Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Jersey State Police: Crushing Dissent, Spreading Fear, Engaging in Crimes?

No room for reasoned debate in New Jersey, not if you are talking about two of their most nefarious and corrupt organizations: the State Police, and state employee unions. Even worse when they are both mixed into one - it's a lethal cocktail; watch how it explodes ...

Mr. Craig Carton, host of FM101.5's afternoon program "The Jersey Guys", disclosed information he got from a police message board in which some anonymous posters discussed launching a ticket-writing campaign as retaliation for criticism police faced in the aftermath of Gov. Corzine's recent auto accident. A brave citizen whistle-blower, right? Not in the eyes of the State Police union chief; and he took revenge like the
vicious thug that he is:

State Police union leader David Jones agreed Friday to stop publicizing personal information about New Jersey 101.5 FM radio hosts and executives, after an afternoon meeting with State Police Superintendent Col. Joseph "Rick" Fuentes.

The union leader and superintendent sat down a day after an enraged Jones held a news conference at which he displayed for cameras the home address and license plate number of "Jersey Guys" host Craig Carton. Jones said Thursday he would continue disseminating personal information about other 101.5 employees and the show's sponsors.

The state Office of the Attorney General is reviewing Jones' actions. Della Fave said the police sought an opinion from the office about whether Jones violated any laws or ethical rules during his news conference.

Carton, who left the air Thursday, hours after Jones' news conference, was back on his regular show Friday afternoon and spent his time railing against the president of the State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey.
Carton said he felt Jones had threatened him and his family.

I guarantee Jones will get off the hook, free to intimidate and destory the lives of any citizen who dares criticize him or his foul union.
Imagine if Carton was revealing a plan by some big business to rip off its customers - he would be hailed as a hero. Spill the beans about a police plot to essentially steal from New Jersey's middle class, and watch threats to you and your family go ignored, while the state's Democratic machine turns the other way,willing to sacrifice your freedom for their votes.

Be aware, Right, Wing Nut! is not some kind of "F**k the Police" website. But let it be said, that after living in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Missouri, and Los Angeles, I have found New Jersey's police to be by far the most rude, corrupt, and inept of the lot - not to mention the most overtly hostile to the citizens they allegedly "protect and serve". And they are backed by a court system that realizes their number one priority is to collect revenues and to protect their pathetic revenue collectors - masquerading as law enforcement agents - and "justice" is thus dispensed accordingly.

Again, your humble blogger is no reflexive cop-hater. As a matter of fact (in a story that will not be told here!), I was once arrested, cuffed, processed and hauled in front of the court system in New York City, and I left the experience with more respect and regard for the police and judges in New York than I had prior to my little "indiscretion". The NYPD are the quintessential policing professionals; in comparison, the New Jersey state police are hidebound rednecks, taking their cues from small-town Southern sheriffs and other assorted jerkwater law enforcement thugs. And their leader, Davey Jones, epitomizes their attitude in its entirety, by implicitly threatening any whom dare expose the dirty work his cadres are up to. Do you think this lesson will not be learned by the next person who can produce evidence of possible malfeasence by Jones' Imperial Troopers? Davey is laughing right now, he knows he wins...

Want to know what it was like for a black man to be stopped down in Alabama in the Jim Crow '60's? Try dealing with a New Jersey police officer on any given Sunday....

UPDATE 5/6: The remarks, which Carton reported, on the trooper's message board - via Freedom for Some:

- "Great idea, Absolutely hammer everyone (obviously except cops and family) who does 1 m.p.h. over the limit., Let's really give them something to complain about."
- "I am all for the May 1st blitz, Better start pre-signing my summonses."
- "Everyone has to take part in this, We are taking an absolute beating from the public and media, and so-called officers are doing nothing about it to protect or support us in any way. May 1st, spread the word. It's go time."

Freedom (who has audio links to Jone's tirade) comments:

Rogue state troopers in New Jersey are not uncommon. If I were Craig Carton... I'd be scared, very scared. Let's remember, this is NJ, and we all know people don't care about the law, especially people of power...


Anonymous said...

Bravo, JerseyNut!

But expect some hate mail soon...
Or expect Davey Jones to dig up your IP address and show up at your front door, with his jackbooted stormtroopers....

Anonymous said...

It would be something if the NJ state police had the integrity to have Jones stand down as their leader, given such reckless, dangerous, and likely illegal behavior. Their continued support of Jones only seems to reinforce some of the hyperbole in your post.

Just curious - if he was asked to stand down, would it matter to you? Or would they all still be jackbooted racist thugs, regardless?

The JerseyNut said...

IF the troopers, as a whole, were to stand up and ask Jones to "stand down", on the basis of his misrepresentations and illegal actions, then I would certainly be more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt.

But I think that is unlikely - based on the trooper's comments (in this post, and the one above), it seems as if they are unwilling to concede any points to "civilians". Kinda like an military junta.