Monday, April 18, 2011

Bob Menendez Critical of Bi-Partisan Democrats

Is it because when Democrats talk about "bi-partisanship", what they really mean is "stop arguing with me and just do what I want?"

New Jersey's Senator Bob Menendez (D-La Raza), a mediocrity if there ever was one, is now sticking his nose into local state politics, and demanding that New Jersey legislators stop coming to agreements with Governor Chris Christie:

New Jersey's leading Democrat is fed up with top party members' cozying up to Republican Gov. Chris Christie -- and he's imploring them to remember that Christie isn't their friend.

"You have to think about what you're doing," Sen. Bob Menendez told The Post, explaining his pitch to party leaders. "There is a difference between what one must do to govern and what one does politically."

Sure, there are times when Democrats and Republicans need to work together, Menendez said, but the already reeling Democratic Party in New Jersey has to right itself.

"Look, I've worked with the governor," Menendez said. "There's a difference between working with the governor on government and engaging with the governor on politics."

Is seems as if he's saying that Democrats should come to agreements with Chris Christie behind close doors on how best to govern the state, then blast him for it afterwards, rather than appear on stage to take partial credit for a bi-partisan agreement.

I guess that's how it works in Washington - after all, every time Obama makes some sort of deal with House Republicans (remember the extension of the Bush tax cuts?), he immediately makes a speech denouncing the very deal he just made, as well as the people he made it with.

Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants) supports demagoguery over good government, I suppose. (here's an example of how he thinks it ought to be done) Well, that's his prerogative, but I'm not sure how much stock New Jersey Democrats should put in his opinion. Recent polls have shown some bizarre numbers for Menendez:

A quick glance shows 28 percent of those polled had a favorable opinion of Menendez, which would be cause for alarm until you see that 19 percent viewed him unfavorably.

What might be considered troubling is that 52 percent had no opinion of the Democrat or they have not heard of him. Let's hope that there are not many New Jersey voters who have not heard of one of the two elected U.S. senators that represents them.

Well, maybe if he actually represented New Jersey voters, instead of illegal immigrants and La Raza, folks would pay him more mind. Which would not be a good thing for Bob Menendez. While Jersey has traditionally been a blue state, it has been drifting towards the center as residents are getting crushed by some of the nation's highest taxes and are sick of seeing their hard-earned dollars wasted on union payouts and non-productive schools.

Menendez, meanwhile, is a big union fan, a huge supporter of the public education status quo, and has voted to raise taxes on a national level every chance he can. Which is not likely to go over with the voters well, once they get a chance to know him better for the 2012 election.

Smart New Jersey Democrats - as in the ones who want to keep their day job - are well advised to keep their distance...

Update: Seems as if Menendez is taking direction from Paul Krugman. Good luck with that...

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