Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can Sila Sahin Save The Women of Islam?

Seems like the Muslim ladies have more cojones than their beard-wearing counterparts, or your average American liberal.  First we had Pakistani actress Veena Malik giving an earful to a critical mullah and a media lackey, telling them to f*ck off and mind to their own business, while informing them of exactly where to apply their lash. Now we have Sila Sahin, a German Muslim raised by strict Turkish parents, posing in Playboy.  And boy, are the bearded monkeys howling:

Islamic internet sites are being monitored by the BND - the German intelligence agency - after threats were posted about her "shaming Muslim womanhood" and "prostituting herself for money".

One poster on the Jihad Watch website wrote: "She needs to be very careful..." Another simply said: "She must pay."

A kebab shop owner, asked on German TV what he would do if Sila were his daughter, replied: "I would kill her. I really mean that. That doesn't fit with my culture."

The Islamic Community of Germany has called for a boycott of Sila.

About three million Muslim immigrants live in Germany, which has seen numerous honour killings in recent years by fanatical husbands, fathers and brothers.

In 2009, an asylum seeker was sentenced to life after killing his "too independent" German wife.

One police intelligence officer said of Sila: "I think what she did was either very brave, or very stupid.She will be double-locking her door at night for a long time to come."

Wow, the German police were much braver back in the day when all they had to do was round up Jews and put them into cattle cars.  I suppose if they want to learn courage, they can lear at the feet of Sila Sahin:

Sila, 25 - star of German soap Good Times, Bad Times - claimed the shoot was a reaction to the "slavery" of her youth.

She added: "What I want to say with these photos is, 'Girls, we don't have to live according to the rules imposed upon us'.

"For years I subordinated myself to various societal constraints. The Playboy photo shoot was a total act of liberation."

As with Veena Malik, I pray for her safety.  Much like the American Left reacts with vicious outrage and unadulterated hatred any time one of "their own" - a black, a woman - leaves the Democratic plantation and becomes a Republican, Muslims fundamentalists know that if women throw off the veil and declare themselves to be beautiful, free, and worthy of admiration and respect, their entire system of misogynistic semi-slavery can come tumbling down.  After all, what's the point of adhering to a 12th century religion if you can't even get a cowering, terrified, humiliated female to serve your every sick whim?

Veena and Sila may be the sparks that starts the rebellion among Muslim women, which will lead to a breaking off of strict Muslim men, who will shed their beards and remove their robes if that's what it takes to get the hot ladies.  Sometimes faith is only (fore)skin deep.

In honor of her guts, we'll give Sila a photo spread of her own, just like we did for Veena.  Muslims, feel free to shake your fist at your monitors in outrage, then just move your hands down south....

That's Sila on the left, Janini Uhse in the middle, and not sure about the hottie on the right.  WARNINIG: The next shot is very NSFW,

Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama Offends "Carnies"; But Gets A Job Offer Nevertheless... that has been reviled and mocked for a century or more, with its participants and proprietors subject to public ridicule, scorn, and second-class treatment.

I'm talking about...the carnival industry.  They are none to pleased about Obama's derogatory reference to their trade at the president's now-infamous "birther" news conference:

"We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

The response to Barack Obama's ugly and slanderous slur was fast and furious:

"I am extremely upset by the reference," said Frank Zaitshik, who runs Wade Shows, a carnival business with over 100 amusement rides and attractions that entertains over 15 million people each year.

Zaitshik, a second generation carnival worker -- a term he prefers to the word "carny," which is used as a pejorative -- has spent much of his life battling negative stereotypes about his industry.

"I think what Obama said is the same type of stereotype that has been placed on African Americans." Zaitshik said. "You wouldn't expect those comments from someone who is a minority and has faced prejudice."

Ron Weber, editor of Carnival, a website dealing with the industry, thought the president should be more sensitive about singling out groups when making disparaging comments..."A person who has fought for equal rights may not realize he's hurting a group of people," Weber said. "Maybe carnival people are the last safe stereotype to attack."

And as to be expected, Obama even got the terminology wrong.  What an intellectual lightweight:
In fact, the correct term is "talker," according to Scott Baker, who has been doing this sort of work for 16 years, currently with the Coney Island Sideshow.

"Anyone who uses the term 'barker' is betraying their ignorance," Baker said. "You have 'inside talkers' and 'outside talkers,' and sometimes the term 'lecturer' is used. But the term 'barker' has never been used."

Baker said he has a bone to pick with people who use the term "carnival barker" and admitted to being shocked when the President singled out his industry.

"Our jaws did drop," Baker said. "This silliness has gone on for years, but, the fact is, we work very hard to create a great show. We pride ourselves in Class A entertainment."

And the final humiliation for the president: An job offer that seems to be a perfect match for his intellectual capabilities and warped worldview...

If Obama wants to make it up to Baker, he said he's got just the solution.
 "I think the President should come see our show," he said. "We'll let him in for the kid's price. Maybe we can use his birth certificate as the 'blow-off,' which is the extra entertainment that's not officially part of the show...

Barack Obama as a sideshow freak?  Wikipedia describes "blow-off" thusly:

The ten-in-one would often end in a "blowoff" or "ding," an extra act not advertised on the outside, which could be viewed for an additional fee. The blowoff act would be described provocatively, often as something deemed too strong for women and children,....

An extra fee? Too offensive for woman and children?  Seems like the perfect fit for Baracky, who, after all, will in fact be looking for work in late 2012....
Lady, if you want to see a real contortionist, check out the guy in the Oval Office...

Allen West Knows Why He's In The "Crosshairs"...

...hey, don't blame me.  That's the New York Times talking, not me.  Guessed they missed their own memo.

Congressman West knows why he, more than any freshman Representative from the class of 2010, must be defeated at all costs:

...Mr. West’s place in the Democratic crosshairs stems, he said, from the fact “that I scare the liberal establishment.”

“You’re looking at a black man who was brought up in the inner cities, career military, a conservative, married going on 22 two years, two beautiful daughters, and for whatever reason that really does scare them,” he said. “My theory is that for whatever reason I could cause others like me to reject these liberal social-welfare policies.”

His theory is spot-on.  If other minorities see that you can flee the Democrat's plantation and survive, even thrive, hell, they might do the same thing.  And without that constituency, the Democrats are out of business, now and forever.

So they do to West what any plantation boss would to an escaped slave: Mock him, deride him, but secretly hate him, and work tirelessly to either bring him back in chains, or bring him back dead, so that the message gets thru loud and clear to any other would-be defectors....

Washington Post Gets Definitive On Obama's Intelligence... a story about Donald Trump's role in forcing the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate, we see an odd assertion:

But even as he suggested that one controversy might be put to rest, Trump raised new questions Wednesday about Obama’s background.

“The word is, according to what I’ve read, is that he was a terrible student when he went Occidental. He then gets to Columbia. He then gets to Harvard,” Trump said. “I heard at Columbia he wasn’t a very good student. He then gets to Harvard. How do you get into Harvard if you’re not a good student?”

Obama, a former constitutional law professor and the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, is widely recognized as an intellectual heavyweight...

By who, exactly?  The folks who work at the Washington Post?

You would think that if a major newspaper would make this type of assertion in a news story, they would follow it up with anecdotal evidence of said subject's intellectual heft.  But strangely enough, none is provided. The next sentences goes on to repeat Obama's proven falsehood (thank you, Jake Tapper) about the "birther" story dominating new coverage...

A sad trend amongst liberals is that when provided unassailable evidence that their pet theories do not work when applied to real life, their answer is not to reconsider their convictions, but to close their eyes, stamp their feet, plug their ears, and repeat their false assertions ad nausem, as if it will act as a magic talisman to bend reality to their demands.

Seems as if the Washington Post is now travelling down the same road...

Paul Ryan Gets A Standing "O"...

....message to the Left:  These are not the protests you have been looking for....

Check out Granny at the :20 mark standing up and applauding the Ryan plan.  Not quite the image the Democrats were trying to manufacture during the Easter recess, no matter how much co-operation they got from CNN and NBC:

To be fair, protesters have been seen on the outskirts of Paul Ryan's town halls:

Good luck with the faux outrage, guys.  We've got the real thing, and in case you haven't noticed, it's pointed  precisely in your direction...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

CNN Watering Democrat's Medicare Astroturf

If CNN isn't getting paid by the DNC, they ought to, for the yeoman's work they've done in attempting to convince the public that there is widespread rebellion against Paul Ryan's budget proposal, specifically, his formulations for Medicare.

Starting with this report from Yahoo's painfully biased Ticket...note how they try to work the narrative in around the facts:

A new survey released Wednesday by Gallup shows that seniors favor Ryan's budget plan over the president's proposal. Forty-eight percent of Americans 65 and over surveyed said they support Ryan's plan, while 42 percent back the president's plan.....

But there has been much anecdotal evidence of displeasure specifically aimed at Ryan's Medicare reforms, which the Democrats have only recently begun to trump in the media. Based on an informal survey, the Arkansas News recently found the Medicare vote to be a liability for the GOP, and just yesterday, television cameras captured angry constituents at a town hall meeting with Republican Rep. Dan Webster of Florida.
 At the Florida event, one attendee reportedly held a sign that read "keep your hands off my Medicare," and a woman screamed that the congressman voted to give corporations a tax cut "but take away Medicare for people like me," CNN reports.
Well, who needs facts when anecdotal evidence helps push the narrative?  And why was CNN at this particular town hall meeting, out of the hundreds held across the country?
CNN noted that it was unclear how much of the negative reaction at Tuesday's town hall was "genuine" and how much was "ginned up" by Democratic organizers. The network said it chose to cover the Florida town hall after Democrats said they would be targeting the event...
So CNN was clued in by Democratic operatives that there was going to be a hell of a show at the Webster town hall.  And despite admitting that the room was likely packed with ringers, they broadcast it anyway, in order to help produce the "anecdotal evidence" that the writer above needs to "prove" that despite the polls, people are really against the Ryan plan.
Disgusting, but not unexpected.  Republicans had better speak out loud and clear about the fraud being perpetuated by radical leftists and their enablers in the media, or they will find themselves on the defensive once again, despite possessing what may be the last possible life preserver for the inhabitants of the good ship America, once strong and proud, now rapidly taking on water under an incompetent crew...

UPDATE:    NBC's reporting isn't much better.  While giving Ryan a fair hearing, they focus on boos and dissenters in the crowd, while finally mentioning at the end of the segment that "at many locations, Ryan received a standing ovation". Funny they didn't see fit to include any of that video in their report...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthers 1, Obama 0

This poor bastard (the president, I mean) can't win for losing (calling Jimmy Carter!). After years of pressure, he finally releases his long-form birth certificate.  Something which he could have done back in 2007, but refused to do because...he just didn't want to.  It took a growing legion of so-called "birthers" - almost a third of the population, apparently - for Obama to realize it was time for him to give in, that he had lost the battle of wills.

The Weekly Standard has a few details, and just enough analysis:

A White House official emails Ben Smith: "I am not going to argue the politics of doing this are good — they probably aren’t. Allowing the GOP primary to devolve into birther mania probably would be better, but the president felt strongly that this was bad for the country."

So in that statement the official reveals what was always apparent: Team Obama thought the "birther issue" was politically advantageous for them. By refusing to release the document, they gave the conspiracy theory just enough oxygen to keep it alive and make Republicans look crazy when asked about it by their constituents

Perhaps the Obama White House really concluded just now the issue is "bad for the country," but it's equally if not more plausible that, contrary to that White House official's statement, Obama finally concluded the issue is bad for Obama.

Yup.  He is just so smart, isn't he?  Feed the beast just enough, but never expect that one day it will bite your freakin' hand off.  And when it happens, blame everyone around you, like the petulant little bitch that you are.  Making a statement to the press after the release of the birth certificate, Obama came off poorly, again:

Saying “we’ve got bigger stuff to do,” the president said he was born in Hawaii. He indirectly called Trump a carnival barker. He said that we will not solve our serious problems if we’re distracted by side shows. He scolded the press and the public for asking about his birth certificate, talked about the debt (never taking responsibility for it) and scolded a bit more. And then he walked out, never taking a single question from the press.
 ...Obama may not have intended to look like he was surrendering, but that’s exactly how he looked today. He looked like he was giving in to pressure, against his will, and couldn’t be bothered to explain his actions leading up to today, or his actions that have made headlines today.

What a douche.  Meanwhile, The Donald crowed like a rooster in a hen house, having become just the latest in a line of mediocrities to have p'wned the president.  At least he knows how to use a press conference to his advantage:

Reacting to the news, Donald Trump is delivering one of the most unusual press conferences in political history, crowing that he’s honored that the president finally released the thing. He says he is “really honored and really proud” that Obama finally released the long form.

Trump then used the press conference to hammer the president for economic policy and the price of gas... A few questions later, Trump berates a reporter, asking him “Are you intelligent?” before explaining why he cannot announce his presidential run before the end of the current season of Celebrity Apprentice. Then Trump said something that is unarguably true.

Trump: “The press is very protective of President Obama. They’re not protective of me, but they’re protective of President Obama.” And then Trump went on to slam Obama’s academic record. So, expect a few weeks of this, and then perhaps we will finally see something from Barack Obama’s college records...

Let's hope.  I'd love to see Obama's backers, whom still swoon over his every utterance, explain away his "C" average.

Meanwhile, it's come to this - the president sharing screen time with a TV reality star, who just happens to be more effective it getting to the truth and getting done:

 Even with an offical long-form birth certificate, Obama has lost this round badly to the "birthers".  If they're the crazy nincompoops that the media makes them out to be, and yet are able to bend the president to their will, well...what does that say about his mental capabilities,exactly?

Not to mention the media's....

Update: Feel the irony:

“We don’t have time for such silliness,” the President said this morning. And then he flew off to Chicago to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show....

Video: Chris Christie Mocks New Jersey State Supreme Court...

...and one idiotic justice in particular.  This bench is so far to the left of the average New Jersey resident that even this once-comfortably blue state is becoming more and more enraged at their willful, extra-legal interference in the state's economics and social structure.

And Chris Christie takes them to task for it, at a town hall in Hamilton, New Jersey.  Via MoreMonmouthMusings, which has additional Christie video:

Obama Slaps Down Uppity Black Businessmen...

...don't wander off the plantation, boy, and don't you dare eyeball me.  Because I will cut you loose and turn you out faster than you can sing a hymnal:

The National Black Chamber of Commerce has been around since 1992 and headed by one Harry Alford. (personally, I don't know why you even need a "Black Chamber", as business is business, but that's a whole other post).  The problem with Harry is that he just won't march in goose-step with the Obama administration's brazenly anti-business policies.

Certainly, the fiery Alford has at times created headaches for Obama, and Democrats.

In July, 2009, he famously blasted California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer face-to-face in a congressional hearing. When Boxer attempted to offset his testimony against cap-and-trade legislation by highlighting the support of the NAACP, Alford said it was “condescending…you’re trying to put up some other black group to pit against me….I think it’s God-awful.” [video below]

A few months later, when the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on “How are Minorities Faring in the Economic Downturn?” then-Democratic Chairman Edolphus Towns wanted Alford to testify, but the White House intervened, persuading Towns against it, Alford said. Instead, the panel’s top Republican, Darrell Issa, invited Alford.

Most recently, Alford has crusaded against the Obama administration’s strict regulations on for-profit colleges, teaming up with lawmakers in the Congressional Black Caucus to argue the regulations would disproportionately hurt black students of the schools.

It’s this issue, Alford and other sources close to the issue say, that has particularly rankled the Obama White House....

So what does Obama do?  Find another black businessman, one who will support him mindlessly!

Ron Busby, a former small business owner and corporate executive, in 2010 officially launched the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc., an alliance of 80 black chambers of commerce across the country.
 President Obama, the nation’s first African American president, has backed Busby, bringing him to the White House for bill signings and important speeches, and his staff even helping coin the new organization’s motto, “the national voice of the black business community.”

Meanwhile, the slights have left Alford – who voted for and donated to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign – fuming. He calls Obama’s move a calculated strategy to silence him.

“They’re afraid of me. They’re afraid of the Chamber. My work has a lot of credibility, and they’re afraid because I don’t dance to their music,” Alford said in an interview.

While it’s still unclear just how involved the White House has been in promoting Busby’s rival group, the evidence suggests it played a significant role.
 Busby has been invited to the White House 23 times to Alford’s five, according to White House visitor logs, including a slew of meetings with top officials from the Office of Public Engagement, an office overseen by Valerie Jarrett.

Alford asks a rhetorical question:

For Alford, besides the bitter issue of an Obama-backed rival, there’s a deeper issue of how a supporter like him could find himself on skids for what he considers a few honest policy disagreements

Because, Mr. Alford, the president is a thug.  Thugs don't have "honest disagreements" with their subordinates any more than Tony Soprano does.  But if I may add in a dash of irony, Mr. Alford, you can be assured you are being treated no differently than Obama would treat a white man of similar stature.  The only difference, of course, is if a Republicans replaced a black man for disagreeing with him and replaced him with a more amiable one, the media would be aflame with cries of "racism" and "house negro".  But the media that once protected you now protects Obama, and they understand his thuggish demeanor better than most, and will abide by his plantation mentality as long as they can continue to eat in the manor house.

A final comment from Alford is worth repeating:

“I would have one-on-ones with George W. Bush. After Katrina, George W. Bush asked me, ‘what do you think?’ I said, ‘I think you’re doing a lousy job, but you can turn it around.’ Bush said ‘give me three weeks.’ And he did it,” Alford said.

So, black America, you got a black president.  You also got $5-/gallon gas, unaffordable food, an aggregate unemployment rate 50% over the national average, as well as being denied the option of sending you kids to private schools.  And if you complain about it, well...see what happened to nice Mr. Alford?

So how's it working out for you?

Want to see why Alford had to go? Watch him slap down Obama's West Coast bitch Barbara Boxer below:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coke vs. DOMA drives this blogger to Royal Crown Cola

Sigh.  I gave up on Pepsi a few days after the inauguration of Barack Obama, when they sent me into a vertigo-type spin with these propaganda pieces plastered all over New York's subways.  Now it appears that my Coke-drinking days are over too, as the soft-drink giant apparently pressured the law firm of King & Spalding to drop their defense of DOMA:

Two partners at King & Spalding, the law firm that dropped defense of DOMA on behalf of the US House of Representatives, have spent the past several years defending al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo — for free. And apparently with the law firm’s blessing.

It also seems that Coca-Cola, a major K&S client, was behind the pressure that persuaded K&S to drop DOMA. Well, actually, drop the House, since it was the client.

..... Has Coke ever weighed in on K&S’s free defense of terrorists, or any of K&S’s other clients? I’d really like for them to show their work if they deign to answer.

....when terrorists get preferential treatment over the American people’s representatives by one of the nation’s more important law firms, we have a serious problem on our hands. Does Coke think al Qaeda is a burgeoning market? What on earth are they thinking?

They aren't thinking, they are acting out of fear of the left.  Certainly if Coke had a concern about K&S's client list, they would have made it clear when they were representing terrorists pro bono, right? No?  Was it because the left wasn't screaming at them then? Or does Coke think the defense of American-killing terrorists is less offensive than the defense of a law that is on the books?
By forcing K&S out, they now have to answer the question.  No answer is answer enough for me.
So I guess it's down to Royal Crown Cola.  Hey, if it is good enough for Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, then it's good enough for me.  As per one Homer J. Simpson in When You Dish Upon A Star:
Homer pulls up to the crowd in an RV draped with a sign that reads "Homer's Museum of Hollywood Jerks". He says "Attention, starstruck fools!" through a megaphone, and walks outside. "Step right up and see the world's greatest mobile collection of Alec and Ron and Kim-orabilia," he continues. The crowd takes the bait, and Homer collects his money from the first to rush forward.

Inside, the fans explore the RV museum.

Wiggum: Hey, it's Alec Baldwin's Medic Alert bracelet!

Homer: That's right, Mr. Tough Guy can't handle a little penicillin! Oh, and look at this! We can't even pay our bills, and they're drinking [mockingly] "Royal Crown Cola".

I'll take a RC, please.  And the girl in this picture...she's a Met fan, to boot!

Obama v. Netanyahu: If you paid to watch, demand a refund!

And yet some folks still think of Barack Obama as some type of brilliant political tactician, if nothing else.  This cautionary tale of how he tried to outwit, outflank, and outmaneuver Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - and failed miserably, instead alienating all sides  -should serve notice to even the last true believers that this man is not quite as smart as you think he is:

The president entered the White House intent on putting daylight between the United States and the Jewish state. He choose settlements as a wedge issue designed to split Netanyahu from the Israeli public and topple the government, in the process changing the widely understood interpretation of “settlement freeze” from “no expansion outside existing blocs” to “no Jewish construction over the Green Line even in Jerusalem.” Either Netanyahu would halt all construction and lose the Israeli right, the thinking went, or he would put himself on the wrong side of the United States president and lose the Israeli center. Satisfyingly clever.

Of course the administration’s reading of Israeli polling data was flat wrong, and even Israeli opposition chairwoman Tzipi Livni insisted that Jerusalem was a consensus issue. The Israeli public rallied behind Netanyahu, while distrust in Obama and his reliability as an ally — a precondition to Israel taking risks for peace — skyrocketed.

In retrospect, sweet jeebus - what a mismatch.  No promoter would have booked this brawl, had they known they way Barack "Glass Joe" Obama would crumble before blows thrown by China, Russia, and even - sacre bleu! - France ( the geo-political equivalent to getting beat up by a little girl).
Omri Ceren at Commentary dissects this mess and is sickened by the goo:
Of course it’s difficult to know from the outside where exactly things went awry, and who was making up which anti-Israel pretexts. The administration’s foreign policy is a hodgepodge of institutionalized ideology and wishful thinking, with various factions all vying for the president’s ear and trying to be unwittingly wrong in their own special way.
I don't know, maybe it's that church he went to:
....And that’s before we get to the quotidian antipathy that many in the administration harbor toward the Israelis, an antipathy that apparently makes any anti-Israel reasoning — no matter how thin — seem like the height of sophistication...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rutgers Professor: New Jersey Toll-Takers To Commit Mass Suicide!

Chris Christie has been not-so-secretly working to privatize toll collection on New Jersey's parkways and turnpikes, based on the somewhat sensible proposition that the state does not need to pay folks $65,000 per year to stick their hand out and take your money, while behaving quite badly to boot. 

In steps Jeff Keefe of Rutgers University.  Keefe is famous for his many studies "proving" that public sector employees actually make less than their private sector equivalents.  Keefe testified before the Assembly State Government Committee on Thursday, and made some eyebrow-raising remarks:

"There are some very predicable outcomes if you privatize," said Jeff Keefe, a professor in the School of Management and Labor Relations. "Many of these people will never work again. A number of them will commit suicide."

"We're going to do a lot of damage to people and their families - damage they won't recover from."

Keefe provides no evidence that laid-off union employees commit suicide, or that they do so at a higher rate than laid-off private sector employees.  Furthermore, he appears to be belittling the intelligence and intestinal fortitude of the toll-takers as he seems to be claiming "this is it" for them in life - as if  collecting tolls at a grossly inflated salary is the extent of these people's capabilities.
Yes, I know, shocking - a liberal elitist from a state university.  Who'd a thunk it?
Now that his sanity has been called into question, one would believe that folks would take a second look at Keefe's hopelessly biased study - trumpeted by the SEIU, NPR, and liberal blogs - claiming that public sector union employees, like our $65K/year toll-takers, are in fact not overpaid.  (A somber analysis of his work can be found here).
Seems to me as if Professor Keefe is resorting to a shopworn liberal debating trick - when the facts are all stacked against you, just abandon reason and logic and claim your opposition is attempting to murder the helpless, while you are their last, best hope (see Barack Obama's budgetary response to Paul Ryan for numerous examples of the technique). 
Someone ought to tell out wacky professor that the empty rhetoric of the Left possesses none of its usual powers; and he must prove his argumentation with factual data or cease and desist the madness.
But don't worry, professor, I have faith in you.  Unlike the toll-takers whom you disparage, I doubt you'll be committing hari-kari, not when there are so many people out there who so desperately need erroneous data-mining to fulfill their partisan agendas....

Windmill Blades Go Flying as "Green Jersey" Becomes a Massive Clusterf**k

An appropriate metaphor for the entire government-funded "green technology" movement can be found in this tale of renewable woe out of Forked River farm country, deep in the heart of New Jersey:

Hoping to save money by generating renewable energy from wind turbines instead of buying it from a power company, two Forked River farm owners had 120-foot turbines erected on their properties in December.
 But by March 8, the turbines no longer were rotating. Three fiberglass blades ranging in weight from 265 to 290 pounds flew off the tower of the turbine at James Knoeller's Christmas Tree Farm on Carriage Road on March 2.
Cracks in the blades of an identical turbine tower at Argos Farms, operated by Spyro Martin, were discovered around the same time. Martin's turbine was shut down as a precaution.
 The incidents prompted an investigation by the state Office of Clean Energy, which is freezing applications for its Renewable Energy Incentive Program wind project until officials know why the blades at Knoeller's farm came off....
Let's stop here for a moment.  How soon do you think this moratorium on government-funded, Obama-approved, elitist-embraced energy will last?  Fifteen minutes, perhaps?  And as a contrast, how many permits have been issued for offshore drilling in the Gulf since the BP spill? 
Yeah.  One.  But wait, the stupidity has only just begun:
Knoeller's 17-year-old granddaughter, Sarah, was working with horses near the tower when the blades flew off.

"One of them nearly hit her," Knoeller said. "The weather was fine. There were mild winds.

No blood for wind!  And no more lies about the efficiency of "green energy"!  Truth sucks:
"The most disappointing aspect of this project prior to the blades falling off was the electric production was only 25 percent of what I was told I was going to get by Skylands Renewable Energy. The catastrophic blade failure was the last straw," Knoeller added.

Knoeller said his tower was to produce 66,000 kilowatts a year, which would have amounted to a savings of $14,000 to $15,000 from not having to purchase the power from a power company such as JCP&L. He said he is not satisfied with the safety of the tower or with the manufacturer.

But you're dealing with government cronies here, so here comes the bird:
Now, he wants the bladeless tower removed from his farm and his money refunded. Enertech and Skylands Renewable Energy, however, say Knoeller is not covered by the contract's warranty because he missed scheduled payments.

Enertech sales manager Dylan Jones said his company is taking responsibility for the problem, which he said was not a design flaw but a manufacturing issue. He added that there were no problems related to the towers' installation by Skylands.

Take responsibility, then pass it like a hot potato.  Sounds like a certain president I know...

And while windmill blades are flying all over New Jersey in an attempt to decapitate the Innocent, other townships are taking precautions - by refusing to put up windmills at all.  NIMBY-ism from liberals? No way!  It would be so...hypocritical:

Residents who were worried about a 325-foot high industrial wind turbine dominating the skyline can breathe a sigh of relief now that the proposal to build it at the National Guard Training Center has been canceled.

Sea Girt Mayor Mark Clemmensen, who made the announcement Wednesday in a prepared release, said that "this was a project which was wrong for Sea Girt as well as our neighbors in Manasquan and Spring Lake."

"The governor called Mark and I up Tuesday to tell us the project was being terminated," Manasquan Mayor George Dempsey said.
 "Environmentally, it (the wind turbine) is the right thing to do, but it was not being placed in the right location," said Dempsey

Right.  Green energy, like taxes, are for other people.  Just ask the Guru himself, Al Gore.  And besides - it can kill you!  Really!
Sea Girt and Manasquan residents also raised concerns about "wind turbine syndrome," which can cause nausea, insomnia and other health problems that some researchers say arise from the continuous whooshing sound made by turbine blades....
Ludicrous.  Everyone knows that "Wind Turbine Syndrome" symptoms are the same as those seen in the general population due to stresses of daily life!  Just ask the Wind Industry, who commissioned a study to prove it!  Any type of symptoms at all can be blamed on...the media:
....the power of suggestion, as conveyed by news media coverage of perceived 'wind-turbine sickness', might have triggered "anticipatory fear" in those close to turbine installations....
And Chris Christie is getting into the act to, finally manning up (after months of  heat from AFP, who are even bringing Democrats on board) and admitting he's thinking about pulling New Jersey out of the northeast's little cap & trade cartel:
New Jersey could become the next state to pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI, pronounced “Reggie”), a system in the northeast that environmentalists until recently pointed to as a cap-and-trade success story. Earlier this month, the New Hampshire state house voted to repeal its membership, and now Gov. Chris Christie is hinting at doing the same thing.

“Is there enough of a benefit to the state to keep it going, or is it too much of a detriment on business? And the thing I’m most concerned about is that it doesn’t seem to be working in the entire region,” said Christie. “The value of these credits is getting less and less as we continue to go further and further out, and so the value of the program is becoming less and less.”

"The value is less and less"  Yup.. just ask Farmer Knoeller, the city of Manasquan, and New Jersey taxpayers, who get hit by a RGGI "tax" on their electric bills while gas creeps up to $4/gallon.  "Green" has got you coming and going, and it adds no benefit to our lives, while costing us our hard-earned cash and distracting us from our true calling:  Drilling for oil, on which this country sits on a sh*t-ton...

It's a fiasco.  Just like anything the government tells us is "for our own good..."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Were Soap Operas Killed By The Unions?

That's the case that Kyle Smith in the New York Post lays out when doing a post-mortem on "One Life to Live” and “All My Children.”.  Tying it to the recent deaths of  "As the World Turns,” “Guiding Light” and “Another World", Smith comes to the following conclusions:

Whenever a business is bleeding, there’s often a union holding a bloody knife and a dazed “Who, me?” expression — like 6-year-old Michael Myers in “Halloween.

In the last decade, soaps have been trying to cut costs to the bone. But those bones are covered in the impenetrable gristle of AFTRA (the daytime actors union), WGA (the writers guild), the DGA (directors) and the backstage union IATSE....Union super-minimum wages lead directly to high unemployment. AFTRA requires each of the main performers to be paid at least $913 a day, but stars get much more.....Seventeen Writers Guild jobs disappear when the two ABC soaps go dark. They aren’t getting paid in Palmolive, either. Head writers (of whom there might be more than one) get at least $35,345 a week
The unions are clueless.  Unless murder is not a side effect, but the point of the exercise itself:

An AFTRA source who didn’t want to be identified says, “We’re certainly mindful of the challenges the industry faces,” although not mindful enough to back down on their main goal: “We want to increase pay and benefits for our members.”

How's that working out? Oh:

Hundreds of IATSE members are going to be out of work. Even unionized reality programs like ABC’s upcoming soap replacements “The Chew” (Mario Batali cooking show) and “The Revolution” (a “Biggest Loser”-style weight-loss show) will bring far fewer jobs in makeup, costumes, set moving, etc.

Maybe renegotiating the daytime serials portion of the contract would have beaten layoffs. But from the unions’ perspective, any concession sets a dangerous precedent. If they take a hit on daytime, isn’t that an invitation to cut prime-time contracts? So unions will continue to shrug at reality and the marketplace will continue to punish them.

New Jersey native Brittany Underwood, now out of work, thanks to her union brothers...

And the next time the unions complain about "big business" outsourcing their jobs overseas, maybe they should take a closer look; they might be surprised that they're the ones helming the transatlantic liner:

At some point, union cost differentials become so absurd that productions get outsourced. Showtime’s “The Borgias” was shot in Hungary. China was happy to not only host production of the remake of “The Karate Kid” but to write a large check for the opportunity.
You might think there would be some outrage here, but with Obama in the White House the unions have an enabler -in-chief, one that will excuse them any excesses (from New York to Los Angeles to Wisconsin) and point them towards the next target-rich environment (Boeing!).

So soap fans, don't vent your ire at the studio execs, forced to make decisions with a knife at their throat.  If you are looking for a guilty party, why, just look for the union label....

No more daytime lesbian makeout scenes? Now I'm really pissed off.... 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama, Punk'd Again: Chinese High-Speed Rail A Fraud !

For the past eight years, Liu Zhijun was one of the most influential people in China. As minister of railways, Liu ran China’s $300 billion high-speed rail project. U.S., European and Japanese contractors jostled for a piece of the business while foreign journalists gushed over China’s latest high-tech marvel.

Today, Liu Zhijun is ruined, and his high-speed rail project is in trouble. On Feb. 25, he was fired for “severe violations of discipline” — code for embezzling tens of millions of dollars. Seems his ministry has run up $271 billion in debt — roughly five times the level that bankrupted General Motors. But ticket sales can’t cover debt service that will total $27.7 billion in 2011 alone. Safety concerns also are cropping up.

Faced with a financial and public relations disaster, China put the brakes on Liu’s program. On April 13, the government cut bullet-train speeds 30 mph to improve safety, energy efficiency an
d affordability. The Railway Ministry’s tangled finances are being audited. Construction plans, too, are being reviewed.

Liu’s legacy, in short, is a system that could drain China’s economic resources for years. So much for the grand project that Thomas Friedman of the New York Times likened to a “moon shot” and that President Obama held up as a model for the United States.

Rather than demonstrating the advantages of centrally planned long-term investment, as its foreign admirers sometimes suggested, China’s bullet-train experience shows what can go wrong when an unelected elite, influenced by corrupt opportunists, gives orders that all must follow — without the robust public discussion we would have in the states.

So Obama, an admirer of both China's brutal dictatorship and command & control economy, has a choice: To fess up to the American people that he was punk'd by the Chinese, and that high-speed rail, with its apparent inefficiencies and high cost, is not the right direction for America to take at this time, or he can keep on plowing ahead and chasing the dream. As in forcing construction despite the public's utter unwillingness to pay for it and ride on it.

Gee, what do you think Barack Obama will do? Well, to use "climate change" as an example, at a San Fransisco fundraiser this past week he derided members of Congress as "climate deniers", while having never publicly mentioned, or apparently even taking into intellectual consideration, the Climategate scandal, in which scientists were found to be altering climate data to provide "proof" for global warming, even as evidence for the opposite effect - planet-wide cooling - became stronger and stronger...

So expect the same for Obama's precious high speed rail. Facts be damned, it's part of his utopian vision, and even if it doesn't work, or doesn't even exist, he's gonna jam it down our throats, and makes us all go bankrupt paying for it.

It's a high-speed railway to hell...

Whatever happened to our president's alleged intellectual flexibility that the pundits were so sold on? Seems as if it's gone the same way of his so-called "cool demeanor"....

Why I stopped reading the New York Daily News...

Sorry about the less-than-stellar screenshot...this is from their home page, see the highlighted area below:

Because life is so much better now, with $5+/gallon gas, exponentially expanding food prices, an impotent job market and a debt load which is making ratings agencies quake.

But hey - remember those few months that the Dow slid under the Bush Administration? Sure, it was at the very end of his 8-year run, and sure, we were facing an unprecedented financial crisis, and sure, it looked (properly) to the markets that a radical socialist was going to take the helm of the United States, but hey - none of that is significant!

All that you need to know is...that it was George W. Bush's fault!

Reminds me of the recent Wonkette scandal...the fact that something this unbelievably stupid made it into the headline of a major metropolitan daily speaks more to the cocoon in which the editors who passed this live in, than the sheer malice of the unoriginal headline writer him/herself.

I gave up on this paper a while back, when they made America's worst sportswriter, Mike Lupica, into a feature columnist. It's why the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are doing to the New York newspaper competition what FOX News is doing to their cable challengers...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. Burns Speaks - On Earth Day 2011...

The most concise words on the subject of Earth Day are spoken by one C. Montgomery Burns of Springfield (state unknown). A local businessmen of some note, he gives his thoughts on what the enviornment - and Earth Day - means to him:

"Oh, so Mother Nature needs a favor? Well, maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys. Nature started the fight for survival and now she wants to quit because she's losing? Well, I say, hard cheese!"


(A "recycled" post from 2009...)

Larry Sabato's Alternate-Reality 2012 Electoral Map

The director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, Larry Sabato - also the "go-to" guy for the mainstream media when they need to interpet results in a "Democratic" way - has released a preliminary electoral map for the 2012 elections. And what a surprise - it fits right in with the convention wisdom we've been hearing for the last few weeks, that Obama is a lock for re-election in 2012.

Take a look at his map (self-explanatory, with yellow being the "toss-up"):

Now take a look at a map of the 2010 mid-term elections:

Florida a "toss-up"? Really? In a state where Obama's approval ratings are hovering in the BP range? Wisconsin as "lean Democratic"? Ask Joanne Kloppenberg , and the stunned Wisconsin unions, about that. Same with Pennsylvania, which seems to love "fracking" for national gas, while rapidly falling out of love with one Barack Hussein Obama.

A propaganda piece? Or a work of lazy thinking and conventional wisdom in a time when both have been turned on their head?

Expect Sabato's map to be bathed in red when we look at the final results in November of 2012...

Two suicides in Jersey, but only one hate crime. Why?

Death by suicide is now prosecutable as a hate crime in New Jersey (more below). And one wonders if the case can be make here:

He wasn't PC enough for Princeton.

A vicious campaign to end the unblemished 10-year career of a popular but often politically incorrect Princeton teacher left him so despondent that he took his own life, brokenhearted pals said yesterday.

Spanish teacher Antonio Calvo, 45 -- who stabbed himself to death in his Chelsea apartment on April 12 -- believed at least two graduate students and another lecturer were behind a poisonous political maneuver that robbed him of a contract renewal, two friends told The Post.

Calvo once raised his voice in a meeting with a female graduate student, who interpreted the confrontation as "aggressive behavior," the pal said.

Another incident apparently involved a grad student whom Calvo chided, "You're spending too much time touching your balls. Why don't you go to work?"

"It was interpreted as sexual harassment, but it's a common expression in Spanish," the pal said.

So our liberal Princeton undergrads apparently had no respect for, or understanding of, Calvo's culture, and apparently allowed their hatred and ignorance to ruined his career and his reputation, and eventually force him to take his life.

How is that a hate crime? Well, I don't know, exactly. But if a Rutgers student can be charged with a hate crime for allegedly driving his roomate to suicide, why can't the Princetonians?

The New York Post titles its editorial Vengeful in Jersey:

New Jersey prosecutors, in a substan tial overreach, this week brought hate-crime charges against a former Rutgers student whose roommate killed himself after his gay encounter was secretly videostreamed.

Dharun Ravi was initially charged with invasion of privacy after his roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge.

But because those charges likely would have resulted only in probation, there was enormous political pressure to upgrade the charges to a hate crime; public figures including celebrities and even President Obama spoke out on the case.

And this is why certain suicides are "hate crimes" and other suicides are simply unfortunate occurances:

We've long been leery of the assumptions underlying hate-crime laws: Under the best of circumstances, they assume prosecutors can read defendants' minds -- and they encroach on free-speech rights.

By definition they require prosecutors to make political judgments -- and that, as the civil-liberties folks like to say, is a very slippery slope indeed.

Moreover, they're nearly always selectively enforced.

As in, enforced on behalf of liberal sensitivities only. If Ravi is to be prosecuted, so must those who tormented Calvo due to his cultural upbringing and lack of understanding of contemporary liberal morals.

Otherwise, as the Post insinuates, we have moved from fairness to vengeance. Welcome to "Justice", liberal-style...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wanna Know Where Wonkette's Jack Steuf's Anger Comes From?

Steuf, for those of you who are lucky enough to not know the name, is the vile piece of shit who wrote a horrific column the other day on Wonkette in "honor" of Trig Palin's birthday, where he makes fun of his Downs Syndrome (No link, but this is typical: ‘What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded. His mom went to a lot of trouble to leak amniotic fluid over eight states to make sure that he arrived in this world somewhat alive") and insinuates incest and rape in the Palin family.

Steuf offered a half-hearted apology, which followed an even more half-hearted apology from his boss, Ken Layne. Read them if you can, they sound like even worse douchebags than you might imagine.

Want to know why these two assclowns have so much hate inside them? Just look at them - first Steuf, who probably got his fat ass kicked all the way through senior year - of college:

And here's Ken Layne, all dolled up in his hipster best, trying to look relevant, trying to be cool, and failing miserably at both.