Monday, April 02, 2012

Will The Trayvon Martin "Uprising" Backfire?

George Zimmerman may still swing from a tree branch, as Florida officials begin to worry more about saving their own hides than about justice.  But as a whole, some positives may come out of this sorry mess  for this "nation of cowards", as Eric Holder gleefully put it.

We are realizing the futility of, and how the left manipulates, racial identity tags.  George Zimmerman is a "white Hispanic"?  That's a new term, apparently, for  somebody who kills a black man but is not of the proper race to engender a race war.  Easy liberal solution: Create a new race, then demonize it! Result: War!

We are being made aware of exactly why Trayvon aroused suspicions, and it says just as much about the black community and their leaders than it does about whites (or "white Hispanics"). Victor Davis Hanson:

One can be conscious of the fact that 2-3% of the population (young black males) commits over 30% of the nation’s crime; but if one were to use that information to guide one’s behavior then it is deplorable and degenerates into racial profiling.

 The national emphasis is not on ensuring that 2-3% of the population does not commit 30% of the nation’s crime, but that the population not be aware of that fact for any particular use — or that it realize in the collective sense that society is responsible for such inordinate rates of crime.

We know young black males commit an inordinate amount of the nation's crime (although I did not realize the numbers were skewed so).  But we are finally beginning to understand that we are actually forbidden to talk about that truth, lest we be labeled with scarlet "R" upon our foreheads.  Which in turn prevents black communities from acting on a problem that is eating them alive.  Especially when their "leaders" jump on anyone who suggests they may have a problem.  And this cycle of stupidity helps, exactly?

And we now see clearly how the Left - any many blacks, being inured to victim status - see America:

Much of black America, and many liberals in general, believe that the Martin shooting is a classic reminder of both contemporary racial prejudice, and the wages of decades of discrimination and oppression in the United States. In such a climate and in a country with such a history, there is not necessarily logic to be found, or some sort of constructed equivalence. Instead, they accept that America is a racist society.

But the problem with that worldview is that Americans do not see themselves that way.  And the nation, who has been abused and guilted into some shameful actions by the Left over the past few decades, is beginning to arouse themselves and say, "no more!".  Hanson, again:

There are millions of Americans who do not buy into the above paradigm. Millions of whites were born decades after the civil rights movement, and do not believe, rightly or wrongly, that they are privileged on the basis of their race. They came of age in the era of affirmative action, do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination, do not wish to utter the repulsive N-word, and, to be candid, often have experienced first-hand inordinately high black crime percentages...For millions, then, the notion of collective guilt is less palatable. Millions of others are Latino, Asian, or of mixed heritage. In their view, fairly or not, they too do not accept many of the above premises: they do not see their apostasy as racism, and charges of racism cause them little worry. Nor do a growing number of blacks see their fates as predicated on the degree present of white racism.

Which may explain why liberals, and the media, are trying so desperately to exploit Trayvon Martin's death:  Guilt is a rope that wears thin, and when it breaks, the rest of American society can no longer be enslaved to the rabble-rousing racially aggrieved (or the Democrats).  They are doing everything they can to use Trayvon's death to wrap that rope tight around our necks again.

Real tight, so we can't ever escape again...


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