Friday, April 27, 2012

Democratic War On Women Continues Unabated

Via Instapundit 

Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate calls the mother of his child a “crazy slut.”

Yeah, respect for moms, and all that...

Ann Althouse:

Meanwhile, Edwards still lives "in a sprawling house on about 100 acres with two of his children, Emma Claire, 13, and Jack, 11." Their mother is dead. Their dad faces 30 years in prison for letting friends help him hide his adulterous affair from the public.

Nobody cares.

See why liberals are so adamant that all women get free birth control?  The other option is winding up like John Edwards - being responsible for people you brought into the world.  You can accept that responsibility, but that's something only dumb Republicans do.  Smart liberals direct their women to the nearest abortion clinic, and should they decide to make another "choice" with their bodies, lash out at them with puerile rage, resentment, and undisguised hostility.

And why does "nobody care"?  Because the men in the mainstream media like to treat women, well, "liberally", so to speak.  And the women in the media, so fearful of ending up alone - like so many of their 40 -something friends on the Upper West Side -  accept this twisted value system as a way to ensure companionship (and to avoid being ostracized by the in-crowd).

And so this second-class treatment of women by the Left is imprinted into the nation's consciousness as "normal" by a media who benefits from it.  And who suffers?

Anyone ever touched, apparently, by John Edwards.  Ask Rieille.  Or ask John's children how their dad's philosophy is working out for them...

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