Thursday, May 31, 2007

If he's an expert on "global warming"...

....then why is he writing a seldom-read sports column?

I'll answer that in a sec; it speaks to the way every writer on every major (and minor) newspaper is using their columns, whether it be on politics, food, film, or real estate, to push some aspect of the liberal agenda, as if desperate to prove that they too are down with "the cause". Of course, it is usually wildly off-subject, but no one in the editorial rooms seems to mind...
James Taranto in today's Opinion Journal gives us an example - from Chicago Sun-Times television critic Doug Elfman :

The trouble with "Starter Wife" isn't [actress Debra] Messing or money. The show just kind of lies there, like the bird poop that fell on our president's face at a press conference the other day. Oh, I mean, his shirt. Sorry. Wishful thinking.

So, that brings us to the New York Daily News. Somebody thought is was a good idea to give Mike Lupica, possibly the worst sports columnist in America, a current-events column which he uses to blast away inanely at all things Republican. Typical for a liberal paper, but for the fact that his writing, and reasoning, is unspeakably awful. From today's coloring book, he cries out for Obama :

Maybe Obama needs a big, loud New York event soon, in Giuliani's city and Hillary Clinton's state, to show that at a time when so many of the other candidates in this race, from both parties, look like they come out of the old way of doing things, Obama is not just younger than the rest of them, he is different, and not afraid to come right at anybody.

Obama was against the war even when nobody listened. At least he was right. He comes out with a universal health care plan yesterday that makes as much sense as anybody's. And it is more than that with him.

Obama should come to New York soon, give a speech everybody can hear, about war and health care and his vision for the future.

Hey douchebag, he's been to New York - here's a video. Problem is that when he does visit the Big Apple, he's usually just collecting donations and not spending much time with proletariat. Sorry, Mike, but I think your editors just hung you out to dry...well, at least your space in the sports sections has been reduced...
But please - "a universal health care plan yesterday that makes as much sense as anybody's"?? Are you saying that nobody's makes any sense? Because Barak's medicinal madness is as illogical and poorly thought out as any the Democratic party has rolled out over the last quarter-century...

But I'm not writing about Obama, or Mike Lupica, or that guy from the Sun-Times! I'm writing about this jackrod, sports columnist Joel Sherman of the NY Post, who compares the Yankees' current woes to that of the poor, misunderstood, enviornment - note the "clever" wordplay:

That is the reason why they are in this horrible state: Their unquenchable habit of meeting every crisis by going to players who are famous, expensive and almost certainly have already played the best baseball of their careers.

This is how you end up with Jason Giambi for seven years or Johnny Damon for four or Bobby Abreu for 11/2. They were all instant gratification with no concern for the future, kind of like driving a Hummer today with no concern that will some day lead to your grandchildren clearing the polar icecaps from their back yards.

A Hummer was supposed to be the Yankees’ parting gift to Roger Clemens, but like carbon in the atmosphere The Rocket never does seem to go fully away. Now he is back, the perfect Yankee of this era: a pro-rated $28 million for a 44-year-old who should have plenty of stories about how great he used to be.
For the Yankees, let Clemens be the last indulgence into this familiar mode of operation...

Hey Sherman - the Yankees (whom I loathe, incidentally), won ten consecutive AL East titles with their tried and true "spendspendspend" method. You cheered every time they fulfilled their "instant gratification".
They have a bad two months, and you toss them and their previously successful policies in the dumpster.

Hey, it is kinda like the enviornment - run warm a few years out of, oh, a couple of billion, and all of a sudden you're ready to chuck all the achievemments of the last two centuries out the window.

See why we don't bother to consider your opinions on sports either?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

'Bye, Cindy!

Little Green Footballs reports that Cindy Sheehan is essentially abandoning the anti-war movement - excerpts below from her letter of "resignation"; it is a case study of all the anger, divisiveness, and loathing that fills the movement and its members. She begins, as usual, by defiling the memory of her deceased son:

The most devastating conclusion that I reached this morning, however, was that Casey did indeed die for nothing....Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months.....

What worthless human beings we are, failing to focus all of our energies on Ms. Sheehan's crusade! Now during WWII, nobody left their homes at all; they stayed inside and fretted and worried and sang anti-war ditties....

I have also tried to work within a peace movement that often puts personal egos above peace and human life. T his group won’t work with that group; he won’t attend an event if she is going to be there; and why does Cindy Sheehan get all the attention anyway?

For once, Cindy, I believe you - for your compatriots, it's not about the war, its about drawing attention to one's allegdly seflless actions. Whatever happened to the virtue of anonymous charity? Or does the self-described "reality-based" liberals feel that if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, then it really hasn't fallen at all?

I am going to take whatever I have left and go home.

Quitting because you've lost the argument? You have a lot in common with Rosie O'Donnell....

Camp Casey has served its purpose. It’s for sale. Anyone want to buy five beautiful acres in Crawford , Texas ? I will consider any reasonable offer.

More on the underhanded way she bought this Crawford property by deciet and lies here.

This is my resignation letter as the “face” of the American anti-war movement.

Send it to the media, Cindy - they are the ones who made you the "face", and they are responsible for the envy of your fellow leftists.

The media is guilty, Cindy, but only for making a morally corrupt and sick woman like yourself the leader of a powerful anti-war movement they hoped for, but never actually existed. They saw you as a tool to bring down George W. Bush, and when you failed (which was inevitable), they turned their eyes to Scooter Libby. You were used, and you reveled in it. Now that your fame has passed, and has relegated you to a small footnote in even the most well-documented histories, what do you have left?
Apparently, an endless well of anger and resentment, flavored with bitterness:

Good-bye America are not the country that I love...

So leave. Try Venezuela, where you are seen in the embrace of a socialist thug. If that's what you love, then it is no wonder your cause failed. Slink away, and if you have any sense of morality left in your decrepid soul, leave the spirit of poor Casey Sheehan behind, so that we may pay him the honor that he is due.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Honor the fallen; they made the greatest sacrifice one could offer so that we may live in freedom, and peace.
May God hold their souls close.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

American Troops vs. al-Sadr and his Democratic Allies

Well, maybe they should have done this the first time the slumrat starting mouthing off:

A day after radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr resurfaced to end nearly four months in hiding and demand U.S. troops leave Iraq, American forces raided his Sadr City stronghold and killed five suspected militia fighters in air strikes Saturday.
U.S. and Iraqi forces called in the air strikes after a raid in which they captured a "suspected terrorist cell leader," the U.S. military said in statement.

The militia fighters were killed in air strikes on nine cars that were seen positioning themselves to attack American forces after the raid, the military said.

Had this been done in 2003, the war may have been over in 2004. Better late than never, I reckon...

Note further down in the article upon whom al-Sadr is counting on to help lead his resurgence:

Al-Sadr did not address his reasons for returning, but associates say his strategy rests in part on his belief that Washington will soon start reducing troop strength, leaving a void in Iraq's security and political power structure that he can fill.

"Washington", huh? Wonder if the Washington Post did some creative editing; there is only one group in Washington that wants to start rapidly reducing troop strength, and they are called Democrats. Anyone want to point out to Hillary/Obama/Reid/Pelosi that their words of defeatism and surrender are emboldening the enemy, to a point where once-fled terror leaders are now returning, anticipating a easy mark come November?

Supporting the enemy in warfare is treason; and that's what the above four horseman of the American apocalypse are doing, willfully and knowingly. They need an American defeat to have any hope of fully regaining power, and they will use all means possible to achieve that ends, including a smile and a wink to the murderous al-Sadr.

Questioning your patriotism? You'd better flippin' believe it....

Trooper Davey Jones: A Drunken Liar, or a Lying Drunk?

Thought I put the finishing chapter on the New Jersey State Trooper & Trooper Union President Davey Jones' penchant for intimidation the other day; I added in the recently uncovered story of his unusual 2005 autoaccident more as an amusing anecdote than anything else. But of course, nothing is amusing, or anecdotal, when dealing with Stormtrooper Jones. A bit more, if you would indulge me:

When State Police Trooper David Jones slammed an SUV into the back of a 40-ton tractor trailer in 2005, the impact was so hard that the truck driver was jolted back into his seat.
Brick police later stated in the department's official report that Jones "had been drinking."

Police did not conduct tests on Jones to determine the blood alcohol level, if any, in his body. No summonses were issued in the Nov. 1, 2005, accident on Route 70 near the Manasquan River. Jones lives in Brick.
The GMC Suburban driven by Jones was owned by the Manasquan-based State Troopers Fraternal Association.

"If that was you or me, we would have gotten a ticket," Ocean Township lawyer Adam J. Weisberg said.

When questioned about the accident, Trooper Jones reverted to his usual tactics:

In an interview yesterday, Jones said that any effort to ask him about the accident was "nothing but an attempt to besmirch" him in a "smear campaign."

Will Stormtrooper - whoops again! - I mean State Trooper Jones now release personal information on the poor soul who interviewed him yesterday? After all, the last guys who questioned your judgement were forced into hiding by your threats....

Well, I can't question you, but I can help expose you. More:

In the interview, Jones said that he had hit the truck after coming down off of the Route 70 Bridge over the Manasquan River. Jones said that he was in the right-hand lane as he approached two trucks that were moving slowly away from the intersection at Riviera Drive.
Just as Jones began to move into the left lane, Jones said the rear truck did also. Jones said he then locked his brakes and went back into the right lane and struck the other truck.
"I've got a thousand witnesses, including a hundred people that I was in front of, 40 minutes before the accident," he said, without elaborating. "I don't know where you think you are going with this."

A thousand witnesses, Jonsie? Maybe if you threaten them all with a gun....but the key witnesses speak otherwise:

But Bruno E. Duffield Jr., the driver of the truck that Jones struck, said that the second truck was always in front of him, and that neither truck attempted to move into the left hand lane. His account is consistent with the Brick police report, which said that Duffield's truck had been stopped at a red light at the intersection, behind a second tractor trailer.

When the light turned green, Duffield pulled through the intersection and was struck from behind by Jones, the report stated.

Seems like Jones was drunk, got away with it due to his position, and has been lying about it ever since.

The fact that Jones is the president of the New Jersey State Troopers Union, and has continued to hold this position even after a number of ugly incidents, speaks poorly of all New Jersey state police. If this is who they insist of having represent them, then one must assume that he is representative of them, as well.

Feeling ill-treated and disprespected by the public? Sorry, boys, you've brought it on yourself. Remove Jones, and redeem yourselves.

My little series on Jones starts here, then here, gets political here, "finishes" here, but likely ends here (with this post!)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Roseanne and Rosie Redux

Erica directed me towards this interesting little article; a tale in which her harsh anti-Jewish invective caused even the most liberal of rabbis to walk away in disgust:

Rabbi Arthur Waskow had heard enough.

The left-wing activist and Jewish Renewal rabbi was slated to face off via telephone with media personality Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on comedian Roseanne Barr’s radio show last week. But after a lengthy lead-in during which Barr and her co-host/boyfriend, Johnny Argent, let loose a torrent of invective against Judaism, Jewish identity and religion in general, Waskow decided he was no longer interested in participating.
By the time the pair tried to put Waskow on the air, the rabbi had hung up.

In a mass-e-mail titled “Why I Hung Up the Phone on Roseanne Barr,” the rabbi slammed the hosts’ “foul thought in stupid words.”
“There are plenty of cogent critiques to be made of religion, including Judaism, but this was drivel. Stupid, ignorant, whiney, and hostile all at the same time,” wrote Waskow, director of the Philadelphia-based Shalom Center.

Four best words ever to describe Roseanne Barr: Stupid, ignorant, whiney, and hostile. Geez, add three hundreds pounds, an what an attractive package you have!

I found this point interesting:

Only a year ago, the Kabbalah-practicing Barr had been talking up her desire to have an adult bat mitzvah and joking about wanting to become Israel’s prime minister. Lately, however, Roseanne has taken to dishing out harsh — and sometimes bizarre — critiques of Judaism and Israel.


Roseanne's alleged Judiasm appears strictly trend-based. Jewish mysticism big amongst the Hollywood glitteratti? Then Miss Barr is a Kabbalist, whispering the secrets of the ancients with an in-the-know society including Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Sandra Bernhard, and Brittany Spears (At one point, Spears was ridiculed for getting a Hebrew tattoo on the back of her neck which translated into nothing).
But when Jew-bashing and Israel-hating becomes in vouge again (it never goes out for more than a few seasons, anyway), there is Roseanne again, abandoning her Kabbalistic beliefs and tossing aside her red bracelet for some good old fashioned self-loathing; the kind that the Arab presses gleefully pick up and report (American Jewish Celebrity Renounces Her Satanic Religion, or something of the sort).

Again: “foul thought in stupid words.”

And speaking of foul and stupid, Rosie O'Donnell and her people took a mature approach to her beatdown on The View by Miss Hasselbeck the other day:

ROSIE O'Donnell left "The View" with a bang, not a whimper, following her on-air smackdown with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday.
Yesterday, Rosie's chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly escorted from the building after she was caught drawing moustaches on photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in the "View" studios.
The Post's Adam Buckman reports ABC confirmed in a statement only that "photographs at 'The View's' offices were defaced. Rosie O'Donnell was not in the building. ABC Legal and Human Resources are investigating the matter.

There were also rumors O'Donnell was so angry after her argument with Hasselbeck that she trashed her dressing room....

Stupid, ignorant, whiney, and hostile all at the same time...

Rosie and Roseanne - putrid peas in a rotten pod....

And Elisabeth Hasselbeck is my new hero, incidentally - anyone who can drive that wretched b*tch off the air is more than worship-worthy...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Jersey Trooper Davey Jones: Can You Hear Him Laughing?

Oh, yeah, I am sure he's having a good chuckle over his "punishment" for attempting to silence his critics by revealing their home addresses, license plate numbers, and other personal information to the media. Try to talk some truth about New Jersey Stormtrooper - jeez, I keep making that mistake, it's State Trooper - and union thug Davey Jones, will you? Oh, he'll come after you, all right - and may laws, morals, and responsibility to the public be damned!

Anyway, here's how some real ugliness by armed state employees gets resolved in the ethical swamp we call Jersey:

State troopers union President David Jones was suspended for five days without pay and reprimanded Tuesday after a report from the attorney general said he "brought discredit to himself" and the State Police by releasing personal information about New Jersey 101.5 FM radio host Craig Carton.
Jones also was ordered to undergo conflict resolution counseling, according to two law enforcement sources who would not discuss the discipline publicly.

State Police Superintendent Col. Joseph "Rick" Fuentes handed down the punishment, hours after Attorney General Stuart Rabner issued a report and statement criticizing Jones' actions at a May 3 news conference in which the union leader held up a paper showing Carton's home address and the make, model and license plate number of his car.

Ohhh...five days without pay! I'm sure he gets reimbursed quite handsomely for his gig as union chief of the the once-respectable police outfit that he has molded into modern-day brownshirts; you'd better believe that paycheck won't be five days short. And if I was a betting man (and I am), I would lay serious odds that Davey Jones will get himself a nice little union "bonus" somewheres between now and Christmas that will cover the loss he "suffered" in this hateful little incident.


Rabner wrote that Jones' actions "created an inappropriate perception that law enforcement would harass a citizen whom they have a grievance against."
"This perception harms law enforcement. In the case of the State Police, it undermines the good will that professionals have earned," Rabner wrote.

A resignation by Trooper Jones would do a lot towards repairing the breach of trust that has developed between the citizens of New Jersey and the State Police who are allegedly there to "protect" them. But let's talk gambling again - what are the odds that the ego of this power-drunk fascist would allow him to even consider resigning his post, if not as a State Trooper (which would have been appropriate here), then as a union boss? Yeah, that's what I thought. I can hear him chortling right now as he picks out his fishing lures for the upcoming week, and plans his victory speech to the media.
Craig Carton - victimized by Trooper Jones's irrational wrath for his "crime" of speaking out against State Police plans to ticket-blitz New Jersey drivers as revenge for recent media criticism - agrees:

Carton called the punishment "an embarrassment."
"The message is now, if you're a state trooper and you're politically connected, you can threaten anybody you want and you'll get a vacation out of it," Carton said in a telephone interview. "It furthers the already existing perception that troopers cannot be trusted, nor can our politicians."

And just for giggles, the Home News Tribune digs up another gem of justice out from Trooper Jones' sordid past:

Meanwhile, details emerged Tuesday about an incident in which Jones "had been drinking," according to police in Brick but was not tested for his blood-alcohol level.
The 2005 crash, in which Jones' SUV slammed into the back of a 40-ton tractor-trailer, did not result in a summons, although a police report stated that "driver inattention" was the only apparent contributing circumstance for the accident.
Brick Township Police Capt. Douglas Kinney said the investigating officer at the scene, Patrolman Jeffrey C. Lindquist, would have arrested Jones if he were drunk.
"Everyone who has been drinking is not necessarily intoxicated. He made a determination that Mr. Jones was not intoxicated," he said.

Er...OK. And it had nothing to do with the fact that Davey Jones was a State Trooper and a Soprano-style union thug, right? He was treated just like everyone else - 'cause we all know someone who smashed into a tractor-trailer while admittedly drinking who was not asked to take a blood-alchohol test, right?

Think I need a drink right about now...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iran Targets Europe

We mentioned yesterday, with perhaps more irony and cynicism than was warrented, that Iran was killing American soldiers in Iraq on a daily basis, while planning a summertime offensive in that country using Sunni insurgents and al-Qaeda cells. Now we see that European intelligence sources are openly discusssing a possible upcoming Iranian offensive within the Continent:

Iran is attempting to draw up plans to strike targets in Europe and has reconnoitered European nuclear power stations, a security analyst told a meeting at Britain's parliament.
Claude Moniquet, president of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre, a private think-tank in Brussels, said his organisation also had evidence Tehran has increased the number of its intelligence agents across Europe.

"We have serious signals that something is under preparation in Europe," Moniquet said. "Iranian intelligence is working extremely hard to prepare its people and to prepare actions."
The centre, which he said deals directly with European intelligence agencies, believes Iranian operatives have carried out "reconnaissance of targets in European cities, including nuclear power stations," Moniquet said.

Iran appeared to be preparing to target "British citizens on the streets of London," Moniquet said. "Just as they kill British soldiers in the south of Iraq."
Conservative parliamentarian Patrick Mercer told the meeting that Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, in a debate in December, had acknowledged worries about Tehran backing terrorist activity inside Britain.
There were "concerns about the scale and nature of terrorism in this country, and about whether some of that is inspired or funded in any way by forces in and around Iran," Beckett told MPs.

President Bush, long fearful of taking the strong steps necessary to secure Iraq, now has an even greater threat looming over horizon, in a renegade nation headed by Islamist fanatics that have vowed to destroy America, and that is acting on that threat on a daily basis. In response, Bush has done....nothing. Iraq will eventually be won, but we will awake the next day with an Iranian nuke pointed at out throats.

Europe is slowly rising from its slumber and seeing their mortal danger, but can even a more "conservative" and more America-friendly Germany/France/Britian arouse itself sufficiently to take on this hellacious threat? Or will the Iranian cancer metastasize, and swallow us up before we gather the will to act?

Via No Parasan!, who aptly inquires, "So How’s That Jaw Jaw Thing Working For Ya?"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Evening Potpourri

Just a couple of tidbits from the minds of others....

James Taranto takes on John Edward's head:

One area in which Edwards is getting a bum rap, though, is that $400 haircut. The Politico has video in which Edwards explains what happened: "Other people arrange these things, and I wasn't personally involved in it."
It's not that he's a foppish elitist who spends $400 on a haircut. He's a foppish elitist who has servants to make appointments at the beauty salon for him.

Across the pond, Christopher Hitchens reports from Londonistan, and he's uncovered some "root causes" that may make the left squirm:

The roots of violence, that is to say, are in the preaching of it, and the sanctification of it.

And even the UK's most radically far-left rag prints truths that the Democratic Congress furiously ignores...The Guardian reports on Iran's planned offensive against American forces in Iraq:

Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say.

Glenn Reynolds comments on the mullah's strategy, and George Bush's conspicuous lack of one:

Well, if they're targeting Congress they're certainly targeting our weak spot...

The Bush Administration's passivity with regard to Iran has puzzled me for some time... Having a powerful nation right next door sponsoring an insurgency makes the insurgency pretty hard to beat in short order.

Meanwhile, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, unfairly smears the Weather Channel - via LGF:

Israel’s UN ambassador on Monday accused moderate Muslim and Arab leaders of standing by in “eerie silence” while Islamic extremists terrorize people around the world.
" We live in a world where when Christians kill Muslims, it’s a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims, it’s a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims, it’s the weather channel. Nobody cares,” Ambassador Dan Gillerman told reporters at a press lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.

Hey, I care about the Weather Channel! Well, I used to....

And here's why the Israelis trust no one, and why I trust NGO groups least of all - via Environmental Republican:

A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who works for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has been arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the
Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Thursday.
Mazab Bashir, 25, from the Deir el-Balah refugee camp in Gaza, began working for Doctors Without Borders five years ago and received a permit from the IDF to travel to
Jerusalem for work.

Bashir said he met with three Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) operatives last September, and agreed then to assassinate Olmert to avenge the deaths of Palestinian civilians.
Bashir underwent firearms and close combat training with the PFLP....

And finally, if you still somehow believe that the United Nations, the European Union, and all those allegedly non-aligned watchdog groups - Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders, and so on - are not vile anti-semites, then this little tidbit probably won't convince you either:

In Tripoli right now, the Lebanese army is pounding a Palestinian refugee camp with tank shells and other heavy weapons far less discriminating in their lethal effects than anything fired by Israeli ground troops in Jenin—and many Lebanese are cheering them on. The choir of Europeans and American leftists who routinely champion the Palestinian cause is strangely silent—or maybe not so strangely silent. Perhaps their real interest lies not in defending Palestinian rights but in bashing Israel—and Israel, of course, is not engaged in this particular fray.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Sicko: Lame-o ?

Pejman reports the news from Canada, and we see Michael Moore's latest is being eviscerated by those whom he lionizes in his latest "documentary" (and we use that word so loosely), Sicko :

Michael Moore is handing out fake bandages to promote his new film Sicko, an exposé of the failings of the U.S. health care system.
But he may feel like applying a couple to himself after the mauling he received yesterday from several Canadian journalists - present company included - following the film's first viewing at the Cannes Film Festival.
"You Canadians! You used to be so funny!" an exasperated Moore said at a press conference in the Palais des Festivals.
"You gave us all our best comedians. When did you turn so dark?"
We Canucks were taking issue with the large liberties Sicko takes with the facts, with its lavish praise for Canada's government-funded medicare system compared with America's for-profit alternative.

Moore makes the eyebrow-raising assertion that Canadians live on average three years longer than Americans because of their superior health care system...

Other Canadian journalists spoke of the long wait times Canadians face for health care, much longer than the few minutes Moore suggests in Sicko. Moore, who has come under considerable fire for factual inaccuracies in his films, parried back with more questionable claims.

"You're in a longer line than we're in because you get to live three years longer than we do. Why is that?" Moore said. "Why is it that a baby born in Toronto has a better chance of making it to its first birthday than a baby born in Detroit?"


Bad logic, false 'facts", belligerent director...still won't stop the liberal Democrats from doing photo ops in front of the marquee on opening night, and wholeheartedly supporting his warped conclusions. Maybe Hillary will bring it on tour for her as she campaigns for President, as a blueprint for HillaryCare version 2.008 ! Maybe the party should put Michael Moore in a seat of honor at next year's Democratic National Convention!

Oh, wait...didn't quite go over so well the last time, did it? Hmmm, maybe if they seat him next to former Democratic President and astute international commentator
Jimmy Carter - hey, that'll sway a few voters!

I'll bet it did in '04...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Global Warming: Bollocks!

So sayeth The Who's Roger Daltrey:

JUST when it looked like every rock star on the planet was jumping aboard AL GORE's green bandwagon, there’s a backlash already underway.
THE WHO's ROGER DALTRY has blasted the big Wembley gig Gore is organising to raise awareness of global warming
The huge concert - which features performances from the likes of MADONNA and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - is taking place at Wembley on July 7 and in other countries around the world.
But Roger, who played with U2 at Live Aid and Live8, reckons the whole thing is a waste of time.

Speaking exclusively to Bizarre, Roger said: "Bo***cks to that! The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert.
"I can't believe it. Let's burn even more fuel.
"We have problems with global warming, but the questions and the answers are so huge I don't know what a rock concert's ever going to do to help.
"Everybody on this planet at the moment, unless they are living in the deepest rainforest in Brazil, knows about climate change.”
The rocker, who used to sing about my g-generation, added: "My answer is to burn all the f***ing oil as quick as possible and then the politicians will have to find a solution.”

Don't worry, Roger, we won't get fooled again!
Bob Geldof, of Live Aid fame, had plenty to say on the subject as well:

Roger's comments come hot on the heels of SIR BOB GELDOF’s equally scathing views.
Last week the Live Aid hero lashed out, saying: "Why is Gore actually organising them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect?

"Everybody's known about that problem for years. We are all f***ing conscious of global warming."

It's not only the rock stars that can see through the transparent "global warming awareness" scam; even some voices on the Left are starting to get wise to this political version of three-card monte. Via Enlighten, we get The Nation's Alexander Cockburn blasting Gore and his traveling carnival of doom:

As a denizen of Washington since his diaper years, Gore has always understood that threat inflation is the surest tool to plump budgets and rouse voters.

All Al Gore has ever needed is a hot day or some heavy rain as opportunity to promote the unassailable theory of man-made global warming. Come a rainy summer (1995) or a routine El Niño (1997) and Gore is there for the photo op, his uplifted finger warning of worse to come.

Man-made-global-warming theory is fed by pseudo-quantitative predictions from climate careerists working primarily off the megacomputer General Circulation Models, whose home ports include the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Department of Commerce's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab.

These are multibillion-dollar computer modeling bureaucracies as intent on self-preservation and budgetary enhancement as cognate nuclear bureaucracies at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos. They are as unlikely to develop models refuting the hypothesis of human-induced global warming as is the IPCC to say the weather is getting a little bit warmer but there's no great cause for alarm. Threat inflation is their business....

...And business is good, with plenty of gullible customers queing up for more!

Question: Will the stoners at Gore's Wembley concert recycle their bong water? Lord knows, I'd probably need a couple of bowlfulls of the good stuff to sit through the sanctimonious preaching of millionaire rock stars pleading the cause of the enviornment while ascending the stairs to their Gulfstreams and Learjets...

UPDATE: Even the far-left Age is kicking Gore in his ample posterior:

Our $99 concert tickets, which I am sure will be printed on recycled paper, do not go towards any concrete measures to halt global warming, or to repair any damage done to the Earth. The proceeds don't go directly to purchasing solar batteries for anyone or subsidising public transport anywhere. The event just goes to raising awareness. And right now?

That's not only a waste of time but a gross indulgence. It's just a green rubber bracelet to string on your arm next to the white rubber band that will magically make poverty history, and the yellow one that cures cancer.

UPDATE II 5/20: Another big-city metropolitan newspaper has someone write on the evils of all cars larger than a VW Bug who obviously a) lives in or right outside the city itself, b) is single and has no association with children whatsoever. But he is full of moral rightousness, and that is all the expertise that is required:

Detroit keeps disgorging monster trucks, souped-up sedans, overpowered SUVs and Hummers so brawny and masculine that merely sitting in the driver's seat makes hair sprout on your back.
Amazingly, people keep buying them...

Here's what a lot of us in urban and suburban America actually need: a glorified golf cart. And such things are on the drawing board: "neighborhood cars" that are perfect for putt-putting around. Maybe they'd be communal property -- just grab one and go, like an umbrella by the office door.

There are, in fact, a number of intriguing new Cars of the Future in development. Perhaps you've seen pictures of the 39-inch-wide Tango, a two-seat electric vehicle in which one person sits behind the other.

Note how he massages his own conscious, Gore-style:

I drive a six-cylinder Honda Accord. The two extra cylinders are what makes the car, and me, so dang sexy. But it's overpowered for my commute on city streets. So I decided to take a Toyota Prius for a test drive.

The Prius does not make the driver feel particularly young, heroic or pheromonally attractive. The gear selector is just this little knob, the size of a shot glass. You start the car by hitting a button. It's all a little cute, but it's also spiffy, and you can be environmentally conscious with each passing second as you monitor a screen that tells you your gas mileage. are such a better human being than the rest of us! And what's the price tag on that Prius, sport? Probably affordable for someone that drives an Accord six-banger....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Jersey Democrats Rise to Support Trooper Jones !

Like to squelch free speech?
Enjoy harrassing innocent civilians?
Feel empowered by threatening the families of whistleblowers?
Like to give out the private information of private citizens?

Then congratulations, you have all the bona fides you need to gain the support of the New Jersey Democratic Party! 'Cause the Dems are standing up big-time for New Jersey Stormtrooper - er, "State Trooper "- Davey Jones by calling down a boycott on those whom he threatened for exposing the illegal shenanigans of his minions:

In the wake of last weeks state trooper flap, Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo says he will recommend to his party's leadership that the Democrats not run advertisements in the fall with 101.5, one of 12 stations owned and operated by Millennium Radio.

The latest dustup occurred last week when the show's hosts discussed on the air State Trooper emails in which officers vowed to step up ticket writing in the wake of bad publicity the department received following Gov. Jon Corzine's car accident.

Citing the inflammatory nature of the latest on-air remarks, Jones subsequently revealed publicly the home address and license plate number of Jersey Guys co-host Craig Carton....

I'd be shocked if Democratic fascist-enabler Caraballo gets his way; 101.5 is by far the #1 station in New Jersey, heard on multiple frequencies throughout the state. If they are not airing their politcal ads on this station, they might as well not air any at all. But note how the Democrats are supporting a man who has abused his power as a State Trooper in order to silence his critics, and do not even question the morality of holding a press conference to expose the personal information of these radio personalities. First the Democrats came for the disc jockeys, next they came for us....

And speaking of abuse of power, the state is taking its sweet time in investigating Trooper Jones. The paid-off coutroom lackeys in the Garden State quake in fear of any union thug; one with a gun must be making the New Jersey legal system soil their panties:

The Attorney General's Office still can't say how long it will take to investigate the actions of State Police union leader David Jones, who two weeks ago publicized personal information about a New Jersey 101.5 FM radio host and threatened similar treatment of other hosts, executives and sponsors.
"There's nothing to tell you," Attorney General Stu Rabner's spokesman, David Wald, said, adding the investigation is ongoing.

The Courier-Post editorializes:

We expected this kind of slow reaction from the weak previous attorney general, Peter Harvey, but we hoped Rabner would make some kind of effort to demonstrate he's interested in enforcing the law.
This entire situation continues to create the impression that law enforcement officials get special treatment -- and that impression is dangerous.
Rabner, the state police and the people of New Jersey would be best served by this investigation moving quickly, thoroughly and transparently.


Folks, this is New Jersey we are talking about! And when it comes to this state's unholy marriage between politicians and unions, you'd better believe that we will see none of the aforementioned virtues applied to this ugly case. They'll wait until the heat dies down, give Davey "Der Furher" Jones a slap on the wrist, and set him free so that he and his ilk can continue to oppress the middle class of New Jersey, and intimidate those who would dare speak out against their tactics. Absolutely disgusting, and indicitive of what liberal Democrats have in mind for society when they use the term "progressive". Yeah, Hugo Chavez likes to use that word too...

Earlier post here...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For a brief moment, I felt sorry for them....

...but of course, they willfully brought it all on themselves:

At least 25 Palestinians were killed on Wednesday as President Mahmoud Abbas's secular Fatah faction and Hamas battled for control of Gaza ...

Terrified Gaza residents hid indoors as masked gunmen fought running battles street-to-street, killing 20 people -- five of them even after the two sides declared a ceasefire at dusk. In one panicked call to a radio station, a woman urged Palestinian leaders to act, pleading: "Do not leave us to die here."

The streets of central Gaza City echoed with gunfire and were empty except for gunmen in black ski masks. Terrified residents stayed home from school and work, huddling in dark homes after electricity to some neighborhoods was cut off by a downed power line.

But the people's party of Gaza took a break from killing their brethern - to launch missle attacks on
Jewish civilians:

Hamas officials said the organization's men launched eight rockets at Israel, following a barrage of around 20 rockets Tuesday. That salvo at the Israeli town of Sderot, just outside Gaza, wounded five Israelis, one seriously, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.
Hamas said its rockets were retaliation for Israeli violence, but more likely it was an attempt to draw Israel into the fighting as a way of uniting the Palestinians against a common foe.

Then they turned on woman and children:

In another incident, Hamas gunmen set fire to an 11-story apartment building housing Fatah lawmaker Nema Sheik Ali, the wife of the head of Preventive Security. Witnesses said the gunmen broke into her apartment and struck her and two of her children with their weapons. One of the children is 14 years old; the age of the other wasn't immediately known.
"They came, they broke the door," she said. "They assaulted my children and they pushed me aside, then they torched the apartment."

And the final atrocity:

A group of about 200 Palestinians marched in central Gaza City, waving Palestinian flags and demanding an end to the fighting. Dozens of masked gunmen used the cover of the demonstration to improve their positions on the street, and then opened fire on the demonstrators, wounding one in the leg. The rest fled.

It is like some kind of post-apocalyptical madness that one would see in a late-night B-movie. But even in those crudely told morality tales, the victims are usually innocents just trying to survive in a barren world. The Palestinians were given Gaza, and had a choice for their future, and they choose hate - vicious, murderous hate. And now the venemous scorpions that they have turned loose have returned to feast upon their people, and the pain and death they wished to inflict onto others has fallen upon them like a biblical plague.

When the story of Passover is told, I never feel a moment of sympathy for the Egyptians - as they are systematically routed by God - and I feel nothing for their spiritual brothers, the Palestinian people. They too have brought their destiny down upon their own heads.

From Clint Eastwood's

Will Munny: It's a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have.
The Schofield Kid: Yeah, well, I guess he had it coming.
Will Munny: We all got it coming, kid.

As does Hamas, and the Palestinians....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

After co-ordinating with Nancy Pelosi...

...Mohamad al-Janabi, al-Qaeda big shot in the Mahmudiyah area of Iraq (where the three missing US soldiers were recently abducted), spoke to his friends in the mainstream media - via the Washington Post:

Mohamad al-Janabi, a reputed al-Qaeda member in the nearby city of Salman Pak, said in a telephone interview that he was unable to contact his comrades in Mahmudiyah to determine whether they were responsible for the attack.
But he added: "I can assure you that we will start pressuring Bush in a new way at the same time he is facing pressures from the Democrats and the American people. And there will be no problem to sacrifice 10 soldiers in order to abduct a single American soldier and get him on television screens begging for us to release him."

Is this what Pelosi and her ilk mean by 'multilateralism"?
And I thought al-Qaeda wasn't even in Iraq! At least, that's what the Democrats keep telling in other words, they want us to retreat from the folks who perpetrated 9/11? Nah, can't be - after all, I don't want to question their patriotism!

Aldaynet adds another thought:

Is anyone else wondering why the Washington Post can casually know both the location of Al-Queda members in Iraq, but also have them on speed dial?

Ace of Spades asks the following:

Question: Would these tapes be considered a "coordinated" media buy for the Democrats under McCain-Feingold? Will the FEC investigate?

The New York Post, in an editorial:

How often has President Bush warned of a strong al Qaeda presence in Iraq - to derisory hoots from such critics as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Well, yesterday, al-Qaeda-that's-not-in-Iraq issued a press release - boasting of having taken three American GIs captive in Iraq, and threatening to kill them if U.S. forces continue to hunt for them.

The warning recalls Pelosi's words from 2006; she said she felt "sad" over President Bush's insistence that al Qaeda is operating in Iraq.
Or Reid, who recently called on the president to "change course [away from Iraq] and turn our attention back to the war on al Qaeda and their allies."

Every death in service to America is a tragedy, but - as the president has said many times in the past - it is better to be fighting al Qaeda in the alleyways of Baghdad than the streets of New York. Bush needn't be bashful about this. Indeed, now that al Qaeda-in-Iraq has taken to issuing press releases, it's time for some strong presidential counter-points

It's vital - vital - for GWB to start communicating about the seriousness of this war against al-Qaeda, instead of constantly being on the defensive, or the Democrats will force our nation into defeat by year's end.

Thanks to
Fausta for getting me started...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Roseanne Barr: I Hate Jews, Zionists!

It was always easy to confuse Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr - fat, untalented, self-obsessed and barely tolerable except to their fat, untalented, and self-obsessed fan base (have you ever seen a pretty, young, hetrosexual woman jumping for joy at the chance to meet Rosie?), they now share seething hatred as a new common ground. For Rosie, it's anyone who even knows a Republican, for Roseanne, it's those stinkin' Jews and their sh*tty little country...From her own blog post:

Zionism was the last nail in the casket of European jewry...
The arab's protection is the only reason any holy site remains in israel....
The arabs do not invade other countries. The israelis do.
[yet.. see
here and here - ed.]

I am sick of israel and I am sick of zionists.

In the christian's form of suicidal insanity, all the jews need to die in israel so that "peace" can be attained there. The koran is the exact same book as the torah and Mohammed is just like Paul of tarses. The jews are raised to be suicide bombers too, and that abusive cult-programming that is done to jewish children, beginning with genital torture, remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned.

There is no israel really, and there will soon be no jews...

Normally, I would not give this psychotic b*tch an inch of space on my blog, but due to her celebrity status, it is interesting to see what type of people gleefully pick up her words and use it as part of a never-ending anti-semetic propoganda campaign:

Indymedia Winnepeg
Conspiracy Planet
MPACUK ("American Muslims Wake Up!", this site implores. And do what, may I ask?)

I know some don't like to link to these types of sites; I often (but not always) do; we've gone this far, no sense in sticking our heads in the sand now. But it is important, I believe, to "link" the type of statements above with the kinds of people who approve of them. Roseanne may not mind that she is in cahoots with Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 conspiracy nuts, or with the anti-semites at Indymedia, or with the rabid jihadi wanna-be's posting at MPACUK. But any sane person who may even think for a moment of lending creedence to her words will find the connections repulsive. That's why we must expose not only Roseanne's ugliness, but the ugliness of those whom agree with her.

Meryl Yourish takes Roseanne apart bit-by-bit; I simply don't have the stomach, it's like dissecting a fetal pig...

It's ALWAYS about 9/11... the Washington Post. Well, when it comes to Republicans. As far as reporting on Democrats and their policies, it's as if it never happened. Anyway, headline reads:

For Giuliani, 9/11 Led to Riches

On Dec. 7, 2001, nearly three months after the terrorist attack that had made him a national hero and a little over three weeks before he would leave office, New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani took the first official step toward making himself rich.

The letter he dispatched to the city Conflicts of Interest Board that day asked permission to begin forming a consulting firm with three members of his outgoing administration....

In crafting its image, the firm took care to burnish its most valuable asset: the worldwide reputation Giuliani had earned for his composure and leadership in the days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Right. It had nothing to do with the fact the Rudy Giuliani took a city that was no better than a third-world nation, and eradicated crime, turned around the economy, and made it into a magnet for tourism, business, and families. The Washington Post would have you believe none of this matters, and Rudy would have left town a poor man if it were not for the heroism he showed on 9/11.

Hmmm...if they are claiming, however, that Rudy was opportunistic by using his fame to earn money, what does that say about the whole of Hillary Clinton's political career (or her sudden enrichment via land/stock deals whilst Bill was running Arkansas)? Not an angle the WaPost will likely it just disdain for private enterprise and personal wealth fairly earned, or are they getting in some early cracks at Rudy as he maintains popularity among the general electorate?

It's still a bit early to take down the Republicans, even for the mainstream media - geez, Rudy must be makin' them real nervous in the newsroom...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome To Bizzaro World !

Defined by Wikipedia thusly:

In the Bizarro world of "Htrae" ("Earth" spelled backwards), society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!". In one episode, for example, a salesman is doing a brisk trade selling Bizarro bonds: "Guaranteed to lose money for you".

Defined by the
United Nations thusly:

Zimbabwe won approval last night to head a key United Nations body charged with promoting economic progress and environmental protection despite protests from the U.S., European nations and human rights organizations. The approval was voted 26-21 with three abstentions by the 53-member U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development despite the fact that the government of President Robert Mugabe presides over one of the world's worst-performing economies.

Exemplified expertly by John Edwards, self-proclaimed defender of the poor -
James Taranto reports:

"Democrat John Edwards said Tuesday that he worked for a hedge fund between presidential campaigns to learn about financial markets and their relationship to poverty," the Associated Press reports. You almost have to admire someone who says something so patently untrue and is so brazen about it:
*** QUOTE ***
He said he considered going to an investment firm such as Goldman Sachs, but Fortress was the most natural fit. Presented with the suggestion that he could have taken a university class instead, he said, "That's true." . . .
*** END QUOTE ***
Nowhere in the dispatch does Edwards explain what his hedge-fund work taught him about poverty.
Reader Robert Paci notes:
*** QUOTE ***
I work in the hedge-fund industry and have yet to learn anything about poverty from the experience. In fact, I went into the into the field to avoid poverty. I think almost everyone in the industry sees it my way.

"Two-Americas" Edwards and his Bizarro World hedge fund,

The hedge fund that employed
John Edwards markedly expanded its subprime lending business while he worked there, becoming a major player in the high-risk mortgage sector Edwards has pilloried in his presidential campaign.

The Palestinians live in a
perpetual Bizzaro World of their own making, where we discover a new meaning for the word "unity":

Hamas gunmen opened fire Friday on forces of the rival Fatah and injured at least six people throughout the Gaza Strip in another setback to a new security plan aimed at halting the wave of violence plaguing the chaotic coastal area.
With 10 Palestinians wounded over a two-day period, it was the worst factional fighting since the formation of the Hamas-Fatah unity government nearly two months ago...

Finally - Barak Obama may run for president in this world, but he
drives in Bizarro World:

The Democratic presidential contender was in Detroit on Monday, oozing charisma and environmental awareness as he chided local automakers for building too many big vehicles and not enough fuel-efficient hybrids...
So his choice to drive a V8 Hemi-powered Chrysler 300C
emits a whiff of hypocrisy along with its exhaust fumes.

Not hypocrisy, just everyday life on the Bizarro planet...

Friday, May 11, 2007

NOT a Surrender Monkey....

Jersey has a hero; of course he's not a politician, just one of us...

A male employee who works at Circuit City behind the Moorestown Mall is the unsung hero that first enabled authorities to foil the Fort Dix terror plot. Circuit City corporate spokesman Jim Babb confirmed this morning that a current employee was asked by one of the alleged terrorists to dub a Jihadist training VHS cassette into a DVD. The clerk alerted Mount Laurel police about the video in January 2006, who then contacted the FBI, which launched the investigation.

God bless this guy!

And we continue to have goats; and naturally they are the feckless Jersey liberals who worked almost hand-in-hand with these Fort Dix jihadis, via their decisions to
ignore federal law:

A federal law enforcement source confirmed to FOX News that the three — Dritan "Anthony" or "Tony" Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir "Elvis" Duka, 23 — also accumulated 19 traffic citations, but because they operated in "sanctuary cites," where law enforcement does not routinely report illegal immigrants to
homeland security, none of the tickets raised red flags.

The brothers entered the
United States near Brownsville, Texas, in 1984, the source said, which would put their ages at 1 to 6 when they crossed the border.

Gee, where's that "open borders" crowd now?

More on these selfish New Jersey a**holes who declare their cities as "sanctuaries" for illegals, thereby endangering all Americans, can be found

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Jersey: Surrender Monkeys since 1864

Got onto this train of thought via a post at Red Generation:

As President Bush’s popularity continues to take a dive in New Jersey, I can’t help but be reminded of President Lincoln....

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was very unpopular in the state of New Jersey. So much so, that despite winning re-election in 1864 by a landslide, he lost the state of New Jersey which was only one of three Union states Lincoln lost including Delaware and Kentucky.
Lincoln lost New Jersey to
George McClellan....

learn a little about General McClellan's Civil War activities, shall we?

His first personal command in battle was at
Rich Mountain, which he also won, but only after displaying a strong sense of caution and a reluctance to commit reserve forces that would be his hallmark for the rest of his career. His subordinate commander, William S. Rosecrans, bitterly complained that his attack was not reinforced as McClellan had agreed. Nevertheless, these two minor victories propelled McClellan to the status of national hero...

July 26, the day he reached the capital, McClellan was appointed commander of the Military Division of the Potomac, the main Union force responsible for the defense of Washington.

Seems like it went to his head - like all liberals, he had developed a tatse for a letter he wrote shortly after receiving the commission: some strange operation of magic I seem to have become the power of the land. ... I almost think that were I to win some small success now I could become Dictator or anything else that might please me...

More liberal tenencies - note how he "fights like a Clinton" -

He favored a war that would impose little impact on civilian populations, and one that would require no emancipation of slaves.

And he was insanely cautious, even for a general:

McClellan's future campaigns would be strongly influenced by the overblown enemy strength estimates of his secret service chief, detective
Allan Pinkerton, but in August 1861, these estimates were entirely McClellan's own. The net result was a level of extreme caution that would sap the initiative of McClellan's army and cause great condemnation by his government...

McClellan's lack of courage, and fear of fighting, became legendary:

Lincoln, as well as many other leaders and citizens of the northern states, became increasingly impatient with McClellan's slowness to attack the Confederate forces still massed near Washington. The Union defeat at the minor
Battle of Ball's Bluff near Leesburg in October added to the frustration and indirectly damaged McClellan.

So Congress got into the act, which always spells disaster - now this sounds familiar:

In December, the Congress formed a
Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, which became a thorn in the side of many generals throughout the war, accusing them of incompetence and, in some cases, treason.

And so does

After being named to the top post, McClellan began openly to cavort with Democratic leaders in Congress and show his disregard for the Republican administration. To his wife, he wrote that Lincoln was "nothing more than a well-meaning baboon," and Secretary of State William Seward was an "incompetent little puppy."
Lincoln made frequent evening visits to McClellan's house to discuss strategy. On November 13, Lincoln, Seward, and Presidential Secretary John Hay stopped by to see the general....After an hour, McClellan came in and was told by a porter that the guests were waiting. McClellan headed for his room without a word, and only after Lincoln waited another half-hour was the group informed of McClellan's retirement to bed...

Snubs of the president, along with insults, all while hanging with the Democrats! And why did the Democrats love McClellan so? Well, one might say he was the first "PC" general!

... he was the most popular of that army's commanders with its soldiers, who felt that he had their morale and well-being as paramount concerns.

Er - isn't winning a war a general's "paramount concern"? Not to the Democrats of 1861 - or 2007.

So we already know the rest of the story - McClellan gets sacked by Lincoln, non-PC generals go on to win the Civil War and eradicate slavery (two things that the liberal McClellan and his Democratic cronies had no intention of doing), and McClellan runs as the Democratic nominee against Lincoln in the 1864 Presidential election, and promptly gets his clock cleaned, this time by the electorate. Excepting New Jersey, of course....

And what did George McClellan do after the war? Why, he ran for governor of the State of New Jersey, of course! And why not - he was as in tune with New Jerseyans then as he would be today; and if he ran in 2010 on a campaign of not fighting a war, "supporting" the troops by not putting them in harm's way, and by mocking a Republican President, he would be elected in a landslide! As he was
back in 1874, in a tale that sounds so familiar it could have come from today's papers:

The Republicans nominated a weak but respectable candidate in the person of Dr. William A. Newell of Cumberland County who was an unwilling sacrifice on the altar of the national fame and prominence of McClellan. McClellan toured the State with a popular response that was remarkable. His meetings were crowded and he was followed and cheered through the streets. The November election was decidedly in his favor, his majority over Newell being 12,753. This was good for those days...

So cheer up a bit, my lonesome New Jersey conservatives! We are bucking a trend of liberalism, cowardice, and liberal backstabbing that has been going on for close to one-and-a-half centuries! Let us continue to fight our fight, and take our small victories to heart, and hope that one day we can avenge poor Dr. William A. Newell....