Sunday, April 29, 2012

Umpire Jeff Kellogg Now MLB's Leading Tackler... he brought down this unruly fan with a from-behind NFL-style tackle:

Short clip:

One has to figure that Kellogg is a conservative - refusing to stand around waiting for someone else to help, disgusted at watching a lawbreaker sully the field without sanction, he took matters into his own hands, literally.

It's what conservatives do, I suppose.  And what to liberals do?  They write snarky, cheap-shot opinions from the bench, then scurry away.  Lke Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen, slipping this bit of catcalling into a decision:

...Truth be told, the answer to the general question “What does ‘not an’ mean?” is “It depends”: The meaning of the phrase turns on its context...Not an” sometimes means “not any,” in the way Novo claims. If your spouse tells you he is late because he “did not take a cab,” you will infer that he took no cab at all (but took the bus instead). And if a sports-fan friend bemoans that “the New York Mets do not have a chance of winning the World Series,” you will gather that the team has no chance whatsoever (because they have no hitting).

Cheap shot, your honor.  Next time, take off your robe, head to Citi Field, and boo out loud.  I hear there are still plenty of seats available...

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