Thursday, April 19, 2012

Argentina Nationalizes YPF Oil While Obama's Entourage Parties On... a different time, a South American leader would not leave a regional conference attended by the American president in order to commit an act of radical socialism next door. But Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner seems to have sized up Barack Obama pretty well.  Or set him up pretty well.  Or, judging by the picture, used her good looks to sucker a naive, immature boy pretty well:

President Kirchner revealed another reason she returned to Buenos Aires: to announce the nationalization of the Argentine oil company, YPF, whose majority stakeholder is the Spanish energy firm, Repsol.
The move has infuriated Repsol and Spanish officials, and raised concerns that this may be the first of many expropriations of privately run companies inArgentina, putting the government on the path toward a Hugo Chávez-type model of state control over key resources. 
Once you start expropriating you don’t know where it will stop,” says Boris Segura, an analyst at the New York investment bank Nomura. “Mrs. Kirchner is now running close to Mr. Chávez’s model,” Segura says....

Or maybe she juts took a look at what the American delegation in Columbia was doing and figured it would be like taking candy from a baby.

Why not?  Looking around, Christina sees the "Secretary of Partying Down":

President Sex Probe:

And his private guard, the Secret Service, getting some...secret service (updated with pictures of Dania Londono Suarez, the young lady of the evening who didn't get paid for an honest night's work. Lie in bed with Democrats, wake up...used, and broke):

(not a call girl, but a former Secret Service employee.  And the difference is...)

And once Hillary, Barack and their entourage pulled their collective tongues out of the collective asses of the local sex workers, they released a statement about the oil seizure that sounded came from people distracted by  having their tongue up a hooker's ass:

We are following developments on this issue. We are not currently aware of any WTO complaints related to this issue,” the State Department said. 

Then, leading from behind after Spain vowed a “forceful” response, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to toughen up: “Having an open market is a preferable model..."

That's a pretty low bar for checking off the box next to  "registered a protest", even for a government employee like HRC.  But our best and brightest have whores and drugs to attend to - on the taxpayer dime - and concern about the crumbling of freedom and capitalism in a neighbor state would be such a buzzkill...

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