Sunday, May 13, 2007

Roseanne Barr: I Hate Jews, Zionists!

It was always easy to confuse Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr - fat, untalented, self-obsessed and barely tolerable except to their fat, untalented, and self-obsessed fan base (have you ever seen a pretty, young, hetrosexual woman jumping for joy at the chance to meet Rosie?), they now share seething hatred as a new common ground. For Rosie, it's anyone who even knows a Republican, for Roseanne, it's those stinkin' Jews and their sh*tty little country...From her own blog post:

Zionism was the last nail in the casket of European jewry...
The arab's protection is the only reason any holy site remains in israel....
The arabs do not invade other countries. The israelis do.
[yet.. see
here and here - ed.]

I am sick of israel and I am sick of zionists.

In the christian's form of suicidal insanity, all the jews need to die in israel so that "peace" can be attained there. The koran is the exact same book as the torah and Mohammed is just like Paul of tarses. The jews are raised to be suicide bombers too, and that abusive cult-programming that is done to jewish children, beginning with genital torture, remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned.

There is no israel really, and there will soon be no jews...

Normally, I would not give this psychotic b*tch an inch of space on my blog, but due to her celebrity status, it is interesting to see what type of people gleefully pick up her words and use it as part of a never-ending anti-semetic propoganda campaign:

Indymedia Winnepeg
Conspiracy Planet
MPACUK ("American Muslims Wake Up!", this site implores. And do what, may I ask?)

I know some don't like to link to these types of sites; I often (but not always) do; we've gone this far, no sense in sticking our heads in the sand now. But it is important, I believe, to "link" the type of statements above with the kinds of people who approve of them. Roseanne may not mind that she is in cahoots with Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 conspiracy nuts, or with the anti-semites at Indymedia, or with the rabid jihadi wanna-be's posting at MPACUK. But any sane person who may even think for a moment of lending creedence to her words will find the connections repulsive. That's why we must expose not only Roseanne's ugliness, but the ugliness of those whom agree with her.

Meryl Yourish takes Roseanne apart bit-by-bit; I simply don't have the stomach, it's like dissecting a fetal pig...