Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Palin Porn"

Well, that's what they are calling the mad search for pictures of the lovely Governor (and soon to be Vice President) Sarah Palin. So let me add my modest contribution, below:

In Kuwait; with grateful troops....

Not her bike; I checked - part of a raffle giveaway for veterans. Fetching, still....

Enough said.

As the naughty librarian.

No suprise, this.....

More Palin fun here and here....

Go ahead, MSM, try to bring the lady down...I dare ya!

"Balance" at the BBC...

...means putting the worst light on anything that can even possibly be beneficial to the Republicans; and in this case, feminism goes by the wayside, as Sarah Palin Must Be Destroyed:

McCain unveils 'The Barracuda'

Nice. Bet the Dems wish they headlined their press releases with that one. Still, no matter, the BBC does dutifully repeat the Democrat's talking points:

As commander of the Alaska National Guard, she visited troops in Kuwait last year, but has a very thin foreign policy background.
Similarly, while she does have executive experience, the Obama campaign wryly pointed out she had been the mayor of a town with just 9,000 people.

Palin's one visit (pics here) to Kuwait is equal, I believe, to candidate Obama's one visit - which was more of a stopover on his "terrorist listening tour" of earlier this summer. As per news reports, this paragon of leadership "shook hands, answered questions, posed for photos and played a little basketball during the (two hour) visit."

And the BBC is the only one who described the "mayor" slur as "wry"; even Barack Obama backpedaled away from that meme ASAP. Is the BBC further to the left than the Democratic Party? Or is it they just can't stand to see a woman ascend to power without constantly reminding her to "know her place"?

Hat tip to Biased BBC, who will no doubt keep us informed of how the British government's media arm is twisting the election news from the States....

Maybe somebody out to wise up the BBC to a few important Sarah Palin facts:

Sarah Palin begins every day with a moment of silence for the political enemies buried in her yard.

And perhaps someone should whisper this sweet reminder into Howard Dean's ear:

Sarah Palin always beats the point spread....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Heart Sarah Palin !

Now this is a VP I feel I could actually bond with...

...and while Barack Obama shops for arugula and Michelle Obama seethes in the pews of Trinity Church, Governer Palin works on the weekend:

Now, Mrs. Palin may only be the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaskan National Guard, but still, she looks poured into that uniform.....

Oh. That guy bellow? That's her husband. He's a commercial fisherman and a union oil flield worker. And on the weekends, he's a snowmobile racer. Seriously. Standing next to this guy, the Marlboro Man would look elitist:

Finally, check out the video. Check out the money shot at the end...gonna start calling her Sarah "Connor" Palin:

What a stroke of genius by McCain. That 'ol fighter pilot is gonna give Mr. Obama the ride of his life....

UPDATE: Sarah Palin...or Sarah Connor? Some facts about the First Lady of Alaska that you just may not know:

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin scares Chuck Norris.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin will send Biden a pre-debate cheat sheet. The sheet will have tips on defending against Kung Fu Death Grip.
Little Known Fact: The Arctic Circle runs through Alaska so the Sun can have some relief from Sarah Palin’s bright glare

More here, on a, er, devoted website:

Sarah Palin isn’t allowed to wield the gavel at the convention because they’re afraid she’ll use it to kill liberals.
Sarah Palin once one a competitive eating contest by devouring three live caribou.

Little known fact: Sarah Palin got Tom Brady pregnant, and then left him.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin wears glasses lest her uncontrollable optic blasts slaughter everyone.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin’s presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

Oh, I am so vindicated!

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin will give birth to the man who will lead humanity’s war against the machines.


Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin is the “other” whom Yoda spoke about.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Metaphors

From the LA Times:

Daytime talk show diva and billionaire businesswoman Oprah Winfrey, who played a crucial early primary role in raising the prominence of her fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama, was so moved by her man's Democratic acceptance speech Thursday night that she cried off her false eyelashes.

Apt !

Monday, August 25, 2008

Madonna: Shilling for McCain?

Well, of course not. But her immature antics are so over the top that it reminds me of the celebrity behavior that started to drive more folks towards Bush in 2004:

John McCain's campaign hit back at Madonna on Sunday after the pop diva kicked off her world tour with a concert that bracketed the US presidential candidate with Adolf Hitler.

McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds angrily condemned the segment of Madonna's concert in Cardiff on Saturday that appeared to draw a comparison between McCain, Hitler and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe.

"The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time," Bounds said in a statement reported by Fox News.
"It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting
Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits."

Madonna's apparent swipe at McCain came during a performance of the song "Get Stupid", when the Republican contender's image was flashed up alongside images of destruction and global warming as well as Hitler and Mugabe.

As opposed to her juxtapositioning the Messiah with...:

Towards the end of the song, pictures of Beatles star John Lennon, former US vice-president Al Gore, Indian Mahatma Gandhi and McCain's Democrat rival Barack Obama appeared.

Is this election going to be about "change", as Obama and the media are trying to dictate? No, John McCain has already co-opted the dialogue - Eection 2008 is going to be about celebrity, and who's got less of it.

When the call comes at 3 AM, do you really want the President to send it to voice mail because he is texting sweet nothings to Scarlett Johansson?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Democrat's Dog Whistle

If Barack Obama isn't enough of a peek through the window of the soul of the Democratic party, check out the Baseball Crank, who finds a webpage - proudly paid for by the Democratic National Committee - on potential McCain running mate Eric Cantor.

Did you know he's Jewish?

Don't worry, you will, because the DNC will somehow manage to bring it up five times in a 660 word piece.

Wonder who that dog whistle is for?

Obama hearts Ayers...

....and at least someone is talking about it:

Go visit The American Issue Project to get more info on the Weather Underground and Ayer's history of radical tactics and extreme violence.

Meanwhile, in one of the greatest acts of moral equivalency seen since Jimmy Carter last visited the Mideast, Obama is comparing the American army preserving a struggling new democracy in Iraq to the Russian army raping a struggling new democracy in Eastern Europe. Via Gateway Pundit:

Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading another country’s sovereign territory while adding a new twist: the United States, he said, should set a better example on that front, too.

The Illinois senator’s opposition to the Iraq war, which his comment clearly referenced, is well known. But this was the first time the Democratic presidential candidate has made a comparison between the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Russia’s recent military activity in Georgia.

We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies,” Obama told a crowd of supporters in Virginia. “They can’t charge into other countries. Of course it helps if we are leading by example on that point.”

Of course! Like all of the world's problems, it's America's fault the Russians tore their newly liberated neighbors a new *sshole!

Just the kind of thinking you'd expect from a Friend of Bill(Ayers).

The fact, incidentally, that the Democrats nominated this man as their standard-bearer says a lot more about the Democrats' standards than it does about the man. We now know Obama, hence his plummeting poll numbers. But if he is simply emblematic of the Democratic party as a whole, well, then, it is a party that has revealed its soul.

And, like all self-loathers, it is an ugly one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"McCain. In A Rout"

Yeah, we said that, yesterday.

Hope we called it first; 'cause the numbers are starting to swing, and swing fast: For the first time since RealClearPolitics has been drawing its 2008 election map, John McCain has the 270+ needed to win the election. With leaners, but still.....even Zogby (a notoriously pro-Democratic pollster) has McCain up by six.

And this is going into the Democratic Convention, mind you, with the VP intrigue and the anticipated Amphitheater coronation and the Great Uniting....

Man, if you thought the Democrats were frustrated the last two cycles, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Maybe this time, though, some of them will actually move to Canada, instead of just talking about it....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watcha Hiding, Baracky?

Some much for the era of "open governemnt", or perhaps..."What's Barack's Secret?"

....the public cannot get access to paperwork related grants distributed by then-state-legislator Obama (records from 1997 to 2000 aren't available); his state legislative office records (which he says may have been thrown out); he refuses to release a specific list of law clients, instead giving a list of all of his firm's clients, numbering several hundred each year; he won't release his application to the state bar (where critics wonder if he lied in responding to questions about parking tickets and past drug use); he’s never released any legal or billing records to verify that he only did a few hours of work for a nonprofit tied to convicted donor Rezko; and he's never released any medical records, just a one-page letter from his doctor.

Now the University of Illinois at Chicago is denying Stanley Kurtz access to documents relating to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a small foundation, founded and inspired by Bill Ayers, for which Obama served as board chairman.

McCain, folks. In a rout, come November...

The writing on the wall here...

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Anti-Semitism From Fat D-List Pseudo-Celebrity

Yup, Roseanne Barr is back in the news - for a swipe at Brad and Angelina. Who gives a f*ck, you say? Well, her attack on Angelina focuses on her dad's (Jon Voight) recent coming-out as a Hollywood conservative (gutsy!), and Roseanne Barr leaps for the jugular like the filthy old dog that she is, and inadvertantly (?) vomits out the trendy "neocon/Jew" connection:

"[Jon Voight] is a frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth. The neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons are the worst most elitist people on earth. glen beck and jon voight are their bitches... both of them are used tampons who must be flushed down the toilet immediately! jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more. (just sayin')."

Chabad is a form of Lubavitch Judaism:

The founder of the Chabad thought system, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, developed an intellectual system and approach to Judaism intended to answer criticisms of Hasidism as anti-intellectual.'s always about the evil Jews, even in Hollywood....

I'd kick this hate-filled b*tch in the crotch, but I'd hate to ruin the good shine on my shoes....

Past instances of Rosie's anti-Semitic outbursts here, here, and here....

Gateway Pundit reports as well....

Barack Obama Bemoans Pesky American "Democracy" and its Bitter Inhabitants...

Seems like whenever St. Barack goes to San Francisco, he gets a bit unhinged. Remember bitterness, God, and guns? This time it's that annoying habit of allowing people in this country to actually, you know, vote for their leadership that's getting under his thin skin:

I will win. Don’t worry about that,” he said to the crowd of about 1,300 at his third event of the evening, according to the pool report. He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time."

"Now, you want to win. And saying it doesn’t make it so," he told the crowd. "It would be nice to think that after eight years of economic disaster, after eight years of bungled foreign policy, of being engaged in a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged, that cost us a trillion dollars and thousands of lives, that people would say, let’s toss the bums out. Toss the bums out, we’re starting from scratch, we’re starting over. This is not working."

“So I understand why a lot of folks are saying, this should just happen. Why are we having to run all these television commercials? Why do we have to raise all this money? Just read the papers. These are the knuckleheads who have been in charge. Throw ‘em out.

But American politics aren’t that simple," he said."The fact of the matter is, at a certain point, when government has not been serving the people for this long, people get cynical. They tune out. And they start saying to themselves, a plague on both your houses. They are willing to consume negative information more frequently than positive information, for good reason. They’ve seen how promises haven’t been kept," he said.

Ah. So the reason we are not willing to raise The Chosen One on our shoulders and carry him to his rightful throne is because we are...wait for it...bitter!

Because we haven't been served enough by government, by the way.

I don't know what, exactly, this country would look like after four years of Democratic control with Obama at the helm.

I just know it wouldn't look like America.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Barack Obama: Anti-Christ!

Well, if you see it on the web, it must be true, right?

Especially if the National Review is making the reference (even if it is only to point out that the media blames "sinister GOP operatives " for the, ahem, rumors).

So I did some digging - how would we know this AntiChrist should he walk the earth - and unearthed some startling coincidences:

Antichrist goes about his business by speaking the lie... Revelation 13:12 says, "and he spoke as a dragon...." Revelation 17 tells us that he was a false prophet, a prophet being one whose calling it is to speak and to teach... In his initial attempts to destroy the cause of God, the devil used a serpent to deceive the woman with crooked speech: "You will be like God." Now he uses a "dragon" who speaks crafty, lying words.

His speeches will be heard by millions who will hang on his persuasive rhetoric. The content as well as the form of his speech will attract. Like most false prophets, he will even be sincere and passionate. But he is a liar. He adds dashes of truth to the mix, so that his lie tastes like truth. He will use all the right catchwords, using the language of the church, even throwing in a Bible text or two. But he is the ultimate Liar, and will deceive many.

He will use every tool available: school teachers, politicians, news broadcasters, artists, musicians, scientists and doctors, lawyers and businessmen. All will be pressed into the service of Antichrist to deceive men....


"Persuasive rhetoric"; "the Ultimate Liar"; "news broadcasters"!

I know someone else who is gettng persuaded....anyway, here's more:

The Antichrist--also described in the Bible as the "son of perdition" & the "beast"!
.... he will have great charisma & speaking ability, "a mouth speaking great things".

The Antichrist will rise to power on a wave of world euphoria, as he temporarily saves the world from its desperate economic, military & political problems with a brilliant 7-year plan for world peace, economic stability & religious freedom.

"World euphoria", huh? Hello, Berlin....

There's a dedicated website, which banners itself thusly:

...he has risen up out of no where, he mesmerizes crowds, people are gathering in huge numbers, he is likely becoming the next President of the United States. Do not look only to what I say, but look to your Bibles...

And people have been postulating on the whole Obama/Satan thing since 2004; when many eyes first alit upon The One at the Democratic Convention:

...When I first heard of Barak, a few days ago, the first thing I heard is that he is a guy who came out of nowhere and now many flock to his side. When my wife and I heard this, we both thought the same thing, the anti-christ....

....While I was watching him, the VERY FIRST thought that came to my mind was asking the Lord if I was looking at the AC. ....

...He has an eerie magnetism...I'm going with my gut on this one. My sister and I both feel something "spooky" about this guy, but can't quite figure out what it is.

My favorite- same thread:

....If he turns out to not be the antichrist, then his message is a good thing.

Well, this whole thing bears following, folks - even if Snopes claims that the rumors are "false"...

But finally - I'm down with this guy's conclusion:

But until someone gives me a reasonable explanation for his popularity, I'm going to leave the door to this thought open, just a crack...

Yeah. I'm still waiting for that explanation, by the way...

UPDATE: "Get yer Obama-is-the-antichrist T-shirts here!"

UPDATE II: Go here, and see how the media is blaming the Republicans for the fact that the Democrats nominated the spawn of Satan...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama: On America....

"The Republic is no longer what it once was."

Well, one can certainly argue that...
Barack Obama didn't say that - Emperor Palpatine did! (Star Wars, episode III - "The Revenge of the Sith")

Oh,'s Obama's quote:

"America is …, uh, is no longer, uh … what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children."

One can understand my confusion, I hope.

This, in answer to a little girl's question as to why Obama wanted to be president.

Speaks volumes.

See it here: "Obama: America Sucks, and Only I Can Save It"....