Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Newark Massacre: Corzine Blames All New Jerseyans (sans himself)

Jon Corzine has looked deep within his fabulously wealthy, multi-chambered heart, and has discovered the reason why an illegal immigrant - who was set free on bail by the state's minions numerous times for child rape, and whose unlawfaul alien status went willfully unreported - assaulted and executed four innocent college kids:

It's because middle-class New Jersey residents won't open our hearts - and homes - to criminals.

A sick joke? The Asbury Park Press' Bob Ingle reports, you decide:

Here's a part of what the governor said about the Newark shootings in which three young people were murdered execution style and a fourth was severly wounded:

"I have to say it is beyond comprehension. It is more than statistics and more than a story. It is about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society."

Wow. The ignorance of that remark is simply staggering.

My faith is somewhat restored by some of the viritol directed towards Corzine in the comments of Ingle's post; apparently not everyone is fooled. But will they be voting this November?

Ingle has the final word in his column in today's paper:

Lots of people grow up poor and hungry and left out but don't shoot innocent college students.

He's right, of course, but can anyone stop Jon Corzine from turning New Jersey into a larger version of New York City circa 1977 ? Our lives may depend on it...

Hat tip: Red Generation, a tough group of young Republicans trying desperately to get the word out...


Erica said...

"...It is about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society."

He is a seriously very bad man and I'm sorry he's your governor, since he doesn't seem to have clue one about governing, or protecting the residents of New Jersey.

[ruminating on a possible state motto, as per your request; surely it won't be complimentary as "Jersey Rocks, but its Government Rots," or whatever -- that truly cracked me up.]

Erica said...

OK, I got it:

"Jon Corzine: Such far-reaching evil, even Brookynites hate him."

Not bad, right? I know, I could come up with better.

The JerseyNut said...

I like it!
I like it a lot!

If I had a sidebar-thing of fabulous quotes on my blog, yours would be right on top.

Personally, I don't think Corzine would last five minutes in the borough of Brooklyn; most of its residents have finely-honed bullsh*t meters. But alas, Jersey is just a tad more gullible, and has always been...(why do you think guys have always dug Jersey girls? Those sweeties will believe almost anything, God bless them!)