Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Jersey Democrats Rise to Support Trooper Jones !

Like to squelch free speech?
Enjoy harrassing innocent civilians?
Feel empowered by threatening the families of whistleblowers?
Like to give out the private information of private citizens?

Then congratulations, you have all the bona fides you need to gain the support of the New Jersey Democratic Party! 'Cause the Dems are standing up big-time for New Jersey Stormtrooper - er, "State Trooper "- Davey Jones by calling down a boycott on those whom he threatened for exposing the illegal shenanigans of his minions:

In the wake of last weeks state trooper flap, Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo says he will recommend to his party's leadership that the Democrats not run advertisements in the fall with 101.5, one of 12 stations owned and operated by Millennium Radio.

The latest dustup occurred last week when the show's hosts discussed on the air State Trooper emails in which officers vowed to step up ticket writing in the wake of bad publicity the department received following Gov. Jon Corzine's car accident.

Citing the inflammatory nature of the latest on-air remarks, Jones subsequently revealed publicly the home address and license plate number of Jersey Guys co-host Craig Carton....

I'd be shocked if Democratic fascist-enabler Caraballo gets his way; 101.5 is by far the #1 station in New Jersey, heard on multiple frequencies throughout the state. If they are not airing their politcal ads on this station, they might as well not air any at all. But note how the Democrats are supporting a man who has abused his power as a State Trooper in order to silence his critics, and do not even question the morality of holding a press conference to expose the personal information of these radio personalities. First the Democrats came for the disc jockeys, next they came for us....

And speaking of abuse of power, the state is taking its sweet time in investigating Trooper Jones. The paid-off coutroom lackeys in the Garden State quake in fear of any union thug; one with a gun must be making the New Jersey legal system soil their panties:

The Attorney General's Office still can't say how long it will take to investigate the actions of State Police union leader David Jones, who two weeks ago publicized personal information about a New Jersey 101.5 FM radio host and threatened similar treatment of other hosts, executives and sponsors.
"There's nothing to tell you," Attorney General Stu Rabner's spokesman, David Wald, said, adding the investigation is ongoing.

The Courier-Post editorializes:

We expected this kind of slow reaction from the weak previous attorney general, Peter Harvey, but we hoped Rabner would make some kind of effort to demonstrate he's interested in enforcing the law.
This entire situation continues to create the impression that law enforcement officials get special treatment -- and that impression is dangerous.
Rabner, the state police and the people of New Jersey would be best served by this investigation moving quickly, thoroughly and transparently.


Folks, this is New Jersey we are talking about! And when it comes to this state's unholy marriage between politicians and unions, you'd better believe that we will see none of the aforementioned virtues applied to this ugly case. They'll wait until the heat dies down, give Davey "Der Furher" Jones a slap on the wrist, and set him free so that he and his ilk can continue to oppress the middle class of New Jersey, and intimidate those who would dare speak out against their tactics. Absolutely disgusting, and indicitive of what liberal Democrats have in mind for society when they use the term "progressive". Yeah, Hugo Chavez likes to use that word too...

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet Hugo Chavez has a higher approval rating among New Jersey Democrats than George Bush.

And I'm not saying that's a good thing! said...

Trooper David Jones is a hero. Pennsylvanian Craig Carton is an enourmous sissy.

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