Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Newark Massacre: Blood on Jon Corzine's Hands

Here are a few inconvienent truths that the illegal-alien loving Democrats of New Jersey (and elsewhere) are furiously trying to ignore..first, from today's New York Post, some " justice", New Jersey style:

New Jersey authorities twice allowed a suspected child rapist to slip out of custody with minimal bail without reporting his illegal immigrant status to the feds - leaving him free to allegedly massacre three college students in a Newark schoolyard.

Carranza, who arrived in New Jersey from Peru in 1991, was first arrested last October after a bar fight in West Orange, where he and two others used bottles and chairs to cause "significant bodily injuries" to one of the four victims, court papers say.
He was charged with felony aggravated assault. A municipal court judge set Carranza's bail at $50,000. It was later reduced to $20,000. He posted 10 percent and walked free.
That allowed Carranza to return to what prosecutors said was four years of sexual torment he inflicted on a child that began in 2003 when she was just 5.
Orange police arrested Carranza again in January, and Judge John Kennedy set the initial bail at $150,000, which he posted by bond.

He was re-arrested a month later in Newark on the same sex charges and a second bail was set at $300,000, a court official said.
But Essex County Judge Thomas Vena agreed to consolidate the charges, and allowed Carranza to go free based on the bond he posted in the original case.

Months later, an Essex County grand jury indicted him on 31 counts on those allegations of child rape.
Still free, prosecutors said that last Saturday Carranza and at least two others forced four victims at a Newark schoolyard to their knees and shot them all in the head execution-style, killing three.
"He should have been off the street," Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura.

But the Essex County Prosecutor's Office never alerted the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Carranza was an illegal alien and out on the streets, as recommended by federal guidelines.

Why not? Could it be because:

Governor Corzine won’t allow local law enforcement to participate in a federal program that helps police to understand and enforce U.S. immigration law.....

And because Corzine supports townships like Hightstown:

Joining a growing list of cities enacting a no-questions-asked policy on immigration status, Hightstown now allows its undocumented residents to officially interact with local police and access city services without fear of being reported to federal authorities.

But wait! Corzine is doing something! He's created a Blue-Ribbon panel (gasp!)! But as expected, the deck is stacked with Corzine devotees and fans of folks like the murderous Carranza:

Open Borders Corzine is paving the road for New Jersey to become the illegal immigrant haven in the Country. Last week he announced the creation of a blue ribbon panel to study how New Jersey can be more illegal friendly. Well, moving further down that road, Corzine named his appointees to the panel today. …. and his illegal friendly vision takes another step forward.

Those who attend any panel meetings might get confused and feel they are at a pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, rally.

Let’s look at just one of the appointees, Michael Wildes, the Mayor of Englewood. Mr. Wildes is an immigration attorney. Part of his job is trying to aide people here illegally gain legal status and benefits ….. Mr. Wildes makes arguments every day as to how and why illegals should be given asylum, amnesty, and greater government services. What better advocate could Corzine want to draft a report in favor of expanding government services to illegals?
Further, wouldn’t an illegal friendly report potentially help Mr. Wildes’ clients? Then think of all the people who will now seek him out as their immigration attorney....

Carranza may have pulled the trigger last week, but it was Jon Corzine that placed him in that schoolyard in the first place. Every time the people of Newark yank the voting lever for another Democrat, they are pulling it for Carranza, and for every thug with an illegal weapon that uses their city as a human hunting ground...


Erica said...

Sickening. What is it about aiding and abetting these human colostomy bags that Democrats love so much?

Anonymous said...

In a sane world, this waste of oxygen would would never have been here in the first place, or, at a minimun, he would have been shipped back to Peru last October.

But, this is New Jersey World.

Anonymous said...

Give it another 15 minutes, and Corzine and his "partners in crime" will start calling for greater "gun control" - or anything to distract the voters from their culpibility in this crime.

I notice nobody else in the media has made the connection between Corzine's soft-on-illegal-immigrant policies and these gruesome deaths. Trying to shield "their men", I guess, and trying to hide the truth from the the people of New Jersey.

Because in the media, and within the Democratic party, there is no such thing as a "failed liberal policy".

Anonymous said...

How can you blame the Democrats when the Federal Government and Commander in Chief - a Republican- is refusing to enforce the Federal Laws which allow these illegal aliens to roam the streets. This is a federal problem and federal money should be available for local governments to deal with this.

joated said...

It's difficult to read this and keep my blood pressure down at the same time.

I hope some lawyer will take the families of these poor kids under his wing and sue the shit out of the authorities who were supposed to be enforcing the law and who should have sent this scumbag back to a box.

Erica said...

Wait a sec....

Re: "This is a federal problem and federal money should be available for local governments to deal with this."

True, there exists a federal problem, in that Bush isn't strict enough on border control, but each state is constitutionally granted autonomy, and could decide on the state level how to handle their respective problems.

John Corzine, as "The Jersey Nut" made quite clear, "won’t allow local law enforcement to participate in a federal program that helps police to understand and enforce U.S. immigration law."

Corzine is a Democrat. If federal money were indeed made available to deal with illegal aliens in New Jersey, I'm quite sure Corzine would still not permit local law enforcement to deal with the problem.

Good grief. It's all right there before you.

The JerseyNut said...

Thanks, Erica, for hitting that nail on the head and saving me a few keystrokes...of course, you have to laugh at anonymous' knee-jerk liberal reaction of throwing "more money" at the problem!

It's Corzine, of course, who is doing everything he can to make this state as attractive as possible to illegal aliens, thus luring them here to do....what, exactly? I mean, besides gouging themselves on free state services that the law-abiding taxpayer can only dream of, while committing henious crimes with virtual impunity?

Erica said...

The Jersey Political Swamp...sometimes the obvious shit floats to the top, even if you are from Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Newt is right here, except that he seems unaware of Governor Corzine's views on illegals.

Still, he is dead on.

Erica said...

That video was mad sweet (I saw it earlier today on Curmudgeonly & Skeptical). The guy just makes sense.

Could you imagine? Three guys, charged 75 times by police, and had never (according to Newt) been identified as "illegal."

Bush totally jumped the shark on immigration. But Gingrich specifically said, in the case of the Newark massacre last week, that it was New Jersey that failed.

I wholly agree, and I'm not saying it just because I think New Jersey sucks.


The JerseyNut said...

I think Jim and I would agree: We love the state of New Jersey - the beaches, the forests, the fishing, the bars - but we loathe the way it is governed, and feel that the state we cherish may soon be unliveable (not to put words in your mouth, Jim...)

May I suggest a new state slogan, something like "Jersey Rocks, but our Government Rots", or something of the sort? I would ask you, Erica, to use your infinite creative talents to help me come up with something more catchy, but I can only image what might spring forth from the keyboard of a Brooklyn gal...