Monday, April 30, 2012

In Which I Forgot What A Douche Jimmy Fallon Is...

You know, it's not just the fact he lent Barack Obama a campaign appearance on his late night show - one that may, in fact, be in violation of federal election law. Or that his "slow jam" with Obama may be the most undignified moment ever for a sitting American president (at least George H. Bush vomited on the Japanese Emperor or whomever by accident; the Fallon debacle is the equivalent of Obama forcing his finger down his throat).

No, it's not because Fallon made me cringe as he fawned over the president like a star-struck schoolboy, ready to shine his shoes with a toothbrush - lodged between his teeth  - should Obama have asked (is that type of obvious subservience really the new "cool"?)

It was when I was reminded of how Fallon treated a different politician, that I achieved enlightenment, and realized: Holy shit, this Fallon guy is a real Grade A douchebag:

Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," issued an apology Tuesday night to Republican Presidential contender Michele Bachmann after a snippet of a controversial song was performed by the show's band as she took the stage.

As Bachmann strode on to the NBC stage for Fallon's late-night show, the program's band, led by Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called "Lyin' Ass Bitch."

How big of a prick is Fallon? Bad enough he behaves childishly and boorishly, and mean-spirit, towards a well-intentioned female guest (what? A Democrat mistreating a woman? No!), but what happens when a real "lyin-ass bitch" comes onto his show?

Why, he drops to his knees and sucks him off. Without even really understanding why he's doing it. Who thinks he's rebel-cool, even when on all fours before the wing-tips of power.

What a douche. What a typical Hollywood liberal douche.

Karma, Jimmy, karma.  Mistreating women and licking the balls of the president will get you far among the liberal elite, but not among the population at large, who will effectively determine your career trajectory.

And for some, the embrace of The One has not been a Midas touch, but more of the Kiss of Death.

Just ask Oprah Winfrey.


jack said...

I think a more spot on example would be Arsenio Hall during the 1992 election cycle who blew Bill Clinton and badmouthed GHWB. I still turn the tv if I see him on.

Anonymous said...

totally agree

samsmutt said...

He's a COMPLETE dick! He and a couple of others (Tina Fey, Horatio Sans, Rachel Dratch)ruined Saturday Night Live for me. They went for the cheap laugh by laughing at their own jokes like they were so funny, they couldn't stop themselves from laughing. JF was the head dick who started that. MANY A SKIT he ruined by laughing. Where's the professionalism? And then they gave him his own show? I've never heard him or any of the others mentioned here say ANYTHING that was even REMOTELY funny! He's a total asswipe!!!!!!!!!

Fallon sucks! said...

Fallon is as funny as a piece of shit on the side of the road, his ratings has tanked vs Colbert. Giving him that job was a massive mistake!!!

Fallon sucks! said...

And Fallon's friend, Justin Douche Timberlake can't act if his life depended on it!!! He should go into the woods and never come out, take some acting lessons from a better actor, like Paris Hilton!!!