Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chris Christie: A Republican Succeeding Wildly In A Blue State...

Another day, another positive poll for Chris Christie.  Although not as bodacious as last week's powerhouse, paraphrase Meat Loaf,  51% ain't bad:

Currently, Governor Christie earns a 51% approve to 35% disapprove job rating among all Garden State residents. Among registered voters, his rating stands at 50% approve to 38% disapprove

Since the 2012 elections has been decreed by Obama and the media to be all about women (what's an "economy"?), maybe Mitt Romney needs to gain 200 pounds. Or start learning to "talk Jersey":

Currently, 59% of men approve of Gov. Christie while 28% disapprove. Among women, approval stands at 43% and disapproval at 42%.

So while there is a "gap", women are evenly split on Christie while the dudes feel overwhelming he represents. You can win a lot of elections with those numbers...

And with these:

 ...his standing among public worker households has improved to 44% approve and 43% disapprove – up from 32% to 61% just a few months ago.

So Chris Christie has a huge lead among men, and a plurality among women and union households. But I'll bet all that negative ad spending by the teacher's union has at least created an exploitable weak spot, right?


He also does well on education. Nearly 4-in-10 grade him an A (13%) or B (24%) compared to 3-in-10 who say he deserves a D (14%) or F (16%). This marks the first time in Gov. Christie’s tenure where more New Jerseyans give him a positive rather than a negative grade on school improvement.

How does he do it, in a state where the Democratic party has a 600,000 registration advantage and the populace is saturated with hardcore liberal media, from the New York Times to the Newark Star Ledger? Another poll response may provide the answer:

Gov. Christie gets his best grades in the area of controlling costs and cutting waste. Nearly half the public give the governor a positive grade of A (18%) or B (29%), while just one-in-five give him a poor grade of D (11%) or F (10%).

Note to Mitt Romney: Don't get caught up in mommy wars or where you parked the dog or whatever smoke Obama and/or the media try to pop. Stay focused on the basics - better economy, cutting waste (GSA, anyone?), and limiting taxes. Obama and company will look like buffoons with their pathetic bread & circus sideshows, and it won't just be the independents who will swing your way (they approve of Christie 54%-218%, BTW), but you'll also be credited with re-discovering the lost species of political animal one known as the Reagan Democrat.

UPDATE: Poll numbers look even better when the sample is considered:

 36% Dem 
 22% Rep 
 42% Ind

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