRC.  But our best and brightest have whores and drugs to attend to - on the taxpayer dime - and concern about the crumbling of freedom and capitalism in a neighbor state would be such a buzzkill...

...And Somewhere, A POTUS Soils Himself....

Stocks drop on weak economic data

 Initial jobless claims drop less than predicted. Gauge of manufacturing activity in the mid-Atlantic region falls. Sales of existing homes decline.

"Hoof-beats of Four Horseman of the Apocalypse heard in the distance....?"

Only to the keen of ear.  Our president's, alas, are made of tin:

...the number of first-time requests for jobless benefits fell by 2,000 to 386,000 during the week ended April 14 from a revised 388,000 in the previous week. Economists had expected claims to drop by 10,000 to 370,000 from the originally reported 380,000, according to economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters. The four-week moving average was 374,750, an increase of 5,500 from the previous week's 369,250.

The National Association of Realtors said an annual rate of 4.48 million existing homes were sold in March, down 2.6% from 4.6 million in February. That's less than the 4.62 million economists had projected, according to Thomson Reuters.

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank said its gauge of manufacturing activity in the mid-Atlantic region fell to 8.5 in April from 12.5 in March...

Why Hillary Left Bill At Home This Time....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chris Christie: A Republican Succeeding Wildly In A Blue State...

Another day, another positive poll for Chris Christie.  Although not as bodacious as last week's powerhouse, paraphrase Meat Loaf,  51% ain't bad:

Currently, Governor Christie earns a 51% approve to 35% disapprove job rating among all Garden State residents. Among registered voters, his rating stands at 50% approve to 38% disapprove

Since the 2012 elections has been decreed by Obama and the media to be all about women (what's an "economy"?), maybe Mitt Romney needs to gain 200 pounds. Or start learning to "talk Jersey":

Currently, 59% of men approve of Gov. Christie while 28% disapprove. Among women, approval stands at 43% and disapproval at 42%.

So while there is a "gap", women are evenly split on Christie while the dudes feel overwhelming he represents. You can win a lot of elections with those numbers...

And with these:

 ...his standing among public worker households has improved to 44% approve and 43% disapprove – up from 32% to 61% just a few months ago.

So Chris Christie has a huge lead among men, and a plurality among women and union households. But I'll bet all that negative ad spending by the teacher's union has at least created an exploitable weak spot, right?


He also does well on education. Nearly 4-in-10 grade him an A (13%) or B (24%) compared to 3-in-10 who say he deserves a D (14%) or F (16%). This marks the first time in Gov. Christie’s tenure where more New Jerseyans give him a positive rather than a negative grade on school improvement.

How does he do it, in a state where the Democratic party has a 600,000 registration advantage and the populace is saturated with hardcore liberal media, from the New York Times to the Newark Star Ledger? Another poll response may provide the answer:

Gov. Christie gets his best grades in the area of controlling costs and cutting waste. Nearly half the public give the governor a positive grade of A (18%) or B (29%), while just one-in-five give him a poor grade of D (11%) or F (10%).

Note to Mitt Romney: Don't get caught up in mommy wars or where you parked the dog or whatever smoke Obama and/or the media try to pop. Stay focused on the basics - better economy, cutting waste (GSA, anyone?), and limiting taxes. Obama and company will look like buffoons with their pathetic bread & circus sideshows, and it won't just be the independents who will swing your way (they approve of Christie 54%-218%, BTW), but you'll also be credited with re-discovering the lost species of political animal one known as the Reagan Democrat.

UPDATE: Poll numbers look even better when the sample is considered:

 36% Dem 
 22% Rep 
 42% Ind

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Liberal Woman of Genius #3: Jeffrey Neely

But wait...Jeffery....isn't that a....

Well, watch this video of GSA regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely running away from reporters after invoking the 5th amendment at a House hearing yesterday, then trying to hide in an elevator, and then tell me what you think his gender is:

If you are going to claim that these actions are somehow those of a man, well...isn't that even worse?

 Told you this would be a continuing series...

(Via I Hate The Media)

Real Liberal Woman Of Genius #2: Roseanne Barr

It is interesting to see who speaks for women in the Democratic party and among the liberal intelligentsia..  First, of course, you have Hilary Rosen - a true Washington playa and one-half of a serious lesbian power couple (with notorious American Federation of Teachers honcho Randi Weingarten) -  who believes herself to be arbiter of what does, and what does not, qualify as women's "work".  And who now has her back?  Perhaps one of the most repulsive anti-Semitic liberals in all of Hollywood:  Roseanne Barr.

Writing - appropriately - in the Daily Beast:

Mrs. Mitt Romney claims to have worked her toned ass off, raising five Romney males all on her own, as privileged wives often do—but, no, Ann, I call bullshit on your Big Mama story, girlfriend. 99 percent of rich people, they are oblivious to those women who do work outside the home.

 The picture of Ann Romney “manning” the phone banks in front of a campaign poster that reads “Mitt Romney is good for business” tells me all I need to know about her contributions to her family, her church, and her country—convincing other privileged white women that defeating feminism is necessary to save the confederacy of dunces called the GOP, which steals bread from the mouths of widows and orphans and workers’ retirement funds as it congratulates itself for dismantling all that social-safety-net, entitlement, nanny-state load of socialist insurrection and places that money instead into private hands, so that the filthy working sluts can’t get any of it for their selfish selves...


This will be a continuing series, by the way.  If the "woman's vote" is to be such an issue in election year 2012, I think it is fair that we clearly delineate exactly who the Left believes to be "real women".

We already know, fortunately, how the Left believes women should be treated.

As whores.