Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Balance" at the BBC...

...means putting the worst light on anything that can even possibly be beneficial to the Republicans; and in this case, feminism goes by the wayside, as Sarah Palin Must Be Destroyed:

McCain unveils 'The Barracuda'

Nice. Bet the Dems wish they headlined their press releases with that one. Still, no matter, the BBC does dutifully repeat the Democrat's talking points:

As commander of the Alaska National Guard, she visited troops in Kuwait last year, but has a very thin foreign policy background.
Similarly, while she does have executive experience, the Obama campaign wryly pointed out she had been the mayor of a town with just 9,000 people.

Palin's one visit (pics here) to Kuwait is equal, I believe, to candidate Obama's one visit - which was more of a stopover on his "terrorist listening tour" of earlier this summer. As per news reports, this paragon of leadership "shook hands, answered questions, posed for photos and played a little basketball during the (two hour) visit."

And the BBC is the only one who described the "mayor" slur as "wry"; even Barack Obama backpedaled away from that meme ASAP. Is the BBC further to the left than the Democratic Party? Or is it they just can't stand to see a woman ascend to power without constantly reminding her to "know her place"?

Hat tip to Biased BBC, who will no doubt keep us informed of how the British government's media arm is twisting the election news from the States....

Maybe somebody out to wise up the BBC to a few important Sarah Palin facts:

Sarah Palin begins every day with a moment of silence for the political enemies buried in her yard.

And perhaps someone should whisper this sweet reminder into Howard Dean's ear:

Sarah Palin always beats the point spread....

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