Friday, August 31, 2007

Brian De Palma: Now Working For al-Qaeda !

Well, at least he admits it, and makes clear his motivations for trying to put the worst face on the American soldier as possible:

A new film about the real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers who also murdered her family stunned the Venice festival, with shocking images that left some viewers in tears.

De Palma, 66...makes no secret of the goal he is hoping to achieve with the film's images, all based on real material he found on the Internet.

"The movie is an attempt to bring the reality of what is happening in Iraq to the American people," he told reporters after a press screening.
"The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war," he said.

Is it a documentary, or a propoganda film to turn the US public against the Iraqi effort and abandon them to medieval terrorists? De Palma, again in his own words:

"When I went out to find the pictures, I said (to the media) give me the pictures you can't publish," he said, adding that because of legal dangers he too had to "edit" the material.

"Edit"? Uh-huh...

"Everything that is in the movie is based on something I found that actually happened. But once I had put it in the script I would get a note from a lawyer saying you can't use that because it's real and we may get sued," De Palma said.

"So I was forced to fictionalize things...."

The final insult, to both the American and the Iraqi people:

The film, shot in Jordan with a little known cast, ends with a series of photographs of Iraqi civilians killed and their faces blacked out for legal reasons.
"I think that's terrible because now we have not even given the dignity of faces to this suffering people," De Palma said.

Of course, the Iraqi people weren't suffering under Saddam Hussein, not at all. It was a open and free society, with a leader so loved by its subjects that they kept voting to re-elect him with 100% majorities, every time...
Hey's a few photos for you:

Got a picture of this little Iraqi victim of Saddam's chemical weapons in your flick, Brian? Look at her face...

Some of the tools of the trade used by the previous regime's henchmen....

And their handiwork.

How perverted is Hollywood morality? So much so that Brian De Palma wants to leave the Iraqi people ("suffering", as De Palma insinuates, from the American presence in their country) back in the hands of the animals that perpetrated these atrocities.

The crime committed by a few renegade soldiers (remember, there are over 160,000 servicemen in Iraq) pales before the eternity of enslavement the Iraqis faced under the cruel reign of the Husseins. But that matters not; to De Palma, the ends (forcing a Vietnam-like defeat upon America) justifies the means (doing a killer propaganda job for al-Qaeda).

Ah, I guess it doesn't matter; if the above incident never happened, De Palma would have just concocted one anyway...

UPDATE 9/1: Another idiot:

Barack Obama has the aura of a rock star, says George Clooney, who also had some kind words for other Democratic presidential candidates.

"You've been in a room once in a while with a rock star. He walks into the world, and he takes your breath away. I'd love him to be president, quite honestly..."

Well, if "rock star aura" is the primary qualifier to be the chief executive of the United States, why not nominate Tommy Lee?

But like De Palma, Clooney at least displays some honesty:

Clooney — who said he made "Syriana" and "Good Night, and Good Luck," out of anger that he was labeled a traitor for questioning the decision to go to war....

I don't recall who exactly labeled Clooney a "traitor"; I am sure he was simply part of "don't question my patroitism for taking the side of every thug/despot/terrorist that attacks America" crowd, but I have to admit he sure showed us his "patroitism" by making "Syrianna", all right...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gun Nuts !

Over at, Jeff Soyer is picking on the gun nuts typically cruel of the right-wing blogosphere. He tells us of a anti-gun protest in Seattle that drew two -count 'em! two! - protesters, as well as similar uncomfortable incidents around the country:

...the Philadelphia Inquirer reported “dozens” at a rally there though organizers claimed that 200 showed up.
The Washington Post
reports “dozens” as well at a protest outside Realco Guns near Washington DC.
The Lower Hudson Online (NY) says
about 40 showed up in a Yonkers, NY protest.

One of the larger rallies, in Maryland,
drew a hundred according to the AP which also was the only story I’ve found — so far — to mention that there were counter-protesters. Well, actually, they didn’t mention it in the text but there’s a photo of them to the left.

Considering all the advanced publicity that the liberal media provided free of charge to Jesse Jackson, the Brady Bunch, and other organizers of these scattered events, yesterday must have been a bummer to them.....

Amazing that the media would even cover events and protests that only draw 24-48 people, max. For the life of me, I can't figure out why....

It's hurtful, that's what it is. The media should stop shining their humiliating spotlight on such small groups of demented people, so obviously bereft of any support from the public, and allow these poor folks to wallow in their mental disease away from the public eye...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why you shouldn't use a public restroom...

...and other sage advice for a Wednesday night:

Whatever you do when you are on a layover between flights, don’t use public bathrooms before you get on the next flight. Clearly, that is a sign that you are looking for anonymous gay sex, because no one in his right mind would use a public bathroom for any other purpose....

Is there such a thing as entrapment? Do policeman lie? Do they bend the truth? Do DA’s get overactive and push prosecution of cases when the politics of the matter fit their particular template? If you say no, then I got some phone numbers of a bunch of college students who went to a party one night in North Carolina and nearly went to prison over it.

"The Idaho Caligula", indeed...sweet Jeebus!

And in the U.K., common sense appears to be arriving at last, but methinks it is just a little too late:

60 years of welfarism, far from raising people out of poverty and of the vices that sometimes (but not inevitably) go with it, has simply trapped them there. Welfarism has smashed the traditional, and vital, family unit. The state readily takes responsibility for families if those who should be running them decide, in part or in whole, to abdicate it.

The huge outlay of money that allows this to happen is represented by politicians - and not exclusively those of the Left - as a great act of humanity and philanthropy. It is nothing of the sort. It is, rather, an act of sustained and chronic cruelty....

And the British are voting - with their feet. Behold yet another liberal paradise:

Between June 2005 and June 2006 nearly 200,000 British citizens chose to leave the country for a new life elsewhere. During the same period, at least 574,000 immigrants came to Britain...

Britons give many reasons for leaving, but their stories share one commonality: life in Britain has become unbearable for them. They fear lawlessness and the threat of more terrorism from a growing Muslim population and the loss of a sense of Britishness, exacerbated by the growing refusal of public schools to teach the history and culture of the nation to the next generation.

And that could never happen here, right?

And finally - in case you should ever forget who the good guys are, Ralph Peters will be there to remind you:

America's soldiers in Baghdad have made an enormous difference. The real humanitarians aren't the coffee-bar philosophers on the left, but our troops.

The British know

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Outrage !

Via Reuters:

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in the world, a report released on Tuesday said.

What a shame, what a disgrace...If I'm elected, I will not rest until we have 100 guns for 100 citizens!

More good news:

"Civilian holdings of weapons worldwide are much larger than we previously believed..."

Speaks volumes to the confidence people have in their governments, and in their government's ability to protect them...

Monday, August 27, 2007

I would like to introduce you to Spec. Alison K, 2nd Infantry, United States Army:

I stupidly assumed that she must be a rear-echelon soldier with a job at the embassy or somewhere like that -- she was petite, blonde, and looked like a more likely candidate for Princeton's Cottage Club than for combat.

I was dead wrong about that....

Tough? You don't know tough until you've met Alison...

UPDATE 8/29: Sometimes if a story is too good to be true...

I don't believe in deleting posts, so I have de-linked the story, as per the author's request. See below, and in the comments section:

After looking further into the specialist's story and hearing from other soldiers in 2-2 ID, I'm all but certain she was making up large parts of what she told me. I would appreciate it if you would remove the link, since spreading the story only denigrates the real sacrifices of 2-2 ID's soldiers.

Done. Sorry, folks. Wesley, you're still doing a great job out there...

Update 8/31: Mr. Morgan goes into more detail here .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Truth About Islam

This British comedian has it down pat, in a four minute monologue that Dennis Miller would envy....via Lou Minetti...enjoy (if you can):

"And when your hear thunder, it means that God is bowling...'

...and that's how ridiculous the global warming alarmists have become. I'm lifting this straight from J.F. Beck's place:

June 2005:
Since the late 1960s, much of the North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty, in part due to increases in fresh water runoff induced by global warming, scientists say. Now for the first time researchers have quantified this fresh water influx, allowing them to predict the long-term effects on a "conveyor belt" of ocean currents. Climate changes in the Northern Hemisphere have melted glaciers and brought more rain, dumping more fresh water into the oceans, according to the analysis...

August 2007:
The surface waters of the North Atlantic are getting saltier, suggests a new study of records spanning over 50 years. And this might actually be good news for the effects of climate change on global ocean currents in the short-term, say the study's researchers. The seawater is probably becoming saltier due to global warming, Boyer says.

And should I point out these discrepancies, I am called out for Heresy, mocked by Newsweek, shunned by polite society, and eventually hung from the neck until I am dead, dead, dead.

I feel like a modern-day Galileo !

More, from a few months back - John Tierney of the New York Times is shocked to discover that Greenland isn't melting into the sea ! He quotes the authors of the report, whom caution:

"Special care must be taken in how these and other mass-loss estimates are evaluated, particularly when extrapolating into the future because short-term spikes could yield erroneous long-term trends.”

Independant university climate researchers and New York Times writers be damned; the folks in the comment section agree: String them up!

Ah, the right-wing guy finds a way to twist science to fit his ideological agenda. Keep up the good work, John, and we’ll all be riding gondolas down 5th Avenue.

A heretic in their own ranks - how dare he quote scientists, and urge "caution"...he's undermining faith in the One True Religion! Off with his right wing head!

Friday, August 24, 2007

"...another dubious distinction..."

Sigh...yup, it's another feather in New Jersey's cap, all right. A laboratory for liberalism gone wrong; we are -

...the first state in the nation to experience a decline in cigarette tax revenues after increasing the cigarette tax. This fact illustrates it is possible to overtax an economic activity.

To support the Fiscal Year 2007 state budget, Gov. Corzine successfully proposed increasing the cigarette tax by 17.5 cents, from $2.40 to 2.575 per pack. It was the fourth tax increase in a six-year period and it made New Jersey's tax the highest state tax in the nation.
Here was the result: In FY 2006, the cigarette tax raised more than $787 million. In FY 2007 — after it was hiked by almost 7 percent — the tax raised only $764 million, or $23 million less than the previous year.

Sitting there smugly, are you - thinking that the Big Fat Liberal Government finally got people off of the coffin nails? Better guess again, Chumley:

While New Jersey's sales are plummeting, Delaware's are increasing. And it's certainly not the case that more Delaware residents are becoming smokers. Also, some smokers make purchases via the Internet. Others even buy in the black market, which owes its very existence to New Jersey's steep tax.

More evidence - as if liberals care about such non-progressive things such as, oh, "the truth":

In addition to the cigarette tax increase, the FY 2007 budget also was balanced with a hefty sales tax increase and an extension of that tax to goods and services previously untaxed. Sales tax proceeds substantially underperformed the Corzine administration's projections. Additionally, the income tax — the largest revenue producer — also failed to meet projections.

Man, it sucks being a lab rat in an experiment gone horribly, terribly, wrong...where is the political version of PETA to rescue us and set us free?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sanity Prevails, For a Moment....'s just too bad it took a triple-homicide to wake up New Jersey Democrats. Recently appointed State Attorney General Anne Milgram, after no doubt checking with her political patrons within the Party, took at least some semblence of action in order to limit New Jersey's wink-and-nod policy towards illegal immigrants:

State Attorney General Anne Milgram on Wednesday ordered all New Jersey law enforcement authorities to notify federal immigration officials whenever an illegal immigrant is arrested for an indictable offense or drunken driving.

Milgram said the need "to have a uniform state policy on notification to immigration" became evident after a recent triple homicide in Newark. Before the directive, "all police departments in our state had complete discretion as to if, when and how to notify immigration authorities," Milgram said.
The policy, which follows the Aug. 4 killings of three Newark college students in a schoolyard by six suspects, also specifies that prosecutors and courts be notified. The directive is effective immediately.

Someone ought to tell the national party leadership that if the Democrats are leading the "lock 'em up" cries in New Jersey, then something is truly amiss:

The fact that {murder suspect} Carranza was out on bail after being accused of committing serious felonies also enraged some, including state Sen. Shirley Turner, who on Wednesday urged bail restrictions for accused illegal immigrants

Under Turner's proposed law, illegal immigrants would be required to post a full cash bail if they are charged with committing a crime in New Jersey.
"When illegals commit crimes, they should be taken off our streets," said Turner, a Mercer County Democrat. "Full cash bail should crack down on the underground escape routes of illegals with nothing to lose."

Et tu, Cory Booker?

"I often see people back on our streets that I believe should not be back on our streets after they've committed serious crimes," Newark Mayor Cory Booker said. "I would be remiss if I wasn't calling for larger changes and larger reforms in the state of New Jersey and the United States."

But Milgram leaves plenty of loopholes to be exploited:

Her directive prohibits law enforcement officers from checking the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses or people seeking police assistance, saying such policies would discourage people from coming forward to report crime or to help authorities identify criminal suspects.
She also treaded lightly on a federal law allowing local police to be deputized as immigration agents. Milgram said the practice will be allowed in New Jersey, but deputized agents can only perform immigration status checks after someone is arrested for an indictable offense.

Victims, huh? So if an obvious illegal is injured in a bar fight, enforcement must turn their heads and avert their eyes ? OK, I know that crime victims really should be able to call police with no fear of repercussion, but can we at least allow some latitude here so that officers can use their own judgement?
And agents can only ask about immigration status after an arrest for a serious crime? A bit like locking up the barn door after the horse has fled, and all that, no?

But this is the best that can be expected in a place like Jersey; and perhaps more than one may have hoped for. Would liberals learn the follies of their ways quicker, before promising youths are slaughtered...

How does this Jersey Turnabout bode for the national party in the upcoming election season? They are aready conceding the Iraq policy back to the President; and it seems as if they are going to need to scramble if they want to be on the "right" side of the immigration debate as well.

If the Democratic Party winds up learning the hard way, as they did locally in New Jersey, they are going to have quite a bit of trouble holding on to their razor-slim majority in Washington...

UPDATE: Now if the people of New Jersey can only show some backbone on resisting some of the insanse gun-control measures that certain liberal governers are trying to impose upon law-abiding citizens...see here to read about Corzine's "holistic" (dear God!) gun control plan, and see here to get a firsthand look at what happens to societies that embrace the "gun-free" mantra...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soft-Hearted Liberals, Read No Further !

Because only a callous far-right neocon like myself could find this remotely funny...right? And for better or worse, if you've been around the kids who grow up in the city, they get pretty worldy pretty quick. Which is why the following rings so true....

Anyway -
overheard on the 1 Train, in New York City:

Son: I'm thinking of an animal now.
Mother: Does it live in water?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live on land?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live in the air?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live in the subway?
Son: Yes.
Mother: Is it a rat?
Son: No.
Mother: I give up.
Son: It's a homeless person.

You know, I can see you trying to stifle that smile...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"So why is Corzine sitting around dumb as a doorknob?"

That's quote from today's full-page editorial in the New York Post, only a small part of an overall tounge-lashing that the state and its incredibly inept governor got from the mainstream media today..the Post gives us "Jersey 'Justice' ":

Almost as shocking as the execution-murders of three college students in Newark two weeks ago is the governmental - and moral - paralysis that has informed New Jersey's reaction to the crimes.

On Thursday, Gov. Jon Corzine and Newark Mayor Cory Booker proudly announced yet another crackdown on guns - even though the state already has some of the toughest gun-purchasing laws in the county.
But neither Corzine nor Booker has said nearly enough about the systemic failures that led to the slaughter...

...At a Tuesday press conference, Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy deemed the immigration status of the perpetrators "irrelevant." Booker added, "It's no way the obligation of the city police department to be going around doing the work of [ICE]."

Wonder if the families of the three slain college students think Carranza's status is "irrelevant"?

In what world are McCarthy and Booker living?

When a violent crime has been committed, immigration status is damned "relevant" - if only because immigration charges can keep violent offenders off the streets in the face of New Jersey's ludicrous bail policies.

That's just common sense.

But, as is now evident, common sense is in short supply in the Garden State - and the consequences are tragic.

And deadly.

Mayor Booker is going to be to Newark what Mayor Dinkins was to New York - a weak, ineffective administrator who cringes as the animals roam free. At least that's what Errol Lewis in today's Daily News seems to be implying: is time for Mayor Cory Booker to take the next step by bringing order - and swift, terrible justice - to a city spinning out of control.

Criminals like the savages who murdered Terrance Aeriel, Iofemi Hightower and Dashon Harvey should be quaking in fear, terrified that a tough, no-nonsense chief executive - doing the will of an outraged populace - is coming after the bad guys with both guns blazing.
I'm talking about the kind of personal, in-your-face approach embodied by Rudy Giuliani in New York ....

That impression has to change - right now - on the streets, and there is no polite or orderly way to do it. If the ACLU isn't complaining, Mr. Mayor, you aren't doing your job right.

And as a nation turns its eyes, still flcikering with a last bit of hope, there stands Rudy Guiliani...

Anyway, here's more from Asbury Park Press political columnist Bob Ingle, who fires from both barrels:

Morristown Mayor Don Cresitello wants his police to get 287(g) status, which deputizes officers as federal immigration agents, allowing them to turn over people here illegally to the feds. Gov. Corzine opposes that.

"The governor believes the effort to deputize police will undermine the trust the communities have with law enforcement and will likely hinder law enforcement," according to published quotes attributed to a Corzine spokesman.

Who the hell does Corzine think will lose confidence in the police, the people who are here illegally? That's up there with the statement Corzine made after the college kids were shot:

"It is about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society." That sounds a lot like a politically correct knee-jerk defense that can't withstand critical analysis.

Unbelieveable. We've dissed Corzine's empty post-massacre comments before, but his refusal to deputize police to report illegal immigrants is simply horrific. Why would the Governor want to prevent his law enforcement units from enforcing the law? What can he possibly gain from protecting criminal illegal aliens while serving up middle-class New Jerseyians as lambs to the slaughter (Just try, TRY, to exercise your second amendment rights in his state...)?

This is the end-game of ideologically rigid liberalism, folks - chaos and anarchy, where criminals enjoy unfettered rights while the law abiding fear for their lives, and the political class stares blankly and offers Corzine-esque platitudes. Gather 'round, folks, and watch the circus...If I must die at the hands of a Socialist state, I want there to at least be witnesses...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Ralph Peters on al-Qaeda's vicious terrorist attack inside Iraq this past Tuesday:

The victims were ethnic Kurd Yazidis, members of a minor sect with pre-Islamic roots...The Yazidis live on the fringes of society...
That's one of the two reasons al Qaeda targeted those settlements: The terrorist leaders realize now that the carnage they wrought on fellow Muslims backfired, turning once-sympathetic Sunni Arabs against them. The fanatics calculated that Iraqis wouldn't care much about the Yazidis.

But the second reason for those dramatic bombings was that al Qaeda needs to portray Iraq as a continuing failure of U.S. policy. Those dead and maimed Yazidis were just props: The intended audience was Congress.

Peters is right, of course, but he fails to mention (or perhaps just takes it as given) that the terrorist's secondary target was hit cleanly as well: the Mainstream Media.

"Ladies and gentleman, now writing for the Washington Post and doing the terrorist's bidding upon request, Mr. Eugene Robinson!"

The next time you hear confident assurances from the White House and its supporters that the "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq is working and that something called "victory" is within sight, remember the Yazidis.

The administration says there might be genocide if America pulls out -- but it looks as if genocide has already been attempted.

What I do know is that anyone who says American forces have to stay in Iraq because they're protecting the Iraqi people should tell that to the Yazidis. Those who are left.

Not very convincing, Eugene - but passable, I suppose, as a broad propoganda piece. The terror masters will be pleased...

But let me give you a hint- when even the spitefully anti-American German rag Der Speigel starts writing stuff like this about the Yankee presence in Iraq -

"The US military is more successful in Iraq than the world wants to believe."

- perhaps you should rethink your premises; you know, join us here in the reality-based community.

As if any liberal were capable of such a thing...

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Newark Massacre: Death by Liberal Values

Any kind of lifestyle is OK, the liberals tell us, as long as it makes you feel good. And if it means not working, not marrying, not caring for your kids, long as you feel good, we'll cover the bills.

The result of the internalization of these twisted liberal values by the people of Newark? Dead kids splattered all over the freaking sidewalk. Steven Malanga, writing in the City Journal, explains what happens when you have a city without fathers:

Behind Newark’s persistent violence and deep social dysfunction is a profound cultural shift that has left many of the city’s children growing up outside the two-parent family—and in particular, growing up without fathers. Decades of research tell us that such children are far likelier to fail in school and work and to fall into violence than those raised in two-parent families. In Newark, we are seeing what happens to a community when the traditional family comes close to disappearing.

According to 2005 figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, only 32 percent of Newark children are being raised by their parents in a two-adult household. The rest are distributed among families led by grandparents, foster parents, and single parents—mostly mothers. An astonishing 60 percent of the city’s kids are growing up without fathers. It isn’t that traditional families are breaking up; they aren’t even getting started.

And it's not like the leadership of Jon Corzine is any kind of a shining example - never a word of praise towards traditional marriage has ever passed his rotten lips; he's too busy making sure that the 5000 year-old marriage tradition gets usurped by forcing the world to recognize New Jersey's same-sex relationships as no different than the union of a man and a woman. Nice values contribution there, guv - but alas, in Jersey, "leaders" and "morals" are unfortunately mutually exclusive, and Corzine is only the latest example...

Anyway - back to Malanga's article:

....the social consequences are even more disturbing. Research conducted in the 1990s found that a child born out of wedlock was three times more likely to drop out of school than the average child, and far more likely to wind up on welfare as an adult. Studies have also found that about 70 percent of the long-term prisoners in our jails, those who have committed the most violent crimes, grew up without fathers.
The starkness of these statistics makes it astonishing that our politicians and policy makers ignore the subject of single parenthood, as if it were outside the realm of civic discourse...

It is outside the realm, at least for now. Liberals like these types of unorthodox family setups; it allows them to force these people into government dependence (welfare, food stamps, the whole shebang) for their entire lives, and it allows the Democrats to grow their precious nanny-state even further. Republicans, ever afraid of being called "strident" or "intolerant" or 'racist" (and trust me, that is the first accusation that would come out of Hillary's mouth should anyone dare question the veracity of the single-parent family model) refuse to even address the issue at all, making their calls for "family values" sound like nothing more than red meat tossed to the religious right.

Where is the leader, white or black, that will stand up and tell the truth - that the single-parent household, along with the welfare state that coddles it, is slowly but quite obviously killing black America? One may be surprised; should a brave voice stand up and speak the truth, he or she might find a lot more support (from perhaps some unexpected places) than they might think...

More posts on the liberal's responsibility for the Newark Massacre can be found here, here, and here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Polish Joke?

Don't get me wrong, it's the Poles pulling a fast one on dhimmi Europe - having lived so long under the lash, they refuse to play along with the self-destructive policies of the European Union:

A conference of UN NGOs (non-governmental organizations) on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to be hosted at the European Parliament this month, will be boycotted by Polish Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from across the political spectrum, who say that the conference is biased against Israel.
The meeting, set to take place at the European Parliament on August 30 - 31, has been organized by the UN’s
"Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.“

Just the fact the the United Nations has a committe so named should be cause enough for its defunding...and just what are should we expect to see at this UN/EU joint event? Well, you would expect to get pasta at the Italian resturaunt, so you can imagine what is on the menu here:

...the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor organization said the upcoming conference as a rehash of the 2001 UN Durban conference on racism, which saw unprecedented levels of anti-Zionist rhetoric, and calls for Israel’s destruction.

The Poles confirm it:

”I will not take part in this conference. I saw the materials prepared by the organizers,“ Bronislaw Geremek, a Polish MEP, was quoted by Polish website, Europa21 as saying. ”Although there is no official statement that Israel must be pushed down to the sea there, the choice of subjects and the attitude towards the problems shows that it will be a biased, conflict generating conference. Actually we can call it anti-Israeli,“ he said.

Brave words:

”There is not the first such initiative. (The) Pro-Palestinian lobby is very active here. If in fact, the conference will become propagandist, Israelis can count on Poles," Boguslaw Sonik, another Polish MEP, said.

Brave people. At least the Poles fought the Germans (albiet on horseback, although many claim that to be a myth), unlike the fallow French, who allowed the panzers to roll into Paris untouched whilst they crouched under tables and soiled their little panties...

But I just love the fact that the Poles will not roll over and buy into the EU's appeasement addiction. They'll pay, of course, for missing a good opportunity to keep quiet - not from the Islamists, who know strength enough to run from it, but by the Europeans, who fear strength enough to punish it...expect a key EU ruling to go against them shortly...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Patriotic Poetry Slam...

...courtesy of the United States Marine Corps.

This is beautiful:

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Newark Massacre: Corzine Blames All New Jerseyans (sans himself)

Jon Corzine has looked deep within his fabulously wealthy, multi-chambered heart, and has discovered the reason why an illegal immigrant - who was set free on bail by the state's minions numerous times for child rape, and whose unlawfaul alien status went willfully unreported - assaulted and executed four innocent college kids:

It's because middle-class New Jersey residents won't open our hearts - and homes - to criminals.

A sick joke? The Asbury Park Press' Bob Ingle reports, you decide:

Here's a part of what the governor said about the Newark shootings in which three young people were murdered execution style and a fourth was severly wounded:

"I have to say it is beyond comprehension. It is more than statistics and more than a story. It is about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society."

Wow. The ignorance of that remark is simply staggering.

My faith is somewhat restored by some of the viritol directed towards Corzine in the comments of Ingle's post; apparently not everyone is fooled. But will they be voting this November?

Ingle has the final word in his column in today's paper:

Lots of people grow up poor and hungry and left out but don't shoot innocent college students.

He's right, of course, but can anyone stop Jon Corzine from turning New Jersey into a larger version of New York City circa 1977 ? Our lives may depend on it...

Hat tip: Red Generation, a tough group of young Republicans trying desperately to get the word out...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Newark Massacre: Blood on Jon Corzine's Hands

Here are a few inconvienent truths that the illegal-alien loving Democrats of New Jersey (and elsewhere) are furiously trying to ignore..first, from today's New York Post, some " justice", New Jersey style:

New Jersey authorities twice allowed a suspected child rapist to slip out of custody with minimal bail without reporting his illegal immigrant status to the feds - leaving him free to allegedly massacre three college students in a Newark schoolyard.

Carranza, who arrived in New Jersey from Peru in 1991, was first arrested last October after a bar fight in West Orange, where he and two others used bottles and chairs to cause "significant bodily injuries" to one of the four victims, court papers say.
He was charged with felony aggravated assault. A municipal court judge set Carranza's bail at $50,000. It was later reduced to $20,000. He posted 10 percent and walked free.
That allowed Carranza to return to what prosecutors said was four years of sexual torment he inflicted on a child that began in 2003 when she was just 5.
Orange police arrested Carranza again in January, and Judge John Kennedy set the initial bail at $150,000, which he posted by bond.

He was re-arrested a month later in Newark on the same sex charges and a second bail was set at $300,000, a court official said.
But Essex County Judge Thomas Vena agreed to consolidate the charges, and allowed Carranza to go free based on the bond he posted in the original case.

Months later, an Essex County grand jury indicted him on 31 counts on those allegations of child rape.
Still free, prosecutors said that last Saturday Carranza and at least two others forced four victims at a Newark schoolyard to their knees and shot them all in the head execution-style, killing three.
"He should have been off the street," Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura.

But the Essex County Prosecutor's Office never alerted the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Carranza was an illegal alien and out on the streets, as recommended by federal guidelines.

Why not? Could it be because:

Governor Corzine won’t allow local law enforcement to participate in a federal program that helps police to understand and enforce U.S. immigration law.....

And because Corzine supports townships like Hightstown:

Joining a growing list of cities enacting a no-questions-asked policy on immigration status, Hightstown now allows its undocumented residents to officially interact with local police and access city services without fear of being reported to federal authorities.

But wait! Corzine is doing something! He's created a Blue-Ribbon panel (gasp!)! But as expected, the deck is stacked with Corzine devotees and fans of folks like the murderous Carranza:

Open Borders Corzine is paving the road for New Jersey to become the illegal immigrant haven in the Country. Last week he announced the creation of a blue ribbon panel to study how New Jersey can be more illegal friendly. Well, moving further down that road, Corzine named his appointees to the panel today. …. and his illegal friendly vision takes another step forward.

Those who attend any panel meetings might get confused and feel they are at a pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, rally.

Let’s look at just one of the appointees, Michael Wildes, the Mayor of Englewood. Mr. Wildes is an immigration attorney. Part of his job is trying to aide people here illegally gain legal status and benefits ….. Mr. Wildes makes arguments every day as to how and why illegals should be given asylum, amnesty, and greater government services. What better advocate could Corzine want to draft a report in favor of expanding government services to illegals?
Further, wouldn’t an illegal friendly report potentially help Mr. Wildes’ clients? Then think of all the people who will now seek him out as their immigration attorney....

Carranza may have pulled the trigger last week, but it was Jon Corzine that placed him in that schoolyard in the first place. Every time the people of Newark yank the voting lever for another Democrat, they are pulling it for Carranza, and for every thug with an illegal weapon that uses their city as a human hunting ground...

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dead of 9/11: Advertising Fodder for Frogs

E-nough! reports from France on an ad campaign that uses the imagery of 9/11 in order to...trivialize 9/11. Screenshot below, E-nough! has the video:

Undrinkable water kills 8 million people every year worldwide - Make politicians move by signing the petition

And that's what counts as action amongst the left - signing petitions, applying bumper stickers, and wearing cause bracelets.

ARGH! That's not the point! The point is that American casualties -be it by land, sea, air or terror -are nothing compared to the fact some people, somewhere, can't get a cool bottle of Perrier.

A commentor points out the French did not use the 15,000 heat deaths in the summer of 2003 as an example of trivial suffering. Ah, because French lives are never trivial, nor are the lives of those whom lack a "cold tall one", but American lives, well, really...who cares about those?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Whales 1, National Security 0

Why elections matter, and how liberal judges and blue-state activists will surely be the death of us all:

A federal judge in Los Angeles banned the U.S. Navy from using high-powered sonar in nearly a dozen upcoming training exercises off Southern California, ruling Monday that it could "cause irreparable harm to the environment."

The Navy, which plans to appeal the decision, said even a temporary ban would disrupt crucial training of sailors before they are sent overseas. The Navy uses the sonar to detect potentially hostile vessels, including quiet diesel submarines, which one captain called "the most lethal enemy known" on the high seas."
It's akin to sending a hunter into the woods after one of the most lethal preys known, but sending him in partly deaf and blind," said Navy Capt. Neil May, assistant chief of staff for 3rd Fleet training and readiness.

Joel Reynolds, a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said the judge's ruling in no way restricts the Navy's ability to use sonar against real threats or in battle....
"Just as the Army has a responsibility not to train soldiers to shoot in the middle of a crowded city street, the Navy has a duty, when it's learning how to hunt with sonar, not to choose a practice range next to a marine sanctuary."

There we have it, the unveiling of the liberal endgame - animals, with more rights than people, now have their safety placed above ours.

Progressive, indeed! But who will be left to enjoy the liberal's paradise, besides whales, illegal immigrants, and Islamist jihadists?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Newark Wails as Liberal Policies Fail...

This story is absolutely horrific:

NEWARK, N.J. - In a city where gun violence has become an all too common part of daily life, these shootings were enough to chill even the most hardened residents: Four young friends shot execution-style in a schoolyard just days before they were to head to college.

Three were killed after being forced to kneel against a wall and then shot in the head at close range Saturday night, police said. A girl was found slumped near some bleachers 30 feet away, a gunshot wound to the head but still alive.

The four Newark residents were to attend Delaware State University this fall....

It is directly related to this story/post here, from back in February:

Cops and politicians call Interstate 95 the "Iron Pipeline" because it is a popular route for criminals smuggling firearms from the South into Newark and other Northeastern cities where gun violence abounds.

A big link in that pipeline is the New Jersey Turnpike, where the State Police used to seize scores of guns every year.

But they don't anymore.

Gun arrests and gun seizures have plummeted on the Turnpike in the last decade, according to data provided by the State Police in response to a request under the Open Public Records Act.
Since 1995, the number of gun-related arrests by troopers on the Turnpike dropped 91 percent, to 17 last year, and the number of seized guns fell 87 percent, to 15. The decline comes at a time when homicides and shootings are on the rise in Newark, the state's largest city, where cops are taking record numbers of firearms off the streets.

When those illegal guns are traced to their original sale, the most common source states turn out to be along the I-95 corridor in the South ...

For many years, troopers made a priority of pulling over Turnpike motorists and searching their cars in hopes of catching drug traffickers and gun runners. That effort was abandoned in 1999, after a state investigation found troopers were stopping drivers based on their skin color, a civil rights abuse known as racial profiling.

Under pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice, the State Police were put under the oversight of federal monitors and forced to change its patrol tactics....

Think I'm kidding? Check up on Philadelphia, right off the "Iron Pipeline", and see how things are going there...

Well, black folks in the Blue Northeast are being murdered like they are going out of style, but hey! At least their feeling aren't hurt by the shame of racial profiling! Way, way worse than being ordered to your knees and shot in the back of the skull...

Somewhat related here...

But Her Reporting was Always Even-Handed !

Via The Corner:

The Washington Times reports that Slate's Supreme Court reporter Dahlia Lithwick, speaking at the YearlyKos gathering, poured out her feelings about watching the Roberts and Alito confirmation hearings:

"I covered those confirmation hearings. I went home at night in tears. It was awful."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bush, Ascendant...

...don't ever count my man W. out. Ever. OK?

I thought Bush’s approval at 34%, Democratic Congress 14% was funny, but the new numbers from the Zogby poll are ridiculously low.

Nelson Muntz said it best.

The survey said:
Survey shows just 3% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling the war in Iraq; 24% say the same for the President
Bush’s Iraq policy has 8 times the support the anti-Bush policy of Pelosi-Murtha-Clyburn-Reid-Byrd.

Congress has no mandate. No one likes them. They are the Jimmy Carters of Congresses.

Classic. And so is this:

The House rejected a Democratic proposal [on eavesdropping]opposed by President Bush that would give him that authority for only four months. The largely party-line vote in favor of the bill was 218-207, short of the two-thirds majority needed under rules limiting debate.

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, prepared to concede to a bill supported by the White House limiting that authority to six months. It also would allow the director of national intelligence and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to carry out the expanded eavesdropping for four months before a court signs off on it...

Senate Democrats backed off their initial demands to have the surveillance process reviewed by the FISA court before overseas eavesdropping without warrants could begin. Instead, the bill headed for passage there largely mirrors what the Bush administration wanted.

Watching Democrats (and the media) flail around, helplessly, against George W. Bush is the closest one will ever get to watching Don Quixote tilt at windmills....

UPDATE: Rather than credit the Bush Administration with a win, or speak of how safe from attack the nation has been with Bush's domestic anti-terror agenda, the Washington Post ( in a "news" article!) displays its disappointment with democracy:

The Senate bowed to White House pressure last night....

The 60 to 28 vote, which was quickly denounced by civil rights and privacy advocates....

Privacy advocates accused the Democrats of selling out ...

Democrats "have a Pavlovian reaction: Whenever the president says the word 'terrorism,' they roll over and play dead," said Caroline Fredrickson, Washington legislative director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Gregory Nojeim, senior counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology, predicted that the bill's approval would lead to the monitoring of ordinary Americans by the National Security Agency...

Wow. And the Left calls the Republicans "scaremongers". Funny how quickly they get desperate when they come up against their chief nemesis...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Reid, Giggling While Minnesota Mourns...

It's scary to see that the character embodied in Blame Bush is based on a real person..and what's scarier still is that he is the Senate Majority Leader:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the Minnesota bridge tragedy is a wakeup call on America's deteriorating infrastructure.

"(The bridge disaster) really should be a wakeup call for America," said Reid, "a wakeup call to America because we have an infrastructure that is deteriorated and deteriorating. Bridges, dams, highways, water systems, sewage systems."

And while they still pulling the dead from the murky Mississippi, Reid reminds us that it is always, always, about retreating from Iraq:

"Since 9/11 we have taken our eye off the ball," said Reid, suggesting infrastructure spending has taken a back seat to spending on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"For him [ Bush ] to be staring in the face the huge amounts of money we're spending — $350 million a day in Iraq...... "

That's bottom, folks - rock bottom.

But the "taken the eye off the ball" remark is telling, and it speaks volumes about the Democratic mindset. The 9/11 attacks, more than anything, prevented the Democrats from turning America into a European nanny-state. Much to the dismay of the Left, we toughened up and went to war instead of staying home and debating different versions of "universal healthcare".
Getting the troops out of Iraq can stop the distraction of overseas casualties, reason the Democrats, and can help refocus the discussion on issue they deem as more important. Losing the war to terror in order to gain the platform they need to enact their social agenda? Perfectly acceptable, in their minds.

That's why the Democrats were the ones standing in front of the World Trade Center's smoldering ruins, motioning with their arms and shouting "Nothing to see here, folks! Keep moving, we need to talk about gay rights and anti-discrimination laws! Ignore the pile of dead bodies, please, and move along!"

It's a repulsive ideology, and Harry Reid is its perfect face.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Best Sentence I've Read on the Internet Tonight... this, plucked out of a post at The Belmont Club:

But in Washington DC nothing has a life apart from the official partisan view. Not even the sun shines. Instead it is assigned a shadow existence, fitted into a narrative, and tortured into a Procrustean bed of arbitrary political specification.

Wow. Follow the link and read the context from whence I uncovered that gem...

And if you are trying to B.S. yourself, stroking your soul patch and saying, "Ah, yes, droll", I'll save you the embarrassment and just print the following:

In Greek mythology, Procrustes...was a bandit from Attica. He had his stronghold in the hills outside Eleusis. There, he had an iron bed into which he invited every passerby to lie down. If the guest proved too tall, he would amputate the excess length; if the victim was found too short, he was then stretched out on the rack until he fit. Nobody would ever fit in the bed because it was secretly adjustable: Procrustes would stretch or shrink it upon sizing his victims from afar.

Man, why can't I ever produce such an arcane, yet apropos, reference?