Thursday, April 28, 2011

CNN Watering Democrat's Medicare Astroturf

If CNN isn't getting paid by the DNC, they ought to, for the yeoman's work they've done in attempting to convince the public that there is widespread rebellion against Paul Ryan's budget proposal, specifically, his formulations for Medicare.

Starting with this report from Yahoo's painfully biased Ticket...note how they try to work the narrative in around the facts:

A new survey released Wednesday by Gallup shows that seniors favor Ryan's budget plan over the president's proposal. Forty-eight percent of Americans 65 and over surveyed said they support Ryan's plan, while 42 percent back the president's plan.....

But there has been much anecdotal evidence of displeasure specifically aimed at Ryan's Medicare reforms, which the Democrats have only recently begun to trump in the media. Based on an informal survey, the Arkansas News recently found the Medicare vote to be a liability for the GOP, and just yesterday, television cameras captured angry constituents at a town hall meeting with Republican Rep. Dan Webster of Florida.
 At the Florida event, one attendee reportedly held a sign that read "keep your hands off my Medicare," and a woman screamed that the congressman voted to give corporations a tax cut "but take away Medicare for people like me," CNN reports.
Well, who needs facts when anecdotal evidence helps push the narrative?  And why was CNN at this particular town hall meeting, out of the hundreds held across the country?
CNN noted that it was unclear how much of the negative reaction at Tuesday's town hall was "genuine" and how much was "ginned up" by Democratic organizers. The network said it chose to cover the Florida town hall after Democrats said they would be targeting the event...
So CNN was clued in by Democratic operatives that there was going to be a hell of a show at the Webster town hall.  And despite admitting that the room was likely packed with ringers, they broadcast it anyway, in order to help produce the "anecdotal evidence" that the writer above needs to "prove" that despite the polls, people are really against the Ryan plan.
Disgusting, but not unexpected.  Republicans had better speak out loud and clear about the fraud being perpetuated by radical leftists and their enablers in the media, or they will find themselves on the defensive once again, despite possessing what may be the last possible life preserver for the inhabitants of the good ship America, once strong and proud, now rapidly taking on water under an incompetent crew...

UPDATE:    NBC's reporting isn't much better.  While giving Ryan a fair hearing, they focus on boos and dissenters in the crowd, while finally mentioning at the end of the segment that "at many locations, Ryan received a standing ovation". Funny they didn't see fit to include any of that video in their report...

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