Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For a brief moment, I felt sorry for them....

...but of course, they willfully brought it all on themselves:

At least 25 Palestinians were killed on Wednesday as President Mahmoud Abbas's secular Fatah faction and Hamas battled for control of Gaza ...

Terrified Gaza residents hid indoors as masked gunmen fought running battles street-to-street, killing 20 people -- five of them even after the two sides declared a ceasefire at dusk. In one panicked call to a radio station, a woman urged Palestinian leaders to act, pleading: "Do not leave us to die here."

The streets of central Gaza City echoed with gunfire and were empty except for gunmen in black ski masks. Terrified residents stayed home from school and work, huddling in dark homes after electricity to some neighborhoods was cut off by a downed power line.

But the people's party of Gaza took a break from killing their brethern - to launch missle attacks on
Jewish civilians:

Hamas officials said the organization's men launched eight rockets at Israel, following a barrage of around 20 rockets Tuesday. That salvo at the Israeli town of Sderot, just outside Gaza, wounded five Israelis, one seriously, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.
Hamas said its rockets were retaliation for Israeli violence, but more likely it was an attempt to draw Israel into the fighting as a way of uniting the Palestinians against a common foe.

Then they turned on woman and children:

In another incident, Hamas gunmen set fire to an 11-story apartment building housing Fatah lawmaker Nema Sheik Ali, the wife of the head of Preventive Security. Witnesses said the gunmen broke into her apartment and struck her and two of her children with their weapons. One of the children is 14 years old; the age of the other wasn't immediately known.
"They came, they broke the door," she said. "They assaulted my children and they pushed me aside, then they torched the apartment."

And the final atrocity:

A group of about 200 Palestinians marched in central Gaza City, waving Palestinian flags and demanding an end to the fighting. Dozens of masked gunmen used the cover of the demonstration to improve their positions on the street, and then opened fire on the demonstrators, wounding one in the leg. The rest fled.

It is like some kind of post-apocalyptical madness that one would see in a late-night B-movie. But even in those crudely told morality tales, the victims are usually innocents just trying to survive in a barren world. The Palestinians were given Gaza, and had a choice for their future, and they choose hate - vicious, murderous hate. And now the venemous scorpions that they have turned loose have returned to feast upon their people, and the pain and death they wished to inflict onto others has fallen upon them like a biblical plague.

When the story of Passover is told, I never feel a moment of sympathy for the Egyptians - as they are systematically routed by God - and I feel nothing for their spiritual brothers, the Palestinian people. They too have brought their destiny down upon their own heads.

From Clint Eastwood's

Will Munny: It's a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have.
The Schofield Kid: Yeah, well, I guess he had it coming.
Will Munny: We all got it coming, kid.

As does Hamas, and the Palestinians....

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Anonymous said...

I was waiting to see how long it would take for Israel to get blamed for the Palestinian's civil war. Not very:

" Jordan’s King Abdullah II told a gathering of Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian peace activists he was “very concerned” by the wave of inter-Palestinian fighting in Gaza and warned that more will follow unless progress is made in the peace process. "

In this case, Israel basically retreated from Gaza and handed it over, and the Palis are killing themselves over who gets to rule various patches of it. Is Abdullah blaming Israel for the Palis' murderous natures, or is he saying here that Israel should impose stricter restrictions if they should make any further concessions?