Thursday, May 31, 2007

If he's an expert on "global warming"...

....then why is he writing a seldom-read sports column?

I'll answer that in a sec; it speaks to the way every writer on every major (and minor) newspaper is using their columns, whether it be on politics, food, film, or real estate, to push some aspect of the liberal agenda, as if desperate to prove that they too are down with "the cause". Of course, it is usually wildly off-subject, but no one in the editorial rooms seems to mind...
James Taranto in today's Opinion Journal gives us an example - from Chicago Sun-Times television critic Doug Elfman :

The trouble with "Starter Wife" isn't [actress Debra] Messing or money. The show just kind of lies there, like the bird poop that fell on our president's face at a press conference the other day. Oh, I mean, his shirt. Sorry. Wishful thinking.

So, that brings us to the New York Daily News. Somebody thought is was a good idea to give Mike Lupica, possibly the worst sports columnist in America, a current-events column which he uses to blast away inanely at all things Republican. Typical for a liberal paper, but for the fact that his writing, and reasoning, is unspeakably awful. From today's coloring book, he cries out for Obama :

Maybe Obama needs a big, loud New York event soon, in Giuliani's city and Hillary Clinton's state, to show that at a time when so many of the other candidates in this race, from both parties, look like they come out of the old way of doing things, Obama is not just younger than the rest of them, he is different, and not afraid to come right at anybody.

Obama was against the war even when nobody listened. At least he was right. He comes out with a universal health care plan yesterday that makes as much sense as anybody's. And it is more than that with him.

Obama should come to New York soon, give a speech everybody can hear, about war and health care and his vision for the future.

Hey douchebag, he's been to New York - here's a video. Problem is that when he does visit the Big Apple, he's usually just collecting donations and not spending much time with proletariat. Sorry, Mike, but I think your editors just hung you out to dry...well, at least your space in the sports sections has been reduced...
But please - "a universal health care plan yesterday that makes as much sense as anybody's"?? Are you saying that nobody's makes any sense? Because Barak's medicinal madness is as illogical and poorly thought out as any the Democratic party has rolled out over the last quarter-century...

But I'm not writing about Obama, or Mike Lupica, or that guy from the Sun-Times! I'm writing about this jackrod, sports columnist Joel Sherman of the NY Post, who compares the Yankees' current woes to that of the poor, misunderstood, enviornment - note the "clever" wordplay:

That is the reason why they are in this horrible state: Their unquenchable habit of meeting every crisis by going to players who are famous, expensive and almost certainly have already played the best baseball of their careers.

This is how you end up with Jason Giambi for seven years or Johnny Damon for four or Bobby Abreu for 11/2. They were all instant gratification with no concern for the future, kind of like driving a Hummer today with no concern that will some day lead to your grandchildren clearing the polar icecaps from their back yards.

A Hummer was supposed to be the Yankees’ parting gift to Roger Clemens, but like carbon in the atmosphere The Rocket never does seem to go fully away. Now he is back, the perfect Yankee of this era: a pro-rated $28 million for a 44-year-old who should have plenty of stories about how great he used to be.
For the Yankees, let Clemens be the last indulgence into this familiar mode of operation...

Hey Sherman - the Yankees (whom I loathe, incidentally), won ten consecutive AL East titles with their tried and true "spendspendspend" method. You cheered every time they fulfilled their "instant gratification".
They have a bad two months, and you toss them and their previously successful policies in the dumpster.

Hey, it is kinda like the enviornment - run warm a few years out of, oh, a couple of billion, and all of a sudden you're ready to chuck all the achievemments of the last two centuries out the window.

See why we don't bother to consider your opinions on sports either?

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Anonymous said...

Lupica sucks - ever notice none of his columns ever have any direct quotes made to him from atheletes? That's cause none of them will talk to him - he's an a-hole.