Monday, March 12, 2018


A ­society solely premised upon a shared belief in individual differentiation will end in a war of all against all...

How did we/how will we get here?

Liberalism has achieved its goal of emptying the public square of the old gods, leaving it a harsh space of contestation among unequals who no longer see any commonality.

Whether that square can be filled again with newly rendered stories of old telling us of a common origin and destination, or whether it must simply be dominated by whoever proves the strongest, is the test of our age.

Strongest. Quite a word. Still wondering why, after Parkland, that nobody questions the ineptitude of the FBI, the Broward County PD, or the school district? That the name of the shooter is barely mentioned, and the only agency in this massacre is given to the gun?

The Left is aware who it is that challenges their strength, their will to dominate. And now that they have their Reichstag fire, they are going all out to press their perceived advantage. They are the New Gods, the New Strength, the New Dominators of our Age.

Alas, this will not end well...