Monday, April 09, 2012

Obama’s Eligibility Officially Challenged In New Jersey

The funny thing is that the complaint is bi-partisan:

Two New Jersey residents, a Republican from Monmouth County and a Democrat from Ocean County, have filed an objection to Barack Obama’s name being placed on the New Jersey Democratic primary ballot and the general election ballot for the office of President of the United States, according to a story first reported on Conservative News and Views.

 Nicholas Purpura, the Republican, and Theodore Moran, the Democrat are represented by Attorney Mario Appuzzo of Jamesburg. They filed their objection to Obama’s candidacy with the New Jersey Division of Elections on April 5.

 There is a plenary hearing is scheduled before an Administrative Judge at the Office of Administrative Law in Mercerville on Tuesday April 10, 10am

A copy of the formal objection is here.  Some more reporting can be found here and here

I suppose it's nice to see that "Jersey represents", as we say, but this is not going anywhere.  The more we "birther" on, the kookier we get portrayed.  As much as I hate to say it, even if Obama is not technically a U.S. citizen, well...isn't all this like closing the proverbial barn door after the horses are out?

And in a way, it reminds me why I cringed during the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  Sure, he lied under oath, but my fear at the time was that the impeachment process would become so emotionally exhausting for the American people (and it was), that a future president, guilty of much larger crimes, would be allowed to skate by a nation that couldn't steel itself to going through the anguish again so soon, and a political party that didn't want to be tagged as "the impeachment party" for now and evermore.

And so here we are.  "Fast and Furious", Solyndra, treasonous whispers to a Russian president...the list goes on and on.  And we are relatively disarmed because we prematurely shot off our big guns at a small fry a dozen years back.

Knowing the Democrats, the ineligibility challenge may be needed again in the future.  Let's not waste our moral credibility on a lost cause.

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sdkar said...

I don't believe this point is a waste of time and our shot at obama. If it is proven that he is not qualified for the presidency, then two things happen. First, he is not allowed to be on he ballot in NJ for president and Second, any and all laws signed by obama become null and void since they were not signed by a person qualified to be president at the time. It will have the effect of undoing everything obama has ever done since he was sworn in.

I may be wrong, but that is how I read the law if this is proven.